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Sat 28 May


This Vrooom will showcase the diverse talents of Alan Licht, Tetuzi Akiyama, Seamus Cater, and Kostis Kilimys. Seamus’ reductionist folklore (using a 1940s duet concertina) will be a nice contrast to the more abstract string jams of Licht, Akiyama, and Kilymis’ electroacoustic live set. Nuno Homem (Sidewalk bookings) will be our ‘in between’ sound plasterer.

Fri 27 May

Psyché & Electra

AKOM Ensemble presents Psyché & Electra, the journey of four talented composers and four young choreographers into the realms of the human psyche.

Fri 20 May

Café De Ouwehoer presents: DEAD ELVIS & HIS ONE MAN GRAVE + DJ’s

Café De Ouwehoer’s entertainment during the Ronde van Katendrecht, on the evenings of 20th + 21st of May. Every day from 21:30.

Fri 27 May

Bruno Xavier’s weekend at Kopi Soesoe

Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva is an astonishing bass guitar player with a brilliantly developed senses of hearing and visualizing which he integrates in his music. In his shows the audience plays an upmost role, so are you ready?

Wed 27 July

The Slackers

The Slackers will play at Rotown on 27 July! A must-see if you love bands like: The Specials, The Rolling Stones and The Skatalites.

Tue 12 July

Tortoise + Go March

Tortoise is easily one of the most influential bands of the past 25 years. The Chicago-based collective is widely regarded as one of the inciters of the post-rock genre.

Tue 14 June

Shearwater + Cross Record

Meiburg’s monumental voice has a way of levitating any dainty pop song to the upper scales. Shearwater is the only one in its kind, so whenever the band happens to play in the vicinity, it’s something to wholeheartedly cherish and behold.

Sun 20 November

Maceo Parker in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Saxophonist Maceo Parker has shared his infectious funk with the world since the seventies, helping to shape the sounds of legends such as James Brown, Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. And we haven’t even mentioned his years of collaborating with Prince!

Sat 25 June

Shayna Steele in BIRD

Shayna Steele is one of those artists you may not know but whose voice you definitely have heard. She sang in Broadway musicals, did backing vocals for Moby, John Legend, Queen Latifah and Rihanna and she was featured on the soundtracks of various movies and TV shows such as Sex and the City 2 and The Sopranos. Besides her reputation as pop-and-R&B-backing-vocal-diva she also has some serious jazz cred.

Thu 07 July

Michelle David’s celebration of gospel in BIRD

After the success of The Gospel Sessions Volume 1, Michelle David, Paul Willemsen and Onno Smit hit up the studio once again. The Gospel Sessions Volume 2 has been out for a while now, resulting in a flow of positive reviews and sold out shows. On Thursday, 7 July, Michelle David and her authentic gospel will turn BIRD into a southern Baptist church.

Sat 28 May


| B O D Y L O T I ON | F I R S T . E D I T I O N || On 28th of may | Make sure you and your friends are here, to make this first edition one you wont’t forget. Behind the spinning wheels the most talented DJ’s, who will take you to another dimension with their Trapsoul and Hip-hop tunes. | FREE ENTRANCE| FREE SHOTS ALL NIGHT LONG…..

Tue 10 May


The perfect hangout for parents and their very young children.

Fri 10 June


The perfect hangout for parents and their very young children.

Thu 19 May

Thursday 19MAY Maurice van Hoek LIVE

Thursday night 19.5.16 Maurice van Hoek is playing in our house! A super cosy livingroom concert where you might even find yourself rubbing elbows with some backpackers.. So jump on our couch and enjoy the tunes of Maurice. Start 20:00 h.

Tue 17 May

Opera Dagen

The program consists of songs from Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695) and Benjamin Britten (1913-1976). It is about love. Many different kinds of it. It is about how love was seen 300 years ago, how love was experienced just a few decades ago or how it is experienced now.

Sun 03 July

Jazzy Summer Kick-off

The summer is finally here! Let`s celebrate that together with our international crowd, surrounded by jazzy vibes at hotel Ibis in Wijnhaven.

Sat 14 May

ART71 on the Move with Laraia & Migo

ART71 is pleased to introduce you the next - and first in its genre - event. On the Move with Laraia & Migo Live @ Hoboken Rotterdam

Fri 24 June

All Eyes On: Rich Medina

Rich Medina in BIRD Rotterdam

Thu 12 May

Bas van Holt LIVE at Hostel Ani&Haakien

Thursday night 12.5.16 Bas van Holt is playing in our house! A cosy livingroom concert where you might even find yourself rubbing elbows with some backpackers.. So jump on our couch and enjoy the tunes of Bas. Start at 20:00.

Hostel Ani&Haakien Coolsestraat 47 3014lc Rotterdam

Wed 25 May


Wednesdays at BIRD is the place to be to catch musicians outside of their comfort zones. Niek de Bruijn presents his favourite musicians at our BIRDsessions. Which ones? Glad you asked!