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Thu 23 June

Puntkomma Muziek: ‘t Rouwe Westen

The newest edition of Puntkomma Muziek dives into the cultural history of the Oude Westen neighbourhood. The night will reveal that this is a particularly notorious history. Through stories, images, movies, music, interviews, and dancing, we will take you on a journey you will remember for a long time.

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Sun 26 June

Hugues Vincent Kuni Iwase

Hugues Vincent Cello and Kuni Iwase Saxophone and Electronics will perform in City Art Rotterdam.

Fri 24 June

Goedlaak in City Art Rotterdam

Goedlaak presents PLAYGROUND. A musical adventure in the outrageous building of City Art Rotterdam.

Thu 30 June

10 years ROOM: Liberati Quartet

Celebrate our 10th birthday with us!

Sun 19 June

Under the Radar #11: Ripsaw Catfish & Hitz/Guilleray/Monk

For our 11th edition of Under the Radar we introduce and combine two improvising groups: a duo who have been playing and touring together extensively and a trio who will be playing together for the very first time.

Thu 30 June

A Tribute to Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is a prime example of how sometimes a member of a boy band is better off as a solo artist. His fans have seen him evolve from teen heartthrob to one of the biggest and most versatile artists of the 21st century. On Thursday, 30 June, Niek de Bruijn and his crew will pay hommage to this modern day pop icon, at A Tribute to Justin Timberlake in BIRD!

Thu 23 June

Koffie (Live) - North Sea Round Town

On Thursday, June 23rd North Sea Round Town drops by in the Biergarten, Annabel and BAR terreace. This year the exciting band Koffie! Like every year entrence is free!

Mon 20 June

WILLY TEA TAYLOR (us) - live!

Born and raised in Oakdale, California, singer/songwriter Willy Tea Taylor is hellraiser and poet in one. He is known as “Will “The Bull” Taylor” in the documentary “The Kingdom of Survival”. He just completed a whole series of successful live shows playing solo in bars and at events throughout the US. He’ll be making new fans at Café de Ouwehoer with an intense live set as a duo (guitar, mandolin, vocals)!

Sun 19 June

Sander Baan Quartet

Sander Baan Quartet in City Art Rotterdam

Sat 18 June

Fernanda Camas Group

Flamenco Brazilian Jazz. Swinging modern compositions played by young internatinal briljant musicians

Sun 10 July


Ex Spacemen 3: legends of 80s/90s British spacerock. Supported by hotly tipped (3voor12, etc) Frisian scallies, Yuko Yuko

Fri 24 June

AGAINST ALL TIDES: An introduction about Music Curatorship

The past months we have been working quite secretly on a very special project called Against All Tides: An Introduction on music curatorship. A collaboration between GET ME and BIRD produced this short documentary called Against All Tides starring our own favourite promoter Guido van Dieren. To celebrate this we will organize an exclusive discussion forum about today’s changing music landscape and the role of music curatorship within this. Not only will we have the honour to welcome Guido van Dieren himself, but also we heard that he might even get special company of Rich Medina (USA) and Errol Anderson (Boilerroom London).

Sun 12 June

Flutes “n Sneaks

Mark Alban Lotz and Alan Purves will give a afternoon concert 16.00 at City Art Rotterdam

Fri 24 June

MiMa 51: Bird People [aut] / Pandelidino [arg] / Harry Hoogstraten [nl]

MiMa 51 at Koffie & Ambacht: Serving drone-based jams with strong Indian and Middle-Eastern flavours by Bird People and Pandelindio. Topped off with some poetic justice from Harry Hoogstraten.

Sat 18 June


Vrooom #39 welcomes back vocalist extraordinaire Audrey Chen who will be accompanied by electronica artist Doron Sajda. Gustavo Costa also returns, this time with fellow performers Henrique Fernandes, José Alberto Gomes and Ricardo Jacinto, to extract everything out of the venue’s space with the Phonopticon project.

Tue 07 June

Some nsj flavours in Studio de Bakkerij

The North Sea Jazz Festival is sold out!! No worries, you can come to North Sea Around Town in Studio de Bakkerij.

Sun 12 June


Coming edition of Noodlebar will take place on June 12th at Cretopia. On this very location Noodlebar will go back were it came from. No 4 on the floor techno, but surely not only bleeps either. This Sunday afternoon will definitely gonna surprise you and will educate you on what a modular synthesizer has to offer.

Fri 17 June

Mn’JAM experiment live @ CityArtRotterdam

Mn’JAM experiment is charged with audio-visual interactivity and a blend of electronic/acoustic sounds in jazz with an urban feel be it through street art inspired projections, live looping, turntables or acoustic drum n’ bass rhythms. JAM uses the turntables in an interactive way so that even audio-visual solos are possible thus resulting in no two shows being alike by maintaining the spirit of jazz in an unconventional format with this extra visual layer.

Thu 16 June

Locked In Presents: ARKVS & Parallels

Returning to TOFFLER, Locked In proudly present their biggest headliners to date.

Sun 05 June

Roodkapje presents MiMa #50

Roodkapje presents the 50th edition of MiMa with Guttersnipe (UK), JSCA (NL), Self Indulgent Asshole (NL) and DJ Lijkvocht.