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Artwork: What and Who?!

Artist: Glenn van Pinxteren // Title artwork: Persoon in WORding
Website: www.glennvan pinxteren.nl

With this artwork i want to convey the idea that we as an individual person are supplemented by the various events that We Own Rotterdam (WOR) promotes. Rotterdam is in that way part of us and bring color and inspiration in our lives.


Your artwork on WOR?!
WOR loves Rotterdam and its artists. Since 2010 We Own Rotterdam has invited talented illustrators and designers to design its logo or provide the website with an artwork for its visual identity that states their intepretation of what WOR stands for. Do you want your artwork on WOR? Please send us an e-mail at info@weownrotterdam.nl and we will provide you with all details.


Residentie: Philipp Gloger

In his graphic arts, paintings and collages Phillipp Gloger is engaged in the topics of globalisation, urban culture and mass phenomena. He...

Fri Sep 02 , 
Westersingel 9

19_10_2016_goethe_institut_Grid_Ausschnitte © Inez Odijk, Lausbub Krämer, Martina Lückener

Exhibition GRID

In the context of the Month of the Graphic Germany/ Netherlands, Stichting AppendiX Grafiek and the Goethe-Institut welcome the German...

Wed Oct 19 , 13:00
Westersingel 9


Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

The underwater world is too beautiful not to watch. That’s why this year, during the second edition of Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam,...

Thu Oct 27 , 
Westblaak 18


The Gig is Up: Cloud Labour Night

A gig used to mean a show played by musicians. Today, the word is newspeak for a freelance job, short-term contract or limited professional...

Thu Oct 27 , 20:00
Eendrachtsstraat 10


Hoboken Festival: The Twilight Zone

As you might know, in the haunted house of Hoboken nothing ever stays the same. What you thought was the end is just the beginning. On...

Fri Oct 28 , 16:00
Hoornbrekersstraat 16

FB banner studiopresentaties Ralph-Giulio-notext

Dansateliers studio presentations

Meet choreographer Giulio D’Anna and circus artist Ralph Öllinger during the Dansateliers studiopresentations on 28, 29 and 30 October....

Fri Oct 28 , 17:00
's-Gravendijkwal 58-B



Dj’s JD LaRue & Roccalberti shooting the sweetest and roughest Ska, Soul, R&B, Rocksteady & Boss...

Fri Oct 28 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71

FB banner studiopresentaties Ralph-Giulio-notext

DUPLICATE//Dansateliers studiopresentations

Meet choreographer Giulio D’Anna and circus artist Ralph Öllinger during the Dansateliers studiopresentations on October 28, 29 and...

Fri Oct 28 , 20:30
's-Gravendijkwal 58-B


Losgeld “Hallowiener Special”

Losgeld ‘Hallowiener Special’ 28-10-16 Let’s get weird! We’ll take care of the decoration, you do the...

Fri Oct 28 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 18.30.04

Fyoelk • Piyojo • Mári Mákó • Guest DJ’s

This event is the unofficial afterparty of SOUTH EXPLORER. For more info check the FB...

Sat Oct 29 , 07:30
Wolphaertstraat 23/25

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