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Residentie: Philipp Gloger

In his graphic arts, paintings and collages Phillipp Gloger is engaged in the topics of globalisation, urban culture and mass phenomena. He...

Fri Sep 02 , 
Westersingel 9


Course in fashion design, pattern drafting and sewing

Modelessen is a sewing course which main purpose is to teach a combination of sewing techniques and pattern making. Creating your own...

Tue Sep 13 , 10:30
Bas Jungeriusstraat 244b



DANSLOKAAL 4 is a talentdevelopment project by Conny Janssen Danst in close collaboration with creative partners Dansateliers and Korzo...

Thu Sep 22 , 20:30
's-Gravendijkwal 58-b

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Workshop sewing Bags

Would you like to make your own bag? Than this will be you workshop. You…

Sat Oct 15 , 13:00 Bas Jungeriusstraat 244b
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Djemaa el Fna

Djemaa el Fna Rotterdam is based on the magical square in Marrakech by the same name. A culinary marketplace filled with smoking barbecues...

Fri Sep 23 , 17:00
Museumpark 32


House of Boys – Pride 2016

Day/Night celebration during Rotterdam Pride Festival 2016 There is a piece of all of us, a sliver of innocence left from our youth that...

Sat Sep 24 , 13:00
Westblaak 127


Bass Odyssey: Chill Sessions

24 september is Bass Odyssey: Chill Sessions back in Wunderbar. This time with an extra festive touch since it’s the birthday of Bass...

Sat Sep 24 , 22:00
Boomgaardsstraat 73


KLUB Opening Night w/ HONEY DIJON

This is the night where fashion, (vogue)dancers, nightlife kids and the most open minded party people unite to become one of the best...

Sat Sep 24 , 23:00
Schiekade 201


V00d00 GOLD

Infamous Breda/Rotterdam based DJ-duo V00d00 GOLD fills holes. Holes in your weekend, holes in you life, holes in you whisky, holes in your...

Sat Sep 24 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19

Natuurfestival in het Park bij de Euromast

Festival of Nature nearby the Euromast

It will be one big party during the Festival of Nature in Rotterdam! There are numerous of activities for kids in the age between 4 – 12...

Sun Sep 25 , 11:00
Baden Powelllaan


‘Jannes van der Wal’, by Meindert Talma & Band

Meindert Talma – Jannes van der Wal / best of (audiovisual performance) 2016 marks exactly sixty years ago that the legendary Frisian...

Sun Sep 25 , 14:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Liesberg  22.04.2016 - Otollo 4. Photo by Roland Schmid

Otello 4 in City Art Rotterdam

Otollo4 is a new Basel-based band, exploring fresh original sounds as well as paying respect to their Gungan roots and traditions. The...

Sun Sep 25 , 16:00
insulindestraat, 248

unnamed (1)

I understand the ocean by looking at a raindrop/special summer event and exhibition at Kaus Australis

Kaus Australis cordially invites you to a special September event showing this summer’s guest artists Maria Marshall and Femke Gerestein....

Sun Sep 25 , 16:00
Melanchtonweg 137


ERIC FRYE (Anòmia, US) + JEFF WITSCHER (Rene Hell, Pan, US)

Eric Frye is a Minneapolis-based composer and artist. In his compositions (both for live performance and installation) Frye focuses on the...

Sun Sep 25 , 21:00
Boomgaardsstraat 73


Open Mic Night at ROOM!

Get out of the basement and on to the stage! It’s time for another Open Mic Night in your favorite Living ROOM! The Open Mic of...

Mon Sep 26 , 21:00
Van Vollenhovestraat 62


SAMARA LUBELSKI (Drawing Room, Ultra Eczema, US)

Magical and dream-like sounds that create a whole new dimension. Samara Lubelski (USA) is coming to WORM to present her newsest album...

Tue Sep 27 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 73


Filmwerkplaats presents: Cognitive Turbulence

**An unforeseen collection of films from international filmmakers, hand-picked and brought to WORM by artist Karel Doing. COGNITIVE...

Wed Sep 28 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Arab Camera Festival 2016

September 29th till October 2nd we will again overwhelm you with beautiful, funny, artistic and powerful Arabic films..! Romantic comedy...

