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Tue 08 September

Draw me! (International Life Drawing Society)

Love to spend some nice evenings together with other artists, sketchers and creative souls? Enjoy drawing model with nice music playing on the background? Then you are welcome to visit the 1st Life Drawing session from International Life Drawing Society. Now in Rotterdam!

Sun 06 September

Opening Frohawk Two Feathers. Part II

Frohawk Two Feathers gives a short introduction about his work and the historical meaning of it. Afther the introduction SUPERDELUXE will give a performance. A good beginning of a new galeryseason.

Sat 05 September

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson - Black Appetite

JOEY RAMONE is very proud to host the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery by Icelandic artist Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson. The exhibition which occupies both gallery and project spaces opens on Saturday 5 September from 5-8pm and runs till Saturday 10 October.

Wed 26 August

Dance of inner conflict - installation exposition by Luca Lives

Welcome to my graduation project. This exposition gives a glimpse into the mind of an artist trying to find his place, struggling with ambivalent thoughts.

Fri 14 August

Out of Nowhere

is a spontaneous interplay between music, poetry and visual arts. Besides visual artists will also poets and musicians participate. More info coming soon In PRETORIA AVENUE 4B to visit the exhibition Kunst & Kitsch until August 21, 2015.

Thu 10 September

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2015

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2015 presents the outcomes of this year’s Summer Sessions residencies. The projects will be demonstrated live and the audience will be invited to ‘test’ the artworks hands-on.

Sun 23 August


We cordially invite you for the opening of the solo exhibition VIOLINNOCENCE of Robin Kolleman, with Isabel Gállego Lanau playing the violin.

Sun 30 August


A great thing to do in Rotterdam on the first week of September is the #VSVKeXpo at the Schieblock (Schiekade 189, Unit 101). Van Soest & van Krimpen (VSVK) is a photo studio which is responsible for all the photos on V& (on of Hollands biggest warehouses),,, and many other Dutch (online) fashion retailers.

Fri 04 September

Opening Let Us Meet Inside You

The online art platform,, has been shining a spotlight on the visual arts for the past ten years. This anniversary will be celebrated in Garage Rotterdam. The exhibition ‘Let Us Meet Inside You’ provides a sparkling overview of ten years of art that matters. Opening is on 4 september 2015.

Sat 01 August

Andres Cimas Art Exhibition Rotterdam

Join us for the Opening of Andres Cimas (Barcelona 1979, artistic painter) art exhibition. The opening will be on Saturday 1 August at 15:00. Art Galerie Harel, Pijackerplein 3. Meet & greet the artist and his amazing paintings.

Exhibition dates: 1 August - 26 September 2015

Fri 31 July

Exhibition Opening

Hey people!! I´d love to invite you to come to Hostel de Mafkees to share my photography exhibition with you. A series of 7 photos that I took in the Netherlands during my EVS at Use-it. The images are the way I see life, as in about people, feelings and moments. I hope you will like it and come to have a drink with me.

Tue 04 August

No Show Meseum

The museum has a mobile presentation space in a converted postbus. It hosts a special exhibition with 24 invisible art works of pure conceptual art. From August till October 2015, the NO SHOW MUSEUM is on tour in Europe before finally arriving in Italy, as an official participant of the 56th Venice Art Biennale.

Thu 23 July

Opening: Transmutation

As a fine arts student I, Tyson Goudsmits, decided to end my year a little different. Instead of making works of art I invited 6 different artist to make an artwork for the exhibition and represent there style within the theme: Transmutation.

Wed 22 July

All Together Now at 6pm

As part of 6pm Your Local Time, All Together Now will host an evening of performances and art installations. 6pm Your Local Time is a distributed exhibition,taking place in many art institutions at the same time and documented under the same hashtag #6PMEU Come down to experience a networked event that is happening simultaneously all over europe and documented online at

Fri 17 July

Meet the Makers!

Specially for the HEADLINERS and to celebrate summer, KOP comes to Rotterdam! We’re invited by Studio Mals to take a look into their studio and hear all about their work and way of work. They’re also organising a lovely bbq for us. And you can join us!

Sun 12 July

November Complex @ Hofpoort -  ‘Super in Position’

November Complex is an exhibition that will be viewed from the 18th floor of the Hofpoort Building in Rotterdam. The building was originally built by Royal Dutch Shell, the oil and gas company, as their central headquarters in 1976. It is now mostly empty, with only 4 of its 24 floors occupied.

Wed 08 July

drink&draw session 8

You are invited to session 8 of drink&draw hosted by the Schieblock Dakcafé on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. This a figure drawing event open to everyone, not just artists. So come by with some paper and pens and let’s get drawing!

Fri 10 July

Opening Challenge Accepted!

MAMA proudly presents Challenge Accepted!, a project presentation by the Animated Youngsters. The Animated Youngsters are a Rookies Junior collective that originated from the talent development program of the same name. Led by MAMA, Challenge Accepted! is the result of a process in which this group of young people quickly developed into the new generation of gaming connoisseurs.

Sun 26 July

Exhibition Margriet Smulders: One Day We Went Out Fishing

ZERP Gallery presents Margriet Smulders’ solo exhibition “One Day We Went Out Fishing”. 

Thu 02 July

Kunstfenster #06: Fortsetzung folgt…

For the past three months the German architect Inge Paeßens has been discovering Rotterdam, meeting many interesting people, going through funny situations and getting to know the city in its entirety. On this occasion we cordially invite you to celebrate the opening of Kunstfenster #06 with us at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam where she will present the preliminary results of her residency.