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Sat 13 September

Sensatie wit

WORM will host the (un)offical official Afterblockparty from Festival ‘De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier’. Upstairs you can grab your lightsaber and dance the night away on the best Italo, House & Techno with The Dagobah Sound System. Downstairs in the foyer BoomBox and Heavy Load will spin the decks with the coolest HipHop, Reggae, Bass and more!

Fri 29 August


Friday the 29th of August, Blender will be the host of the official VKV City Racing Pre Party 2014.

Fri 05 September

Hybrid: Gore.Illa, Ruwedata, Jahua, Raptor, Marshall

Hybrid - Dubstep/Grime/Bassmusic

Sat 13 September

Absalom 13:09 ‘14 “Roop’s Love Makin’ Chapter”

In this new year we’re gonna do something else, something for you.

Sat 30 August

In Living Color

In Living Color brings a soulful mix of music and video. From Motown to Stax through Uptown to Def Jam: Let DJ Rob Manga, VJ Supreme Cuisine and MC GMB take you on this musical journey in sound and image.

Fri 29 August

Liberation ‘The Africa Experience’

On Friday, August 29th, Rotterdam’s most soulful house night is back! During Liberation: ‘The Africa Experience’ Bird will be visited by another great special guest.

Fri 29 August

Toffler presents Darko Esser | All Night Long

It’s been a while since Darko Esser showned his face in Rotterdam and in an intimate setting like TOFFLER. Friday the 29th of August he’s finally back for a 7 hour DJ-set during his ‘all nighter’!

Sat 06 September

Yardbird w/ dj Full Crate

YardBIRD is mixin’ music, people and drinks. Playing the most beautiful music from the biggest cities around the world in an intimate club setting that is truly unique for Rotterdam. Bridging the gap between raw underground hiphop from New York & Los Angeles and the warm, soulful house sounds from Berlin & Detroit. An evening where the Mississippi and the Nile flow through the Maas.

Thu 28 August

Kermis BARslecht

Fair BARslecht is open!

Thrillseekers and cotton candy lovers unite, and prepare for a night full of rollercoasters and fairwheels! At exactly 23:00 sharp this rollercoaster starts riding and we won’t wait for no one!

Sat 30 August

Parelmoeder || Attend for free Glittercocktail ||

My goodness, PARELMOEDER the coziest party of Club NYX is coming to BAR for a cup of tea!

Fri 22 August

Planet-X w/ Aroy Dee, De Dupe, Renkas

Ongoing adventures on the lighter side of Planet-X. We travel on sounds of house, italian disco and wave. The pilots are:
Aroy Dee (MOS Recordings)
De Dupe (Bordello A Parigi)
Renkas (NON Records)

Fri 15 August

BIRD Soundsystem

During BIRD Soundsystem diverse residents will show their skills behind the decks. This edition we are visited by two familiar faces from the BIRD family: organiser, DJ and programmer Guido van Dieren aka dj Thelonious and walking music encyclopedia Adrian Estrada. Expect an eclectic mix of the best house, disco, boogie, funk and afro.

  • Due to the summer holidays we begin this Friday already at 20:00 and closes at 01:00

Entrance: Free

Sat 16 August

Block Party

DJs Ray Escobar, Th’Acquisition, Roop and Salesman have over the years provided Rotterdam of the best parties. During Block Party they join forces for a dose of feelgood dancefloor energy.

Sat 20 September

Trax Appeal w/ Marquis Hawkes (DE)

We’re back for another night of unadulterated club music. First up is Marquis Hawkes. This mysterious DJ from Berlin is clear about the music he’s bringing. A bit ghetto, a bit jackin, all raw and brusque house music. His releases on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Clone are testament to that. Our second guest is Marsman. The Pinkman label boss is a staple in the Rotterdam scene and always knows how to bring the party.

Sun 24 August

Diep - Opening Luchtsingel Urban Picnic Edition

Diep is proud to celebrate the opening of the Luchtsingel as one of the prime locations of the Urban Picnic.

Fri 12 September

Discoflamingo “Everybody Summertime Love” w/ The Magician

Discoflamingo is back on Friday the 12th of September with a very special guest from Belgium, The Magician. Offering a tropical mix of disco, house and electro. Expect some good old dancing and flamingo icepops!

Thu 14 August

Bloody Mary Sunday Afternoon

Bloody Mary’s - Funky music by DJ Soulpat - Sunny Rooftop - Best burgers - Good Rotterdam crowd

Sun 10 August

Bloody Mary Sunday Afternoon

The best way to kill your hangover.

Bloody Mary’s - Funky music by DJ Soulpat - Sunny Rooftop - Best burgers - Good Rotterdam crowd

Sat 16 August


The warmest indoor Block Party is back!

Dj’s: Th’Acquisition, Raymond Acosta Escobar, ROOP DV, Salesman( Pandalife ) & Mc Alainde Lon

Sat 23 August

The Scenario

The MPC time machine travels on through the best Hip Hop & RnB of the past 25 years. On Saturday August 23rd you’ll find THE SCENARIO dropping in on you at BIRD Rotterdam for the seventh time.