Sat 23 May

Small Springfestival @ Rotterdamse Munt

Small Springfestival @ Rotterdamse Munt

Celebrate spring at Rotterdamse Munt. A beautifull garden filled with herbs, between Kop van Zuid en Afrikaanderwijk.


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Fri 19 June

YA Book Club #9

In July we’re reading Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton a new series about a girl being trained to become an assassin.

Wed 17 June

Book Club Night #20

June is another short story collection and the book club decided on reading Things You Should Know by A.M. Homes!

Fri 05 June

The Mothernists

A three-day-long transatlantic conference, bringing together the work and thought of practicing international artists, art historians, educators, curators and writers on the topic of caring labour and cultural re-production. The Mothernists attempts to open up philosophical, political, aesthetic and social questions made visible through the co-existing practices of mothering and cultural re-production, bringing these into the diverse discourses that the participants professionally as artists, writers, philosophers, curators, historians and educators are part of.

Fri 23 October

Girl Band

Maybe the bandname was an inside joke, but Girl Band actually makes rampaging and tearing music. Their garage and noiserock sounds sluggish at some points and deafening at others. This Dublin-based foursome is surely exciting so make sure to catch them at light vessel V11.

Sun 07 June


Sit down in the Park near the Euromast and enjoy the SummerSundays on 7, 14, 21 or 28 june, or 5 juli!

Sun 28 June

Live in My Livingroom house concert

I will host a house concert for an edition of Club Canapé on Sunday afternoon the 28th.of June for Live in Your Livingroom (liylr). Two artists from the NL’s and Belgium will perform in my livingroom on the Noordereiland.

Entrance €10 (this includes drinks and snacks provided by me)

Booking through the website of liylr.

Wed 27 May

Documentary screening: Polish for Beginners with introduction director Anna Witte

Stella Maris is home to 400 migrant workers from Poland and offers comfortable, renovated rooms, Polish television, entertainment, and a gym, so the residents do not want for anything. But do they find what they are looking for? Life in Stella Maris can never truly be called home, and is overshadowed by the hopes of another life, raising the question: What are your dreams worth? If we think only of our future, does the presence lose its meaning?

Fri 03 July

Max & the Cuties - Afscheidsshow and release ‘O Nostalgia!’

Max & the Cuties play their very last show on Vessel 11 in their hometown Rotterdam on July 3rd 2015. For many years Max & the Cuties offered fresh, adventurous pop music. On this evening they will also release their last new songs on the split-single ‘O Nostalgia’ on the Canadian label Fallen Love Records with Laughed the Boy (CAN) on the other side of the single. As support act they bring a new cutie named On Eva who brings witty lyrics on beautifully composed, composed pop music.

Tue 02 June

Kino Klub Goethe: Das Leben ist eine Baustelle

In June Kino Klub Goethe, a high quality film series of German cinema at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, will be showing the last film in its series before the summer break. Come along to enjoy “Das Leben ist eine Baustelle”, a great portrait of Berlin and its inhabitants in the late nineties. As always with an introduction by film expert Peter Bosma and a glass of German wine!

Thu 04 June


Poetry, music and dance comes together at MELT. It is a fresh and new concept. Roots & Routes will launch the first edition of MELT on april the 2th.

Thu 04 June

FILM SCREENING: RADICAL FRIENDS questioning climate politics & exploring climate activism

Chihiro is a Dutch/Bolivian girl who wants to boost environmental engagement. As she feels stuck and alone in her life in Amsterdam she ventures out to Bolivia, the country that advocates Rights for Mother Earth. Bolivia is also the one country to take a stand at UN Climate Tops and propagates building societies of radical equality.

Sun 21 June

Exhibition Day / Night / Day

ZERP Gallery presents group exhibition Day / Night / Day, showing work by Wouter le Duc, Jan de Bruin, Jeroen Witvliet, Fiona Weir, Tineke Schuurmans, accompanied by sculptures by guest artist Silvia B.

Thu 11 June

Cool cultural life at WIRED festival

WIRED festival, on June 11th, 12th and 13th will be the festival to be for young adults. At the Schouwburgplein they’ll get to meet the best of what Rotterdam has to offer when it comes to the city’s cultural life. There will be great shows by cool artists, fun and interactive workshops and surprising exhibitions.

Sat 13 June


Rotterdam celebrates its space!

To dream and do.

To be and become.

For old and young,

For dreamers and doers,

EVERYONE is welcome at RotterDream.

Fri 03 July


After a succesfull first edition we proudly present the second one. TOPSTUK is the new gay-minded clubnight of Rotterdam where you celebrate the freedom to be who you are. TOPSTUK stands for quality: Good music, surprising acts and a night full of entertainment!

Mon 01 June

design your own fashion, sewing and pattern making course

Modelessen is a sewing course wich main purpose is to teach a combination of sewing techniques and pattern making. Creating your own designs is a very important aspect of the class.

Sat 13 June

Niek Hilkmann presents: Knak

Knak, Niek Hilkmann’s first full length album after putting out two 7” singles, has been officially released by YCR!

Sun 07 June


Every first Sunday of the month; breakfast followed by a filmpremière in LanterenVenster! You can place your order between 10:00 and 11:00 hrs. The film ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ starts at 11:30 hrs.

Sun 24 May

Cobain: Montage of Heck

Intimate documentary about Nirvana frontman and grunge icon Kurt Cobain.

Fri 29 May


Soda + Bar = Sodabar

Noema (African Shakedown, The Magic Movement, Berlin) Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks in Hell, Intimate Friends, Amsterdam)