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About WOR

We Own Rotterdam!
We Own Rotterdam (WOR) collects creative events, inspiring exhibitions, intimate hang outs, fresh music and underground parties. WOR loves Rotterdam and wants to provide a platform for spreading the love. You, fellow fan of Rotterdam, can utilize our site to promote your under-the-radar initiatives. Share your events with our community of good-looking partygoers and art-folk. Discover the creative and fun side of our city with We Own Rotterdam!

Who? What? WOR?
WOR exists to show to a bigger public what we already knew: there’s a lot going on in this city. A ton of grassroots initiatives, tiny art galleries, pop-up stores and parties organized by highly motivated people. Our goal is to give these people the bigger audience they deserve and also give them the opportunity to see that they are not operating in a vacuum, but part of a bigger thing. Create connections, build bridges. After all, we can accomplish so much more together!

The site is currently run by Lana, Tatiana, Marina, Dzenita and Tabitha.

Questions? Contact us at info@weownrotterdam.nl or Facebook.

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