Sat 19 April

Niko. Twee Jaar Perron Rotterdam

Niko. Twee Jaar Perron Rotterdam

2 year anniversary Niko.
Line up: Lil Silva (UK), SirOJ, Chaiba, Rough & Maximoes, Tobias Prins, Freddie Mercure.
More to be announced..


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Thu 08 May

Medvedev & Arkady Kots

Russian activist will read poems and perform songs.

Wed 23 April

Spring in the City

Join us for cocktails & fashion! Come along to celebrate with us! For more information visit our facebook page

We hope to see you there!

Sun 25 May

SCREENING: The Humans, Written & Directed by Alexandre Singh

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and Productiehuis Rotterdam in collaboration with Cinérama Filmtheater (Rotterdam) present a special film screening of Alexandre Singh’s The Humans on Sunday 25 May 2014 (18.00-21.00 hrs.).

Price: 5,50

Mon 12 May

Cody ChestnuTT

The American soul troubadour Cody ChestnuTT is back with thé live show his fans were waiting for. Twelve years ago he produced his critically acclaimed debut album The Headphone Masterpiece. A fantastic record full of blues-, soul-, funk-, hip hop- and rock influences. The song ‘The Seed’ became a classic all around the world due to The Roots’ 2.0 version. But because of his religious beliefs he rarely sang those songs live. The sudden success this album gained him became too much for ChestnuTT and he decided to turn his back to the music scene. Which eventually led to an even bigger cult status.

Sun 25 May


Experience the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A living room on location for people who want to cap off and / or start the week in relaxing manner. You’ll start the afternoon with a brunch buffet filled with all kinds of delicious food and subsequently you can feats your ears on the latin tunes provided by Dosmingo.

Fri 25 April

Beauty of Violence

Beauty of Violence 26 April - 6 July 2014

Every day we are confronted with violence in many shapes and forms. From war scenes in the media to psychological battles within ourselves. How do we cope with brute force? The new exhibition Beauty of Violence presents the work of 7 visual artists in which violence plays a role.

Featuring the work of Eylem Aladogan, David Haines, Ted Noten, Ronald Ophuis, Thom Puckey, L.A. Raeven and Aaron van Erp

Sun 04 May

BIRD presents: Sherry Sunday Inspired by Sia (The Breakfast Club)

Experience the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A living room on location for people who want to cap off and / or start the week in relaxing manner. You’ll start the afternoon with a brunch buffet filled with all kinds of delicious food. After that you can let yourself get carried away by the warm sounds of Sherry Dyanne

Sun 20 April

The Little Kicks @ Le vagabond

Coming Easter as in Sundayevening April 20th The Little Kicks are back in town!!!

After a mindblowing concert last fall this Aberdeen based 4 piece band decided to rock the Binnenweg once more! Having performed at all the major Scottish music festivals this band is definitely a must see for every indie-pop enthusiast…

Sat 10 May

BLOCK-(party): Analog x Storm x Spunky Fraîche x Boogie Friday

Bring in the heat, BLOCK-(party) is back!

Analog, Storm, Boogie Friday en Spunky Fraîche bring the heat again. Expect the combination of hiphop, R&B, house, jazz, reggae, soul, pop, dancehall, funk and a big dose of feelgood vibes to get you night to new heights.

BLOCK-(party) has been described as “crazyness with al lot of love and Heat” and this for a small investment of only 5,-

Thu 24 April

A Feminist Swap Night

While women like shopping, feminists are into swapping! Bring your ultra feminist things and swap for other feminist punk stuff you always wanted!

Fri 25 April

Jungle Boogie King’s Night

Jungle Boogie is back with a special king’s night edition! And we invited two hot artists to rock your soul. All the way from Australia, the dutch debut of the talented Andras Fox, and the enigmatic, James Pants from the US. They will hit the decks at BAR, April 25th for an episode of Jungle Boogie you won’t forget!

Fri 25 April

Dissembling - Left, right, up, down, front & back

Dissembling - Left, right, up, down, front & back is a duo exhibition of recent Rijksakademie residents Jean Hubert and Miko Veldkamp.

Sat 03 May

GEMIS LUCIANI - Emptiness: mapped out

A visual emptiness shows more depth than a rolling landscape. It takes you to an endless core of seeing. ‘Emptiness: mapped out’ is the first solo-exhibition in Rotterdam by Berlin based Italian artist Gemis Luciani. The exhibition is a visual experience of the non-existence.
Curated by Sarie Nijboer.

Thu 08 May

CITCAT w/ Ideslet, Sepehr, Helselingen Soundsystem

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brings it back! Flooded cats, happy cats and tomcats unite for the one and only CITCAT party at Bar.

Mon 21 April

OPEN CALL Radio Calling

TENT invites artists to propose a radio performance as part of the second edition of Radio Calling, which takes place on 16, 17, and 18 May. This open call is part of Radio Calling, a series of events exploring radio as a medium and platform for performance art.


Sun 20 April

Petit populair: D-Ribeiro & Philou Louzolo, Jeff Solo, Hollywood & Vine & more

Petit Populair celebrates Easter sunday with the old & the new straight from Rotterdam. Get on down with some disco & house hawtness y’all and cool down or be cool in our DANSBAR.

Mon 21 April

Fusion Belly Dance - Shimmy Shake Show

An exciting final with twelve fusion belly dance contestants and guest performances of well-known belly dance choreographers/dancers Nargis and Khalida and upcoming talent Vleer.

Fri 25 April

QUEEN NIGHT: Live music, Karaoke, Just Dance Live & more!

Various forms of entertainment, including Karaoke and Just Dance Live! Plus crazy electro, eclectic DJ’s, energetic hiphop & beers, queers and funky dancing!

Sat 10 May


Come celebrate the launch of CAMP with us during the exclusive one week presale at OPPERCLAES!

CAMP is a Rotterdam based clothing and music label, founded by Mijke Coebergh and Ferry Helmich. Cherishing an everlasting love for 80’s and 90’s hip hop aesthetics, electronic sounds, art and fashion, they decided to join forces and create a playground to realize their creative ideas. CAMP is a way of looking at the world as an aesthetic phenomenon; unconventional, unisex and free for interpretation.

Sat 03 May

Herr Zimmerman Closing Party! - DANCEFLOOR KILLERS!

Herr Zimmerman Closing Party! - DANCEFLOOR KILLERS!


Main room: TanzMan, Al Ferox Live, Fraulein Z

Extra area: Bjorn der Fox, Eelco Dane

Presale: 15,-

Door: More

Presale via http://www.HerrZimmerman.eu