Thu Sep 29 , 
Westblaak 18


Arab Camera Festival

Arab Camera = Arab & more The annual Arab film festival, Arab Camera, takes you on a journey to all countries, languages and cultures...

Thu Sep 29 , 19:30
Westblaak 18

mAni19_fb header_september

Manifest Animation Show & Tell

We are back in Rotterdam after July’s field trip to Amsterdam, and a short break for August. Our next Manifest Animation Show &...

Thu Sep 29 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam


Manifest: Animation Show & Tell

Manifest is a regular animation show & tell evening in Rotterdam. Just like the show & tell exercise you may have done at school,...

Thu Sep 29 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71



DANSLOKAAL 4 is a talentdevelopment project by Conny Janssen Danst in close collaboration with creative partners Dansateliers and Korzo...

Thu Sep 29 , 20:30
's-Gravendijkwal, 58, b



Magic is about adding layers of wonder and surprise in our lives. Whether it’s the magic of a workplace, a show, performance, or one of...

Fri Sep 30 , 08:30
Goudsesingel 70, Rotterdam


RVLT Festival – 3rd Edition

PRSPCT Presents RVLT FESTIVAL 3rd Edition. Friday and Saturday 30 September/01 October 2016. Another weekend of Carnage! Music, Art,...

Fri Sep 30 , 19:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Fashion meets Wine

September 30 Sofieloves and De Wijnwijven organise the second edition of ‘Fashion meets Wine’. These girls will learn you everything...

Fri Sep 30 , 19:00
Bergselaan 265A



JMSN made such an impression on Kendrick Lamar, back in 2012, that he reserved four spots for the singer-songwriter and R&B crooner on...

Fri Sep 30 , 20:00
Raampoortstraat 26-28


Rond De Tafel – FIRMA DRAAK

This athletic performance art piece features two friends trying to make sense of their friendship over a game of pingpong. The two men...

Fri Sep 30 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 69


Brandstof: Megan Rooney f on your tongue

Megan Rooney (CA, 1985) is one of the artists in the international group exhibition Physical Fiction. Her practice unfolds across painting...

Fri Sep 30 , 20:30
Goudsewagenstraat 27



Pantropical x Arab Film Festival is an integral part of the annual Arab Film festival . A celebration of forward-looking, bass-ridden Arab...

Fri Sep 30 , 22:00
Teilingerstraat 110-130



Losgeld 30-09-16 Your monthly dosis of hip-hop and more! ☆☆☆☆LINE-UP☆☆☆☆ ★ VENOUR ★ COUP DE SJANS ★...

Fri Sep 30 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19

2016-09-30 Nicole Moudaber flyer + support

Toffler presents Nicole Moudaber (Mood Records, UK)

30/09 TOFFLER PRESENTS NICOLE MOUDABER LINE UP ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Nicole...

Fri Sep 30 , 23:00
Weena Zuid 33

AFD2016_poster_1080x1920 def

A Festival Downtown 3.0

A Festival Downtown Electronic music festival in and around the Nieuwe Binnenweg This year a Festival Downtown will be held on Saturday...

Sat Oct 01 , 14:00




Sat Oct 01 , 16:00
Pretorialaan 4B


Vinitsky album release

On 1 October 2016 at the most creative center of Rotterdam Kate Orange presents her new album. Plan C which is near the Cubic houses on the...

Sat Oct 01 , 20:00
Slepersvest 1

Smeltsessies 2 Final-01

Smeltsessies w Sandeep, Daan&Touw

An evening filled amazing deep house from Rotterdam’s own Sandeep and Daan&Touw. It is located in the basement of Roodkapje for...

Sat Oct 01 , 23:00
Teilingerstraat 110 - 130


Nachtduik • Ben Klock [4HR set] & Stranger

Before we enter the new year with the infamous Nachtduik NYE edition, we will host one more edition in Annabel. With an extended 4 hour set...

Sat Oct 01 , 23:55
Schiestraat 20


Day of Rotterdam History

On October 2, 2016 fifty tandem drive the Erasmus Bridge, from north to south. On each tandem sit two Rotterdam: a Southerner in front, a...

Sun Oct 02 , 10:30


MiMa 54: France + Eklin

MiMa 54: France (fr) Repetitive pulsating rhythms, with pounding overtones created by the overdriven hurdy-gurdy. Live at KRAAK:...

