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Thu 05 May

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night. The talkshow about arts, culture and politics in Rotterdam, hosted by writer Ernest van der Kwast. This month’s special guest is ‘Batterijen Paultje’, who can be found on the Rotterdam market for decades.

Mon 02 May

drink&draw: session 14

drink&draw is a figure-drawing session that allows one to express artistic urges (ie drawing), meet cool people, listen to good music, and drink!

Thu 09 June

Thursday Night: Professor William (Bill) Gaver on Cultural Probes

With his trailblazing book Design: Cultural Probes (1999) Professor Bill Gaver introduced a new research method aimed at stimulating dialogue between designers and the people for whom their designs are ultimately intended. Seventeen years later, Gaver looks back on some of his projects conducted according to this and other related methods, and talks about the current interaction between designers and their public.

Thu 30 June

Thursday Night: Designing for Diversity

Fashion is a means of expressing our identity. It has a strong tradition of male and female stereotypes and is often heavily loaded with social and cultural signifiers. In this talk show Sylvana Simons will chat with fashion designers about designing for a gender-fluid and culturally diverse reality.

Tue 26 April

IABR—2016: NEXT STEPS #3 /w Dirk Sijmons

THE ENERGY TRANSITION A CALL FOR NEW DESIGN PRACTICES The transition towards an energy-neutral society is one of the major challenges of the coming decades. And a goal that the international community has committed itself to after signing the Climate Change Agreement in Paris. The transition towards renewable energy will have an enormous spatial impact. How do we develop shared perspectives on the desired outcomes? What is the role of national governments and cities? And can designers take the lead in researching, testing and imagining the paths to possible solutions?

Fri 06 May

InterNations Rotterdam Welcome Spring

Are you as ready for the spring to finaly really start as we are? Then please join us at the terrace of BistroBar Binnenrotte for a fun evening with your fellow expats and globally minded people! As a bonus you`ll be able to enjoy the amazing view of our lovely Rotterdam.

Sun 15 May

Alfabet Soep #3 at ROOM!

We are offering a stage for the talented and creative spoken word artists. While you enjoy a delicious home made soup, you will hear the most tasteful words and sounds. After a successful first edition, we’d like to present you the second edition of the Alfabet Soep!

Tue 10 May

IABR—2016: NEXT STEPS #2 /w Joachim Declerck

On six Tuesday evenings, RUIMTEVOLK and the IABR will highlight the issues raised by the quest for the Next Economy. On Tuesday, 10 May Joachim Declerck and others will elaborate on the topic ‘The city as a workshop.’

Tue 26 April

IABR—2016: NEXT STEPS #1 /w Henk Ovink

On six Tuesday evenings, RUIMTEVOLK and the IABR will highlight the issues raised by the quest for the Next Economy. On Tuesday, 26 April Henk Ovink and others will elaborate on the topic ‘Next Economy! Next Plan?’

Sun 22 May

IABR—2016: NEXT SALON 2 Refugees in the City

Discussions in a relaxed Sunday afternoon setting. From Refugee Crisis to Refugee Economies: a talk on social-economic perspective for refugees. Guests: Floris Alkemade & Merve Bedir.

Fri 27 May


Provocative Friday afternoon lectures by famous thinkers. Friday, 27 May: Anab Jain on ‘The Smart City Imagined.’ or ‘how smart technologies (and the companies that produce them) are shaping our built environment.’

Fri 13 May


Provocative Friday afternoon lectures by famous thinkers. Friday, 13 May: Francine Houben on ‘Learning Environments’ and her views on education, the city and the Next Economy.

Fri 29 April


Provocative Friday afternoon lectures by famous thinkers. Friday, 29 April: Mark Swilling on ‘Planetary Urbanism’ or the ‘proliferation of urban experiments and their impact on the present and future.’

Wed 20 April

De Hybride Stad

Every week we present to you yet another intriguing lecture about the life and times in the modern city. This Wednesday we’ll discuss social innovation and social entrepreneurship: Dealing with wicked problems in the hybrid city. Dr. Philip Karré is our guest speaker and the drinks are as always served cold.

Fri 20 May

Squatting and migration into Europe

Regardless of whether or not attempts to manage migration will effective, there are migrants or refugees around who need some form of housing or shelter now. This involves informal solutions that directly or indirectly tie into the decades-old European tradition of urban squatting.

Tue 12 April

Workshop Cosmetics form the Kitchen Cupboard

A lot of beauty products are very easily made at home, using ingredients that probably already line the shelves of your kitchen cupboards. Kitchen Cupboard Cosmetics!
In this workshop Cuisine Vagabonde Healthy, affordable, comfortable to use and a lot of fun to make!
Sign up for the workshop by sending an email to

Tue 12 April

Rotterdam Hardcore (gabber), XTC and DJ Elstak in Studio Erasmus

Erasmus University montly talkshow dedicated to Rotterdam Hardcore music (gabber). Celebrating Rotterdam viert de Stad. Academics, entrepreneurs, and DJ Elstak, ‘founder’ of Gabber, will tell their stories about the rise, fall and influence of Gabber in Rotterdam and world wide. With a selection of the best gabber music.

Free entrance | Program in Dutch


Routes To Employment (R2E)

Are you a creative entrepreneur or want to get started as an entrepreneur? Would you like to learn more about the business and artistic side of the creative profession? And you want to follow an entrepreneurial training that connects directly to your daily practice ? Then Routes To Employment ( R2E ) is perfect for you!

Fri 08 April

International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam 2016

Networked Ecology: learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Internet of Things. Enjoy a full-on event with lectures, workshops and a hackathon on Friday, 8 and Saturday, 9 April.

Sat 02 April


Explore Rotterdam from the water and join the CityCruise. Step aboard an autentic Tender and fern along the most impressive architectural projects, such as the Rotterdam, the Maas Tower and the Erasmus Bridge. The latest developments of the city can also be seen from the water. Like the skeleton of the Fenixloods, which is now being prepared for the construction of 212 loft apartments, and the pits on the Southbank, where two residential towers arise. Passing container ships entering the port and water taxis complete this great Rotterdam experience.