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Sun 14 December

Christmas Sale Tea Pot

It is time for the Christmas edition of the Tea Pot Sale and Swap market dressed with tea, food and nice music!

On Sunday 14th December from 14.00 - 20.00 hrs. you can join the Christmas Sale Tea Pot at Post—Office. You’ll find clothes, accessories, books and much more on sale and ready to be swapped.

Fri 28 November

RAAF Comedy Night

Every other month our comedy hostess Debby Lost invites a group of comedians on stage at RAAF. For some it’s the very first time they perform, for others an oppurtunity to try some new jokes on a live crowd.

Sun 14 December

One Night’s Dance

On December 5-7 and 12-14 Dansateliers presents One Night’s Dance. One Night’s Dance is Dansateliers’ annual start-up project for beginning dancemakers.

Fri 05 December

One Night’s Dance

On December 5-7 and 12-14 Dansateliers presents One Night’s Dance. One Night’s Dance is Dansateliers’ annual start-up project for beginning dancemakers.

Sun 23 November

Parfum de BoemBoem loves De Hef

De Hef is one of Rotterdam’s most famous bridges. Do you love it as much as the guides of Parfum de BoemBoem do? Let them take you on a four hour bycycle tour this sunday, when the ‘val’ is going to be removed and transported over the river Maas. Parfum de BoemBoem will take you on a tour full of nice views, acts and encounters.

Thu 11 December

Design for Manufacturing Summit #8

Connecting industrial designers, makers, developers, engineers and manufacturers for a more decentralized, leaner manufacturing ecosystem.

Wed 12 November

Movement Class Body Language

During the Movement Class you meet the dancemakers of today and engage in a moving conversation! On Wednesday November 12th, choreographer Edan Gorlicki is teaching a Movement Class.

Mon 24 November

Denkcafé: Robots are coming

Without knowing everyone is reading news stories written by journabots, a program that writes texts itself. New robots are advancing and will take over many higher skilled jobs, especially ‘brainwork’. According to experts half of all jobs will disappear, and not enough new jobs will come in return. Which jobs will disappear first?

Sat 22 November

Erwin Olaf book signing

World famous photographer Erwin Olaf will visit Van Gennep to sign his latest book “Erwin Olaf: Volume II”. He only signs at three locations in the Netherlands: Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We are proud to welcome him for all of Rotterdam’s photo enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome to this unique event!

Thu 06 November

Rotterdam Late Night #18

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night. Host of the show is Ernest van der Kwast. Guests of this edition are: Hopper’s Karel Rietveld, the Wereldmuseum’s director Stanley Bremer, the makers of food blog De Buik van Rotterdam, the Garage Blues band Coma Beach and biologist Kees Moeliker.

Sat 01 November

Experiment B+

Moving Futures Festival, the Rotterdam edition presents: Experiment B+ a an unique collaborative project between dance platform Random Collision and a multidisciplinary research team from the University of Groningen.

Fri 07 November

Book launch FRAME ‘Masterclass: Interior Design’

There are many things to consider when choosing a graduate school and this event aims to make this process easier. The focus of a master’s degree course can differ greatly from school to school, as can the expectations of the different institutions and the lifestyles that can be enjoyed in the various cities. FRAME’s latest book [Masterclass: Interior Design] ( explores what future students can expect from 30 leading graduate schools across the globe and discover what opportunities await them.

Wed 23 April

The Rotterdam vintage- & retro bike fair

Bikefair and market for classic steel race bikes. Expect to see some vintage Colnago, Koga Miyata, Gazelle, Bianchi, Pinarello, Rih, Van Herwerden, Manus Brinkman & Visser Vanqueur, Wout Verhoeven etc, etc. At the market bikes and parts will be sold: Campagnolo, Shimano, Simplex, Suntour, Mavic, Sachs, Brooks, Chinelli, Zeus, Stronglite and more. There will be sellers of few & old parts.

Thu 05 November

Museumpark: Petra Blaisse

Het Nieuwe Instituut, in collaboration with AIR, invites Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside) to talk about the Museumpark, it’s original design, ambitions and new ideas about the park.

Wed 05 November

Debate + Music: Elvis has finally left the building?

Tabanka: A Rotterdam based group that plays Cape Verdean funaná style music and will make you dance like nobody’s watching.
Plus: Debate On Race/Ethnicity In Pop Music.



ExitGame is a so called escape room. Get locked up in a room with friends, family or colleagues, solve all puzzles and escape in 60 nerve-wracking minutes!

Sat 18 October

Releaseparty “Vliegangst” van Sandra de Haan

The illustrator and cartoonist Sandra de Haan is drawing for years the amazing adventures of Brom & Vlieg with their contemplations of live on a dogspot in the South of Rotterdam. This release party has music support from DJ Fons Moers and a short live performance of sing and songwriter Niek Hilkmann (a.k.a. Yoshimi).

Thu 09 October

De Player presents: BRAUBLFF 2

Second installment in the BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) series exploring the relations between language, matter and music. BRAUBLFF is a series of live events in collaboration with KRAAK and KASK Ghent.

Mon 27 October

Checkpoint: The battle between 010 and 020

When did the battle between Rotterdam and Amsterdam started? Have Feyenoord and Ajax always been sworn enemies, or was it different once? And what is true about the story that the North Sea Canal was built to prevent Rotterdam of growing into the largest city of the Netherlands. This Checkpoint is all about the ongoing battle between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Rotterdam Routes

Did you know that the popular anthem ‘Oh Amsterdam’ was actually written in Rotterdam? Or that Rotterdam is home to the world’s largest artwork? The free Rotterdam Routes app gives visitors a fresh, fun way to explore the city. Even locals who think they know Rotterdam’s ins and outs will be stunned to discover some of the city’s best-kept secrets. From 20th of Septembe, the free Rotterdam Routes app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The routes are in Dutch and English and the app also comes with a wealth of images, past and present.