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Sun 20 April

Studiopresentations Giulio D’Anna | Ingrid Berger Myhre & Andreea David

On April 18, 19 and 20 choreographer Giulio D’Anna presents the result of a three week study in the framework of his new project R-ESISTERE next to the presentation of the work-in-progress STAFF by Ingrid Berger Myhre and Andreea David. After the studiopresentations you are more than welcome to share thoughts with the makers.

Wed 23 April

Movement Class - Ingrid Berger Myhre & Andreea David

On Wednesday the 23rd of April you can follow the Movement Class with makers Ingrid Berger Myhre and Andreea David.

Sat 12 April

The pussy alignment @ Roodkapje

“Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.” Helene Cixous (1976) - Women Only!

Fri 11 April

ULTRA Dinner Party @ Roodkapje

This evening we will gather at our ULTRA Dinner Table to watch VOW Media’s own footage, have an affordable dinner and join the discussion afterwards: your voice will be heard as well!

Thu 03 April


This Thursday we’ll open our feminist month at Roodkapje with an ultra tea party. Join our tea party with discussions and performances!

Sat 10 May

Roller Derby open training

Looking for a new exciting way to work out? Making new friends? Get though? Try out Roller Derby! This is a full contact sport on roller skates. Fun? YES!

Sun 30 March


‘Thee Salon’ is a series of interactive Sunday afternoons. In other words how to enjoy a cup of soup on a Sunday afternoon with interesting people. A philosophical talk about nothing and everything, chaos and order over a warm cup of soup.

Wed 09 April

Hackday - Data of the Crowds

Enrich the experience of the city in an application for a personal wearable device that contributes to and interacts with (Rotterdam) Open Data.

Wearable + Open Data = Personal API.

Hogeschool Rotterdam /Creating010 and are organising Hackathon at Internationale IoT Day Rotterdam: Hackday - Data of the Crowds, in Gouvernestraat Rotterdam. Experiment with open data and wearables (Glass, Fitbit, Fuel,…). Prizes to win. Who’s on?

Thu 27 March


Eurofuturism will be the leading vision in our programming the coming year.

This evening we will present our findings. With futuristic music and future-orientated talks.

Wed 19 March

Movement Class - Mor Shani

Every Wednesday evening Dansateliers organizes a Movement Class. The Movement Classes are for everyone interested in movement, physical awareness and dance, both professional and amateur. The lessons are taught by one of the makers that are working in Dansateliers studio.

Sat 29 March

Roffab Day

ROFFAB invites you to participate on the big opening event. On this event young children and their parents will get a first insight in 3D-Printing, Robotics and many other modern techniques.

Tue 18 March

Interview with Judith Schalansky

Just after the Bookweek, but entirely appropriate within the theme, we’ll welcome Judith Schalansky. Many enjoyed the interview with Adriaan van Dis in DWDD last year. So we really look forward to this visit and interview, this time about her “Atlas of Remote Islands”.

Fri 14 March

On the road with Bob den Uyl

Rotterdam’s pride and king of the relativistic dark humor Bob den Uyl said: “Traveling requires strong nerves”. He was a star in being annoyed by his fellow travelers and had a profound aversion against touristic sites. Ivar Schutte and Mark van Leeuwen will tell about the person Bob den Uyl, his travels and his work. Every year they publish “Bobschrift”, a tribute to the writer of Rotterdam, who “brought humor in literature and gave a generation the opportunity to at least have one nice book on the reading list Dutch literature”. They will surely treat us with some Uylian quotes. You’re welcome!

Sun 09 March

Wine and book tasting

Sunday 9th of March we’ll be tasting wines and listening to book tips. Within the Bookweek theme “traveling” we’ll organize a wine and book tasting, traveling through different countries. At least Argentina, Austria and New Zealand will be visited. Of course “The trip to Echo Spring - Why writers drink” by Olivia Laing won’t be forgotten. We’ll talk about the books and Odile Hemmen will serve the appropriate wine for each title.

Entrance: 10.- (please make a reservation

Wed 19 March



Wed 05 March

Finale Fundraiser Lobi Da Basi

Finale fundraiser for Lobi Da Basi a documentary about talented writer and performing artist Typhoon. During this evening Typhoon will tell all about the documentary and perform.

Thu 06 March

Rotterdam Late Night #12

Architect Winy Maas will take a seat at Rotterdam Late Night, on Thursday February 6. He will talk about the most discussed tender of the past year: the Collection Building of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Why did they choose for the design of MVRDV? What is the value of a public building instead of a closed depot? Also, Ernest van der Kwast will look ahead to the local elections on March 19 with a number of guests, soul singer Nishe will perform, there is a mini-lecture by Kees Moeliker and Ernest van der Kwast will bring an ode to Freek Schell, the most famous butcher of Rotterdam.

Wed 26 February

Movement Class - Katerina Dietzová

On Wednesday February 26th and March 5th dance-maker Katerina Dietzová teaches the Movement Class. In the movement class Katerina tells you about the research and the making-off “Analog”. And, on the basis of a couple of physical exercises, let’s you engage in the creationproces yourself.

Thu 20 February

Theme Night: Evil is Not so Bad

Theme night about the ‘good’ evil. Surrounding the theme month ‘Evil is Not so Bad’. Artist Joep van Lieshout reads from D.A.F. de Sade, the undisputed philosopher of evil. De Nieuwetijdskinderen will perform a diabolical dance. The merits of evil will be discussed by Peppie Zaliger.

Mon 10 February

Pecha Kucha: De-activism!

A Pecha Kucha night surrounding the Deactivistic Manifest! Influential people from the areas of arts, culture, politics and science will share with you their stories of - being forced - to take a step back.