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Sat 24 October

Play: Museumpark

Join the game and brainstorm about the Museumpark. What should a city park be or provide? Het Nieuwe Instituut wants to know what you think and invites you to participate in Play: Museumpark.

Wed 14 October

Rotterdamer Dialoge #03

“Rotterdamer Dialoge” is a project by the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, where figures from the Rotterdam cultural sector invite prominent German guests for a conversation. On the 14th of October for the third edition of “Rotterdamer Dialoge” the German architect Jürgen Mayer H. from Berlin will discuss his work with Guus Beumer, director of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Tue 13 October

This happened Rotterdam #7

This Happened Rotterdam is an evening about the creative process – the journey from idea to final result, with a focus on the adventures that took place in between. Four carefully selected makers of interactive projects (artists, designers, architects, hackers, developers or other creators) will tell their story and discus their process with you, the audience.

Thu 29 October

Thursday Night: Prints!

Prints and patterns come in all shapes and sizes and they are all the rage at the moment, especially in the fashion world. This evening will look beyond their decorative power to examine their possible meanings and alternative applications: from patterns with symbolic values to the technological breakthrough of interactive sunscreen prints on glazed building facades.

Thu 22 October

Thursday Night: The archives of MVRDV and Zaha Hadid Architects

Contributors include Jacob van Rijs, one of the founding directors of MVRDV and Manon Janssens, head of exhibitions and archives at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Thu 15 October

Thursday Night: Anneke Smelik on cyber-couture

Anneke Smelik, professor of Visual Culture, talks about the transformative power of cyber-couture. Whereas in previous decades fashion’s primary concern was brand identity, today the focus appears to have shifted to other values than luxury and consumption. New technologies have made possible personalised silhouettes and industrial production of single unique garments. What will these developments mean for the future of fashion?

Thu 08 October

Thursday Night: Guus Beumer reads Dutch fashion history

In an age in which the writing of fashion history has been relegated to the PR departments of fashion houses, Het Nieuwe Instituut attempts to construct an open canon of Dutch fashion. In an interplay between fact and fiction, this open history – with multiple and occasionally contradictory narratives – places the accent on the user/consumer as emblematic of the innovative force of Dutch fashion. Guus Beumer, artistic director of the Temporary Fashion Museum, takes the Reading Room public on a journey through Dutch fashion history.

Thu 01 October

Thursday Night: Fashion as Image

Fashion is more than just clothing. It is, above all, an endless universe of seductive images. In this kaleidoscopic evening we look at the construction of fashion imagery from a variety of perspectives with contributions from Joke Robaard, artist and researcher, Olu Michael Odukoya, editor-in-chief of Kilimanjaro and Modern Matter, and fashion photographers Meinke Klein.

Sun 27 September

Tweedride Rotterdam

An urban bicycle ride in style

Thu 17 September

Richard Vijgen on data visualisation

How do you tell stories with data? In times of abundant flows of Open and Big Data, processing, interpreting and visualising it has become hip and happening. Richard Vijgen researches new strategies to find ‘big stories in big data’. He discusses his practice of data design and his goals.

Sun 18 October

DIY Textile Printing Workshop at LileSadi

Join us for a fun evening and learn how to make your own stamps and stencils with different materials and tools. Make your own hand printed cushion cover, tote bag or tea towel and take it home.

Tue 08 September

Public Talk: The Informal City

Tuesday September 8th De Dépendance, platform for city culture, kicks off the new season with a lecture on the informal city by Alfredo Brillembourg (Urban-Think Tank), attached to ETH Zurich and winner of a Golden Lion (Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012).

Thu 10 September

Thursday Night: It’s New!

Het Nieuwe Instituut celebrates the opening of the new cultural season with a sparkling evening devoted to the newest of the new. Special guests from various design disciplines share their latest news with us. With fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen, journalist and artist Ine Poppe, designer and art director Woes van haaften and interior designer Daniela Schelle.

Wed 09 September

70 years since the end of WWII: A European Culture of Remembrance?

The bombing raids during the Second World War destroyed many European cities. In many of the affected places this memory still lives on – Rotterdam, Coventry and Dresden are among the most known ones, but surely not the only ones.

Wed 09 September

Music Talks #1 + Hiphop Ladies Night

Artistic symposium about gender inequality in (pop)music, including a performance, talkshow and hiphop ladies night

Wed 02 September


Young spoken word artists, poets and survivors jointly create a presentation called ” Spiegels” (ENG: Mirrors). They will take you in their own stories and return to face with himself.

Thu 20 August

Boardgames @ STROOP

Boardgames at Stroop Rotterdam, come join us for some serious, strategic, challenging but most of all fun games. We have a nice cup of coffee or tea at the ready for you, these go particularly well with a Dutch delicacy, the Stroopwafel.

Thu 27 August

Janno Lanjouw on the best of 5 years Food Filmfestival

The first Lecture Night of the new cultural season is entirely devoted to food. Janno Lanjouw, programme director of the Food Filmfestival, will serve up the tastiest, scariest and funniest fragments from the past five years in an interactive presentation.

Lanjouw sketches a comprehensive picture of the many aspects of food: pleasure, hunger, modern agriculture with all its virtues and vices, the effect of food hypes on the environment, what happens to the human brain when we eat, and the world of haute cuisine. Food producers from Rotterdam garnish the evening’s proceedings with plenty of flavour.

Arrive in plenty of time, because at 6:30 pm you can enjoy a Thursday Night Dinner specially composed for the evening by Gilbert Kolff. Reservations are taken by Eventbrite

Fri 31 July

Florian trips

Hello! It´s time to go and explore Rotterdam with the Florian Trips. With our nice van, we´ll drive you around and show you what Rotterdam has to offer.

Sat 18 July

Rotterdam underground guided bike tour with The Student Hotel

Summer is in full swing and so is the Tour de France! As part of Koers Kafe hosted in the restaurant bar of The Student Hotel, we organize two guided bike tours on 18th & 19th of July! A very nice way to discover or re-discover the city of Rotterdam stopping by beer-gardens and other hidden hotspots…