Sun Oct 02 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

SCAN mima 54

MiMa 54: France + Eklin

MiMa 54: France (fr) Repetitive pulsating rhythms, with pounding overtones created by the overdriven hurdy-gurdy. Live at KRAAK:...

Sun Oct 02 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71


drink&draw: session 19

HI! You are invited to session 19 of drink&draw hosted by the Wolfart Projectspace. Drink&draw is on the first Monday of every...

Mon Oct 03 , 17:00
Wolphaertstraat 25-C


2016 Camera JAPAN Kick-off: FOODMAN + ‘2045 CARNIVAL FOLKLORE’

**CAMERA JAPAN festival kicks off with an exclusive FOODMAN live set, and a feature length film FOODMAN Foodman aka Takahide Higuchi is...

Wed Oct 05 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

CJ 2016 banner twitter

2016 CAMERA JAPAN Festival

The 2016 CAMERA JAPAN Festival will showcase Japanese comedy in all its facets: from the absurd to the subtle, the traditional to the...

Thu Oct 06 , 14:00



Theater on location in Tuindorp Vreewijk of the Rotterdams Wijktheater Tuindorp Vreewijk. The green oasis of Rotterdam. The crown jewel...

Fri Oct 07 , 19:30
Dreef 71


The New Current

In Rotterdam there are a lot of talented emerging artists who create interesting art. Assembled by Root and FLTR projectspace offer these...

Fri Oct 07 , 20:00
lusthofstraat 40-46


Kiss all Hipsters


Fri Oct 07 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19



Let’s have a fun night. Music: Eclectic Definition: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of...

Fri Oct 07 , 23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


35 & Still Alive

Sounds like: dancing without kids 35 & Still Alive is the club night for everyone 30+ or feeling like 30+. Feel like dancing for...

Sat Oct 08 , 21:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19


The Night Shift #10

Attention to all procrastinators and night owls! Do you want to work overtime on your own short story or novel in a literary stimulating...

Sat Oct 08 , 21:30
Gouvernestraat 87b


WORM PRESENTS: MiMa 55: Sea Urchin / Keijut / Typhonian Highlife / Red Brut

Sea Urchin Sea Urchin (not to be confused with Sea Urchin Editions, the publishing house from Rotterdam run by Ben Schot) is the...

Sun Oct 09 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


WORM PRESENTS: Tek Tok late night #10: Game of Toons

Can Toon the smart thermostat fight off the hackers? This we’ll find out during Game of Toons taking place at WORM Rotterdam. Ten...

Tue Oct 11 , 19:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


R. Ariel (usa) w/ Autumn Child

R.ariel comes from the state of Arizona, US to perform in our cozy hostel. She is not only a musician because she is also an author...

Tue Oct 11 , 20:00
Van Vollenhovestraat 62

Sex counsellor Ai Aoyama with a client and her dog

Layers #4: Fads and Freud

Fads and Freud: Addiction and fascination, gadgets and gas taken in as a boost for rolling currencies. Fascination that has to do with...

Wed Oct 12 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


HASHTAG – Loïc Perela

“HASHTAG” is the new creation by choreographer Loïc Perela. In the piece Loïc explores the boundaries between watching,...

Wed Oct 12 , 21:00
Schouwburgplein 25


HASHTAG – Loïc Perela

“HASHTAG” is the new creation by choreographer Loïc Perela. In the piece Loïc explores the boundaries between watching,...

Thu Oct 13 , 19:00
Schouwburgplein 25

OOOOOOO-Giulio D'Anna photo Cinzia Camela (2)

O O O O O O O – Giulio D’Anna

“O O O O O O O” is a theatrical dance piece by choreographer Giulio D’Anna. In the piece eight young performers from...

Thu Oct 13 , 20:30
Schouwburgplein 25


WORM PRESENTS: REMI: Oxberrian Motion

The erratic movement of analogue image, as a result of dis-continuous visual effects. Oxberrian motion is a bombardment of fun from...

Thu Oct 13 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Shut up & Write October

Come write with us in October! The idea of shut up & write is simple. You come over to Adem Inn, find your writing spot and from...

