Fri 31 October

House of Vyneyard

House of Vyneyard

The one true Vogue Ball. House of Vineyard is back in BIRD! Ball culture has its roots from the dynamic New york mid-eighties when house music was on a rise. A period in which artistic expression and an open mind received a more prominent role in the gay scene.


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Fri 07 November

Book launch FRAME ‘Masterclass: Interior Design’

There are many things to consider when choosing a graduate school and this event aims to make this process easier. The focus of a master’s degree course can differ greatly from school to school, as can the expectations of the different institutions and the lifestyles that can be enjoyed in the various cities. FRAME’s latest book [Masterclass: Interior Design] (http://www.frameweb.com/books/masterclass-interior-design) explores what future students can expect from 30 leading graduate schools across the globe and discover what opportunities await them.

Sun 23 November

Carate Orio Orchestra + BRU-TO

BRU-TO is the musical partnership of Giovanni Di Domenico and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto. They met in Tokyo in 2009 and since then have been playing extensively in Japan, where, in between other things, they put up a trio with Jim O’Rourke and a quintet with Akira Sakata, Jim O’Rourke and Daysuke Takaoka.

Wed 05 November

drink&draw session 3

drink&draw is figure drawing event to express one’s artistic urges, meet cool people, listen to good music and drink beverages!

Fri 07 November

Vrooom Fest (#20): Junko (Hijokaidan) & Michel Henritzi + Apocalypse Lauw + Raed Yassin / Sharif Seh

Apocalypse Lauw: An experimental collaborative wild and wanton tour of Icelandic, US and German artists and musicians putting on stage an amalgam of improvised poetry, noise music, video and which is witch kind of shows abiding to the laws of what might be an apocalypse, snakes included.

Sat 01 November

Triphouse Rotterdam Store - Five Year Anniversary: Tripstream XXL Marathon W/ Special Mystery Guest

Tripstream XXL Marathon W/ Special Mystery Guest
The Beatmakers Union Jamsession

Mega Vinyl Sale - Extra Stock - Extra Cheap - 20% Discount on All Records

Fri 31 October

Triphouse Rotterdam Store - Five Year Anniversary: Tripstream XXL Marathon W/ Special Guest Conforce

Tripstream XXL Marathon W/ Special Guest Conforce (Delsin/Rush Hour)

Happy Hour - Free Drinks
Mega Vinyl Sale - Extra Stock - Extra Cheap - 20% Discount on All Records

Thu 30 October

Triphouse Rotterdam Store - Five Year Anniversary Closing Party

This is also the closing party of the current shop. We are moving to West Kruiskade 51 next week.

Mega Vinyl Sale - Extra Stock - Extra Cheap - 20% Discount on All Records

Thu 20 November

Ela Stiles + Yonatan Gat (Monotonix)

Rarely has ‘unique’ been as aptly applied to an artist as it is to Australian Ela Stiles. Formerly the singer in rock band Bushwalking, her debut album consists of entirely a capella performances; her voice is looped, layered and incessantly toyed with, to the point where it’s hard to believe you’re listening to just one person.

Fri 14 November

Ether Snuiven

Social experiments: from ArtSience to SoundArt.

Ether Snuiven is a mini-production where the making of the production is the presentation itself. This is implemented in two forms: on one side during the informal live event with the same title. On the other side as a tape composition that will be aired on the radio.

Thu 30 October


PSychedelic Krautwave.
Risen from the ashes in the Moselle basin in July 2013, Dalida is obsessed with alienating repeating rhythms found in Krautrock. Dalida changes its repertoire, poignant songs with a sonic trance inspired by his native country.

Fri 12 December

Arab Camera Festival

The Arab Camera Festival is an annual event that shows cinema from all around the Arab World. Most films have been produced in Arab countries and give a surprising insight in societal and political developments in the Arab world, from an eastern point of view. The festival provides a stage for debuting filmmakers and filmmakers who address controversial themes.

Fri 07 November

Parkhotel invites Rotterdam w/ Ben Fresh + Hollywood & Vine

The coming months Bilderberg Parkhotel invites local DJ’s during a new event: Parkhotel Invites.

Thu 30 October

The Draughtsman’s Contract, TYPICAL MOVIES series

We’d like to introduce you the third of the TYPICAL MOVIES at POST—OFFICE: The Draughtsman’s Contract by Peter Greenaway (1982).

In this series, which is potentially infinite, we focus on the IMAGE IN MOTION, cleaned up from high-priced special effects.

Tue 11 November

Rotterdams Open Doek

The 11th of November a new edition of Rotterdams Open Doek takes place at LantarenVenster. A platform where film makers and film lovers can meet. Rotterdams Open Doek Favourite will win €750 for a new film project. Besides the jury the public vote for their favourite film. The special guest for this edition will be pronounced later.

Fri 31 October

Rotterdam Zombie Crawl The Walking Drunk

Meet your biggest fear at the first Zombie Crawl in Rotterdam!

Next to our “normal” Friday night Pub Crawl we are having a special edition this Friday the 31th of October… Watch out for evil witches, crazy bats, horrifying pumpkins and the Walking Drunk with the Rotterdam Zombie Crawl! This Friday night we’ll be spooking you out for the Halloween edition of Roffa Pubbing’s Rotterdam Pub Crawl.

In every Bar there will be a spooky surprise, but we promise you we won’t stop crawling until we have turned you all in the Walking Drunk ;)

Sun 02 November

Book Launch Pim Top

On Sunday 2 November at 15:00, there will be a festive presentation of the book Sculptures - Dark Passengers - The Liars, by the photographer Pim Top.

Thu 13 November

Breaking the Bank II: Art, Value and the Global Economy

The past decade the contemporary art market exploded from a niche economy to a globalised operation. What are the ins and outs of it, the makers and breakers and what kind of effects and dangers do the fluctuations of the market have on how art is valued?

Sat 01 November



Pattern Cutoff, three notorious rebels from The West Coast of Holland, create dance, hiphop and wave inspired post-punk music. Armed with laptop, bass, synthesisers and electronic gadgets they promise to give you a wild show. Celebrate this release with an underground party, basement style! Free entrance, halloween costumes, live bands & DJ’s!

Sat 01 November


On Saturday, November 1 ‘Keep it Movin’ and the Rotterdam based clothing brand ‘Kingz Exclusives’ will strike together for a brand new club night called ‘Panda Life’.

Sat 01 November


The return of a legendary club night! This club night has been a success ever since it started back in the early 2000’s in a venue called Waterfront. The secret is an un-resistable mix of music styles ranging from pop, house to drum&base and guitar. With lots of dance floor fillers from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.