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Sat 29 August

Trash party##strictly vinyls!!!

A selection of the best music from the 60s to the 90s, the best of italo disco!! ragga jungle d’n b…strictly vinyls and happy people.

Sun 13 September

Afro Latin Social Club

Have a blast at the Afro Latin Social Club. An afternoon filled with Kizomba and Bachata workshops. We’ll have the dance floor ready so you can show your newly acquired dance moves at the afterparty.

Fri 18 September

In My House with Philou Louzolo

In My House presents house like it was meant to be: open minded. If one DJ can adhere to this vision, it’s Philou Louzolo. At the moment he’s working hard on his route to success and after In My House heard his afro-futurism tracks it was clear: Philou Louzoulo and his warm sound is definitely at home in BIRD.

Mon 26 September

Nineties Tribute

BIRD pays tribute to the sound of the 90’s. The decennia of Yo! MTV Raps, Turn Up The Bass and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Off The Wall (VJ Supreme Cuisine & DJ ChocoMel) will honor the heydays of hip-hop, acid jazz, 90’s house and of course the best pop classics. Expect a feel good night with an arsenal of 90’s video clips and musicians.

Sat 12 September


SoulCity is a smoking club night filled with 70’s and 80’s soul classics, boogie and bossa. Think of all the greatest hits from James Brown, The Jackson Five and Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jamiroquai, The Bahama Soul Club and Erykah Badu… al played in vinyl!

Fri 18 September


In my House presents house like it was in the early days: approachable and open minded. BIRD is the perfect venue to present the warmer side of house. If there is only one dj that fits this state of mind, it would be Philou Louzolo.

Sat 12 September


My goodness, PARELMOEDER is celebrating its 1 year anniversary with you guys! We’re bringing kitsch to a new level with the best classics of our youth and todays best hits. And this time we’re not only partying at BAR but also at the club where PARELMOEDER first started; Club NYX in Amsterdam. Good gracious what a joy, girls.

Sun 06 September


Swingdancing is hot, hip & happening in Rotterdam! Yet as old as your grandpa’s fedora and as hot as your nan’s snappin’ garters and explosive like a Louis Armstrong solo. It’s impossible to sit still and watch, so dust off your dancing shoes and let’s get hoppin’!

Sat 19 September

Modular with Talaboman (Axel Boman & John Talabot)

Modular is back in BIRD with again a very, very special allnighter. This time with the half Spanish, half Swedish super-dj duo Talaboman (John Talabot and Axel Boman!) Prepare yourself for a night filled with warm, Mediterranean deep house, disco and fresh Scandinavian grooves, presented by two of Europe’s most influential producers!

Sat 05 September


YardBIRD is mixin’ music, people and drinks. Playing the most beautiful music from the biggest cities around the world in an intimate club setting that is truly unique for Rotterdam.

Sat 05 September


THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE The four creatures pour over their tomes. Looking for clues to the mystery of the fortunate circumstance and the happy coincidence. Those wildly improbable things that happen every day.

Fri 11 September

The Black Disco Reboot

The Black Disco Reboot has, (as the name suggests) disco as it’s basis in the broadest sense of the word. From Brazilian boogie to nu-disco, from Loft classics to Italo. From forgotten gems and evergreens, feel good classics to obscure B-cuts.

Sat 24 October

Herr Zimmerman’s Wild Wild West Party!

Don’t miss out on this cool & amazing techno party! Herr Zimmerman will time warp you back into the time era of the wild wild west and cult spaghetti western movies! Prepare for hot Cowboys, Saloongirls, the Good, the Bad,… and Banging Techno! :-)

Sat 22 August


A party from and for Gabsters! What are gabsters? Very hip ex(gabbers). Let’s go back to the 90’s with an early rave party!

Sat 29 August

CITCAT w/ Das She Cray, Ideslet, Helselingen Soundsystem, Th’Acquisition

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brings it back! Flooded cats, happy cats and tomcats unite for the one and only CITCAT party at Bar.

Fri 14 August

Toffler presents Bjarki (трип, ISL)

The master mind behind the stunning release ‘I Wanna Go Bang’ on the well known Trip lable (Nina Kraviz) will visit Toffler on Friday the 14th of August!

Sat 08 August

Buddha’s Belly x Pandalife Collabo Night

Team Hoog Tempo Present: the best hiphop & R&B of all time!

Sun 09 August

Applepie, the rooftop block party

Sweet, but quite the bite. It’s Rotterdam’s hottest block party, back for some hella-fun mayhem. #Applepie2015

Sat 29 August

In Living Color

In Living Color consists of DJ Rob Manga and VJ Supreme Cuisine presenting you a soulful mix of videoclips. Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Boogie and Disco will melt together in a audiovisual spectacle. From Motown to Stax through Uptown to Def Jam: come join us on this audiovisual journey.

Sat 22 August


THE SCENARIO will serve up a whole night the best hiphop and R&B of the past 25 years. From Chance The Rapper to Aaliyah back to A$ap Rocky, you will all hear it at THE SCENARIO.