Fri Oct 14 , 10:15
Hoogstraat 27A


Time Window Festival

50 artists, 1 formal office space and an entire weekend full of bèta premieres, presentations, installations and expo. For the second year...

Fri Oct 14 , 17:00
Teilingerstraat 120


De Grote Hoop: Princess (35MM)

De Grote Hoop #10: Princess Herman Wuyts • BE • 1969 • 87 min • 35MM (EN) Dutch cinema comes in many shapes and sizes; some less...

Fri Oct 14 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Pleasure Impact Part 1: PLO Man

This new series of parties in Rotterdam has come to life searching for the ultimate joy on the dancefloor, making you make moves you...

Fri Oct 14 , 23:00
Raampoortstraat 26-28

fuzz night

Fuzz Night w/ dj-collectief The Freeloaders

Why is everyone putting on shit music at clubs? And why are beers so expensive everywhere? Three friends from Eindhoven decided to kill...

Fri Oct 14 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19


WORM PRESENTS: Bakebrain #4

Come celebrate the infinity of outerspace, alien cultures and outerworldly music at the oncoming BAKEBRAIN #4. Once again the kind human...

Fri Oct 14 , 23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Workshop sewing Bags

Would you like to make your own bag? Than this will be you workshop. You can make all kind of bags. We have cluctches, shoppers, totenbags...

Sat Oct 15 , 13:00
Bas Jungeriusstraat 244b


WORM PRESENTS: Frontaal #12

With every edition of Frontaal we bring together noteworthy and established authors and program a Main Guest as the headliner. Headliner...

Sun Oct 16 , 14:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Yellow Dog Trio - Logo

Yellow Dog Trio

Yellow Dog Trio with pianist Benjamin Strauch, double bassist Gonçalo Almeida and drummer Friso van Wijck moves within a given context. We...

Sun Oct 16 , 16:00
Insulindestraat 248

Kasper Bosmans, Legend Motif (Oil and Silver), 2016

Artist Talk: Kasper Bosmans

For one night only, the legend paintings Kasper Bosmans inserted into select archive boxes, are made visible to the public. Together with...

Tue Oct 18 , 19:00
Witte de Withstraat 50


Denki Udon + Eiko Ishibashi (JP)

Denki Udon is a trio who concern themselves mainly with live improvisation and a lot of genre hopping. In the main their music falls...

Fri Oct 21 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown has a disarmingly honest no frills mentality to making music. The first sentence on their onesheet reads “Hollis Brown is an...

Fri Oct 21 , 21:00
Wijnhaven 101

Welcome to uranus flyer klein

Welcome to Uranus

Welcome to Uranus is the new open-minded party in Rotown. Gay, straight, bi or lesbian, prepare for an epic journey! Pull your space...

Fri Oct 21 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19


Zine Camp 2016

Zine Camp’s third edition is on its way on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of October! As always, the main focus is to make zines...

Sat Oct 22 , 13:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Lola Colt 2

Lola Colt

Naming your band after a famous spaghetti-western betrays a thing or two. Indeed, Lola Colt’s music exudes the flair of a Morricone...

Sat Oct 22 , 21:00
Wijnhaven 101


Welcome to the Guilty Pleasure Dome

Miley Cyrus, Ricky Martin, P!nk, Beyoncé, Wham!, Journey, Rednex, MC Hammer, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Rihanna or Rick Astley? No...

Sat Oct 22 , 23:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19

malgorzata and arvind 4

Malgorzata Haduch & Arvind Ganga Duo

City Art Rotterdam presents a special evening of music&dance improvisation with Polish dancer Malgorzata Haduch and Dutch guitar player...

Sun Oct 23 , 20:00
Insulindestraat 248


Liima (DK)

Liima is a new band formed by Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö plus Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg of Danish act...

Sun Oct 23 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Demob Happy (Photo Credit Steve Gullick)

Demob Happy + Tigercub

Similar to our very own Dutch heroes Bombay, Demob Happy harvests various rock styles – be it grunge, punk, indie rock or stoner –...

Tue Oct 25 , 21:00
Wijnhaven 101

I Am Oak (Photo Credit Shayne Hanley)

I Am Oak

For more than half a decade, Thijs Kuijken has been the creative force behind folk/slowcore-collective I Am Oak. Kuijken’s music...

