Sun 04 October



Up in your noses this month’s mima presenting:
Hive Mind (usa) - Oil Thief (usa) - Venerence (usa) - Svartvit (nl)
PLUS a dj-set from: Sid Idiopath

noise ass in: synth drones / noise / rhythmic electronics


Alternative Guide to Rotterdam

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Tue 06 October

Rotterdam Tuesday Groove Sessions @ NRC (Miles Davis Tribute)

RTGS is back with a new venue and fresh grooves!

Trombonist and Trumpetist Efe ERDEM will host the tuesday nights with the one of the best musicians from Rotterdam.

Sat 10 October

Urban Theater Safari To Be Or Not 1

On October 10th the urban safari and theater production To Be Or Not 1 will kick off!
Who is allowed to be, and who isn’t? Who decides that? During this urban safari the audience and actors will make an adventurous journey through different areas of Rotterdam. Together they try to answer the most essential question: ’To Be Or Not?’.

Fri 23 October

All Eyes On brings legendary radio making couple Stretch & Bobbito to BIRD

All Eyes On brings two legends to BIRD on Friday 23rd of October. New York legends of Hip Hop Radio Stretch & Bobbito were the face of Hip Hop in the nineties with their radio show and they have changed the world of music for ever. The reason they’re coming to BIRD is the launch of their documentary Radio That Changed Lives, which will be shown by All Eyes On in cooperation with HipHopHuis. After the movie there’s room for a Q&A.

Tue 27 October


The transformation Vessels made with their latest LP Dilate has been quite astounding. Just four years back the Leeds-based instrumental quintet was known for their monumental brand of post- and math rock. Dilate demonstrates an entirely different side to Vessels, employing fluid-like electronic soundscapes, ethereal synth layers and a warm, pulsating four-to-the-floor cadence, drawing influences from the likes of The Orb, Caribou, M83 and John Hopkis.

Thu 22 October

Ryley Walker

With Primrose Green, Ryley Walker surely produced for one of the finest releases this year. Akin to Tim Buckley’s later work, Walker likes to inject psychedelic and jazz influences into his colorful archaic folk blueprint by surrounding himself with skilled jazz musicians.

Thu 08 October


The best indie disco in town! Are you always curious for the latest music of the best alternative bands and brand-new artists? Rotown’s resident DJ team will serve you the best (new) music there is!

Sat 10 October

The Hickey Underworld

Belgium-based rock-outfit The Hickey Underworld draws their fancy from fringe guitar paragons Fugazi, Sonic Youth and The Jesus Lizard. Like many fellow compatriots, The Hickey Underworld glisten their key influences with a veneer of stylishness and adeptness that seems uniquely Belgian.

Mon 05 October

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

With his bare-boned, worldly folk debut In Memory Of Loss, Nathaniel Rateliff established himself as a special talent. Beneath his gruff, stern exterior lies a sensitive soul who documents his faults and sorrows with raw, intimate tunes.

Sat 10 October

How Much is Enough? - Onderwater Producties

How Much is a play about consumption versus nature with substance and humour, at a special location: a rooftopgarden in the heart of the city-centre of Rotterdam. Two people have changed their lives radically and try to live self-supporting on top of a building. As victims of the consumer society they want to live closer to nature. But can they live with less?

Sat 24 October


Once again BF serves you your bimonthly dose of HipHop & RnB. Let the MPC time machine bring you back and forth through the best sounds of the past 25 years and the dopest fresh joints.

Tue 06 October

JOHN LEWIS (uk) - live

Café De Ouwehoer is proud to present Welsh Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Roots Americana class act John Lewis on our little stage! John was the former frontman of genre greats The Rimshots and Johnny Bach, but during his current tour through France and the Benelux he will perform solo. Come on over for some fun everyone!

Sat 21 November


Welcome to the ‘LET’S GO SHOW’.
LET’S GO is an extraordinary party for people who like craziness. With an absolute great first party it is now time for the second edition. This time we have decided to turn the whole club to a massive jungle! Expect a lot of craziness and a lot of confetti as usual.

Sat 31 October


Dress like a Beauty or Beast:
Sledgehammer Sucker / Oscar Wilde / Venus in Furs / Twin Freaks / Poltergeist Playboy / Hairy Horror Handjob / Faster Pussycat Kill Kill / Beastie Boy on the Rocks / Dada Acid / A Girl Walks Home Alone / Tokyo Antichrist / Rosemary’s Baby / Jack the Zipper

Wed 21 October


CULTVIDEO screens a docu about the worst film ever (probably). Every few years a new worst movie pops up (Plan 9, Manos, The Room, Ulli Lommel films) generating a fanbase of cult-followers, boosting the imdb rating from almost zero to average. Thus scrolling down to the imdb bottom 250 can be as much fun as watching the top 250.

Thu 29 October

Thursday Night: Prints!

Prints and patterns come in all shapes and sizes and they are all the rage at the moment, especially in the fashion world. This evening will look beyond their decorative power to examine their possible meanings and alternative applications: from patterns with symbolic values to the technological breakthrough of interactive sunscreen prints on glazed building facades.

Thu 22 October

Thursday Night: The archives of MVRDV and Zaha Hadid Architects

Contributors include Jacob van Rijs, one of the founding directors of MVRDV and Manon Janssens, head of exhibitions and archives at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Thu 22 October

Niko. Opens Annabel “Her Face, His Face”

Her place, his face. Her curves, his swerve. Her skirt, his shirt. Her hips, his lips.

Niko. loves Annabel.

I’ve took a new turn with my thursday nights. From now on you’ll find me hanging out at my girls place; Annabel.

Sat 24 October

Niko. & Yardbird present: TEARS

Niko. and Yardbird presents: TEARS at the newest club in town Annabel.

Special guests: BBC Radio One’s wonderchild Benji B, The British pirate radio pionier Oneman & Patta Soundsystem.

Thu 31 December

Nachtduik NYE 2015

The New Year’s Eve lineup for Nachtduik in Rotterdam features Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz and more.

Fri 30 October

Open Mic Night at ROOM

Get out of the basement and on to the stage! It’s time for another Open Mic Night in your favourite Living ROOM!