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Sat 14 May

‘15 -photo exhibition

The director of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Mr. Ruud Visschedijk, will open the photography exhibition ’15 by photographer George Nieberidze on Saturday, 14 May. The expo showcases the Berlin party kids with trash being the aesthetical choice; trash as the chosen lifestyle.

Sun 08 May

BETWEEN BLACK & RED - opening exhibition

Indulge in live painting and illustrations opening expo by Italian architect and freelance illustrator Viola Gesmundo on Sunday, 8 May in Stroop.

Sat 14 May

Doorvertellen no. 10: Turkije

Through the stories of Nasrettin Hoca and Turkish sit-coms, Turkish migrant hold on to their land of origin. But Turkey, and the migration to the Netherlands, knows many stories which exists next to each other, but also oppose each other. We will dive into this mozaique of stories by listening to and looking at short lectures, personal memories, poetry, images and music. And of course there will also be great food.

Sat 07 May

Roodkapje presents: Reality✓Check at V2

Roodkapje presents: Reality✓Check Lecturama: AUTARC by Nikki Ootjers & Hinde Chaâtouf Performance: INTERVENING SPACE: My Self, the fetus by Lisette Ros

Thu 19 May

Launch ‘Machines Will Make Better Choices Than Humans’

V2_ celebrates the official launch of a new collection of essays by Douglas Coupland that reflect on some of the topics addressed in V2_’s recent exhibition Data in the 21st Century, named ‘Machines Will Make Better Choices Than Humans’. The printed version of the book will be for sale during the event.

Thu 19 May

Looking back at D21C & H.I.T. by Max Dovey and Manetta Bern’s

V2_’s recent manifestation Data in the 21st Century explored the friction between the unpredictable reality that we live in and the desire to capture it in data. During this event we will briefly look back on the manifestation and will show one of its results: a performance titled H.I.T. by Max Dovey and Manetta Berends.

Sun 17 April

The Brim Lair - Keetje Mans

Keetje Mans is a young artist, born in Amsterdam. Nowadays she lives and works in Maastricht. Her paintings and drawings have symbolic overtones. She plays with a distinctive mix of folk art and exoticism. 17|04 - 21|05

Wed 27 April

The Performance Bar

This transformable stage/bar blurs the boundaries between café and theatre, bar and stage, artist and audience. The Performance Bar presents all kinds of acts that span across the categories of art and entertainment. A seemingly normal evening out suddenly becomes an adventure when performers jump on the bar and present everything from the low-brow to the profound, never taking longer than it takes you to drink your pint of beer.

Sat 30 April

Gerwin Luijendijk - Cedar Lewisohn

JOEY RAMONE is proud to present “View of Restoration”, the 2nd solo exhibition in the gallery by Dutch artist Gerwin Luijendijk (Zaandam 1980) and “Cannibal Manifesto”, the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery by British artist Cedar Lewisohn (London 1977).

Both exhibitions open on Saturday 30 April at 5 - 8pm and run till Saturday 4 June 2016.

Although their approaches differ in material and scope, both artists share similar concerns of authenticity, authorship, history and time. By employing image appropriation they inquire into the implementations of giving images a new context.

Sat 07 May

Artist Talk: Die Stadt von außen betrachtet

Wild sides and ghosts, polka dots, an alternative map of the city, a cow and many more things: the German architects and artists that were doing a residency at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam got to know the city in many different ways and are celebrating this diversity with their installations and video works.

Fri 06 May

Die Stadt von außen betrachtet

Five years of residency programs at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, five artistic visions of the city: Come celebrate with us!

Tue 12 July

Proef#18: ROOK

The 5th (and last!) Proef# of the year goes up in SMOKE. A multifuncional cooking method that kills, maims, discolours and tastes o-so-good. What is it that makes us want to eat solid bits of carbon? Guest curators of this evening are Sasker Scheerder from Manenwolf’s Rokerij & Foodlab, a smoke-addicted food experimentalist. We might have an extra special guest and go for a different location to do some edible smoke, liquid smoke and smoking smokey smoke experiments.

Tue 14 June

Proef#17: BROOD

The 4th Proef# of the year goes deep into BREAD. If there is anything more basic than milk in the history of cultured food, than it for sure is bread. No culture goes without bread. Recent years have seen a rise in high quality bread and the communities that support them. On the other hand we have an abundance of cheap bread that is not eaten after one day and gets thrown on the streets, causing heaps of problems.

Tue 10 May

Proef#16: ZOET

This Proef#16 will be ZOET. This teeth-rotting-candied-cherry-on-top-of-hyperactive children is only for adults when it is investigated by our guest curators Asnate Bočkis, a Latvian food-artist and designer, and Anastasia de Ruyter, graphics desginer and pastry mistress at Lof der Zoetheid.

Thu 28 April

In4Art Features See Things Different (talkshow)

This talk show is based on the current exhibition in the Kunsthal: The Museum of Everything. We will take you on a journey; opening unprecedented stories from unconventional creators. What happens when artists start to ‘think outside the box’? What are ‘outsider’ artists and when can art be considered art?


The Museum of Analogue Reality

The Museum of Analogue Reality is a sci-fi theater experience in WORM / Ubik. Visitors enter the year 2095, in a vision of the future that is probably very different than they imagined. When you buy a ticket, you are free to roam the museum. Come early, leave for dinner and come back. Or stay the full four hours if you want. The Museum is never the same and especially lovely near closing time. Don’t let the future catch up with you, visit MOAR!

Fri 22 April

The Museum of Analogue Reality: Opening Weekend

The Museum of Analogue Reality is a science fiction theatre experience. Visitors enter the year 2095, in a vision of the future that is likely very different than their expectations. When you buy a ticket, you are free to roam the museum any way you like. The museum is never the same. It’s especially lovely near closing time. Come early, leave for dinner, come back, everything is possible. The Museum of Analogue Reality is a free place! Or is it?

Sat 23 April

Animalis Passage

David Paans, Emma Hazenak & Michael van Kekem present a selection of works created for the exhibition ‘Animalis Passage’. The exhibition will show animals captured in citylife versus mankind’s perception of the animals within the city.

Works on show are a mixture of screenprints, paper-collages, and drawings with texts.

Fri 22 April

The Power of Architecture

Kees Kaan (KAAN Architecten) and Bjarne Hammer (Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects) present in a double lecture two new projects of high court buildings just completed in The Hague. The lectures will be followed by a public debate moderated by Salomon Frausto.

Sun 22 May

Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces

The event will feature a book talk and discussion on the book Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces with Alan Smart of Other Forms.