Wed Oct 26 , 20:00
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19

Beach Baby

Beach Baby

This London-based foursome describe themselves as “apathetic alternative pop with a dreamy sound”. With just one EP released,Beach Baby...

Wed Oct 26 , 21:00
Wijnhaven 101


Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

The underwater world is too beautiful not to watch. That’s why this year, during the second edition of Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam,...

Thu Oct 27 , 
Westblaak 18


The Quietus Festival

WORM and The Quietus team up to bring a mix of new and celebrated alternative acts to Rotterdam. WORM decided to create a festival with...

Sat Oct 29 , 14:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Opening exhibition PERSONA – Daphne Bom & Willem van Hest

“Persona” – portrets and scenes of the daily life of Rotterdam. With paintings and drawings by Daphne Bom and Willem van...

Sat Oct 29 , 16:00
Pretorialaan 4B

Sex counsellor Ai Aoyama with a client and her dog

Layers #5: Rear Windows

Rear Windows: (EN) Out of frame views and exploding screens. Annoying Op-Art, frenzied orgies full of chaos and violence, actors that...

Wed Nov 02 , 20:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


INTERNET OF THINGS / Prometheus de Vuurbrenger

URLAND and Productiehuis Rotterdam presents the finale of ‘The Internet Trilogy’: INTERNET OF THINGS/ Prometheus the firebringer. The...

Fri Nov 04 , 20:30
Schouwburgplein 52


WORM PRESENTS: Rough Conditions: Adventure Film Festival

Adventure is not only for Bear Grylls, polar explorers with their dog sleds or bearded mountain climbers on the top of the Mount Everest....

Wed Nov 09 , 20:30
Boomgaardsstraat 71


La Notte

La Notte is the first film night that screens films from eleven different film festivals. On 11 November from 5 PM to 5 AM we show the most...

Fri Nov 11 , 17:00
Gouvernestraat 129 - 133


The Night Shift

Attention to all procrastinators and night owls! Do you want to work overtime on your own short story or novel in a literary stimulating...

Sat Nov 12 , 21:30
Gouvernestraat 87b


Herr Zimmerman 10 Years Party!

The crazy techno KatZe Herr Zimmerman celebrates its 10 years anniversary on Earth by throwing an amazing techno party in Rotterdam’s...

Sat Nov 12 , 23:00
Maashaven ZuidZijde 1


Social Media Week Rotterdam

From the 14th untill the 17th of November Rotterdam will host the biggest Social Media event of the Benelux again: #SMWRdam Top notch...

Mon Nov 14 , 
Otto Reuchliweg 996


WORM PRESENTS: Hefty! x Skank: JLSXND7RS – SNM Release Party

JLSXND7RS, a member of DJ Slimzees Slimzos Recordings, is releasing an EP on Lowriders. S.N.M. features an instrumental title track and...

Sat Nov 19 , 23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71


Hefty! x SKANK: JLSXND7RS – S.N.M. Release Party

Time to team up! Slimzos camp member JLSXND7RS is having a sick year with multiple releases and consistent support by Grime legend DJ...

Sat Nov 19 , 23:00
Boomgaardstraat 71


Brasa Dey Festival

Brasa Dey Festival is the celebration of independence for the Republic of Suriname. The festival is a celebration with the best artists,...

Sun Nov 20 , 15:00
Maashaven Zuidzijde 1 – 2


Maceo Parker in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Saxophonist Maceo Parker has shared his infectious funk with the world since the seventies, helping to shape the sounds of legends such as...

Sun Nov 20 , 19:30
Schouwburgplein 52


Pantropical: Fumaça Preta

This band has been on our shortlist ever since we got wind of them, hearing the advance of their 2014 debut. FINALLY they’re coming...

Fri Nov 25 , 21:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71

Poster Winter Festival

Blijdorp Winter Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that on December 3rd, the first winter edition of Blijdorp Festival will take place. Join us at one of the...

Sat Dec 03 , 13:00
Van Nelleweg 1


The Night Shift

Attention to all procrastinators and night owls! Do you want to work overtime on your own short story or novel in a literary stimulating...

Sat Dec 10 , 21:30
Gouvernestraat 87b

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