Fri 24 October

MASH-UP! IFFR & de Kunsthal

MASH-UP! IFFR & de Kunsthal

International Film Festival Rotterdam & Kunsthal Rotterdam invite you to our Mash-Up!


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Fri 24 October

Imagined Past (Verbeeld Verleden) – C’ERAVAMO TANTO AMATI

Join us in the coziest cinema of Rotterdam for a cinematographic trip through Europe in the 20th century. In close collaboration with Cinema West we will be screening five European Classics, depicting life in Europe in the ’10’s, ’30’s, ‘40’s, ‘50’s and ‘70’s.

Fri 31 October

MiMa #30: MIAUX (be) / Volmacht (be) / Peter Fengler (r’dam)

Miaux (be) / Volmacht (be) / Peter Fengler (r’dam) Uber Melancholic Casio Tunes / Power Electronics by Slapstick Softies / Ultra Hobbyisme

Sat 22 November

Fruitbios @ Rotterdamse Munt: The Good Herb

The kick-off of the film series by Fruitbios at Rotterdamse munt is during the Little Rotterdamse Munt Fallfestival.

In the documentary, Michael Pollan takes the viewer to his research on the human relationship with world of plants. But this time from the perspective of the plants. The film shows how four familiar species - the apple, the tulip, cannabis and the potato - evolved to satisfy our yearnings for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control.

Thu 23 October

Русский ковчег (Russian Ark), TYPICAL MOVIES series

We’re excited to invite you to the second of the

Русский ковчег (Russian Ark) by Alexander Sokurov (2002).

Doors open at 20:30h, the session begins at 21:00h.


The TYPICAL MOVIES will continue every Thursday for the following month…

Sat 27 December

Herr Zimmerman’s X-mas After Party!

This will be an After Party you cannot miss!

FB event here

Thu 30 October

5 ½ Proposals to Work and Live in the Current Millennium

Proposal #5 ½ - Rgb & The Coach/Finissage Ceremony (Day 2)

Wed 05 November

Debate + Music: Elvis has finally left the building?

A Rotterdam based group that play Cape Verdean funaná style music and will make you dance like nobody’s watching. Plus: Debate On Race/Ethnicity In Pop Music.

Fri 24 October

MASH-UP! IFFR & de Kunsthal

International Film Festival Rotterdam & Kunsthal Rotterdam invite you to our Mash-Up!

Fri 31 October


The hippest kids on the block are going international, so Tokyo and New York here we come! As we say goodbye to our Rotterdam based gallery we go out with a BOOMBOOMBANGBANGPOPPOP! A group-expo with 20 artists and we want you to join the party. So bring your artwork at the opening and we put it on the wall. So be hip, there and square!

Thu 04 December

Let’s Talk Design - Rotterdam

Let’s Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. With these evenings we would like to inspire, motivate & connect in an informal setting.

Thu 30 October

Spookhouse BARslecht

From scary ghost to dreadful zombies, we welcome all creeps to Spookhouse BARslecht, there where all your nightmares will come true. Get your craziest halloween costume out of your closet and BEWARE of a night full of creeps and horror!

Fri 31 October

NerdNight: Exceptional stories of everyday heroes

NerdNight is for everyone, that is interested in everything.

While having a slice of pizza and a few beers, you can listen to amazing stories from people with real passions. These passions go from having an insanely big model train collection, to following NASA’s Curiosity for 10 hours a day and everything in between.

Fri 21 November


The British DJ and producer Alan Fitzpatrick is coming to TOFFLER! Known for its releases on Drumcode label from Adam Beyer and his shows at Awakenings he’s going to give us an amazing technoset.

Sat 15 November


When you’re a fan of real techno and living in Rotterdam you know this person. Jochem Paap aka Speedy J is coming to TOFFLER! He promised a 5 hour long set so we expect him to blow up the tunnel.

Sat 01 November


French talents are coming to TOFFLER! Last time it was French Fries, now it’s time for his best DJ friend Bambounou. He has been known for releases on 50 Weapons and Clekclekboom.

Fri 07 November

Cloudhead Bookings Label Night

On the 7th of November Cloudhead Bookings will present their bookingroster to the people of Rotterdam. This event will take place on the V11 and tickets cost 8,- incl. service costs and are available here.

Sat 25 October


Pantropical is a frenzied gig/club/dance series focussing on rough edged tropical music, outré rural folklore, global bass and much much more! This edition is all about next level tropical beats, particularly that of the burgeoning Lisbon scene. Think: kuduro, batida, afro house and various hybrids of these styles.


Sat 25 October

Vintage Kilo Sale

Like Vintage shopping? You’ll love this one: no need to look for price tags on anything, because you’ll pay per weight. For 15,- you can take a whole kilo of vintage clothes home with you!

Fri 14 November

Strictly Techno w/ Luke Slater, T47, Reeko, Bas Mooy.

Strictly Techno moves to Factory 010 for their next party with Luke Slater (UK), Tommy Four Seven (UK), Reeko (ES), Bas Mooy (NL), Patriarch Conflicts (NL), Flink (NL) and more.

Tue 21 October

BNO Romeo Delta & IMG LAB presents: Let’s Play!

Game night, but not with Twister, Monopoly, or The Settlers of Catan. Add game elements to serieus business and the user becomes fascinated, motivated and stimulated. Is gamification the key to involvement? Or is it just a game? Try for yourself tonight in a power session gamification. Let the games begin!