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Wed 05 November

Debate + Music: Elvis has finally left the building?

A Rotterdam based group that play Cape Verdean funaná style music and will make you dance like nobody’s watching. Plus: Debate On Race/Ethnicity In Pop Music.



ExitGame is a so called escape room. Get locked up in a room with friends, family or colleagues, solve all puzzles and escape in 60 nerve-wracking minutes!

Sat 18 October

Releaseparty “Vliegangst” van Sandra de Haan

The illustrator and cartoonist Sandra de Haan is drawing for years the amazing adventures of Brom & Vlieg with their contemplations of live on a dogspot in the South of Rotterdam. This release party has music support from DJ Fons Moers and a short live performance of sing and songwriter Niek Hilkmann (a.k.a. Yoshimi).

Thu 09 October

De Player presents: BRAUBLFF 2

Second installment in the BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) series exploring the relations between language, matter and music. BRAUBLFF is a series of live events in collaboration with KRAAK and KASK Ghent.

Mon 27 October

Checkpoint: The battle between 010 and 020

When did the battle between Rotterdam and Amsterdam started? Have Feyenoord and Ajax always been sworn enemies, or was it different once? And what is true about the story that the North Sea Canal was built to prevent Rotterdam of growing into the largest city of the Netherlands. This Checkpoint is all about the ongoing battle between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Rotterdam Routes

Did you know that the popular anthem ‘Oh Amsterdam’ was actually written in Rotterdam? Or that Rotterdam is home to the world’s largest artwork? The free Rotterdam Routes app gives visitors a fresh, fun way to explore the city. Even locals who think they know Rotterdam’s ins and outs will be stunned to discover some of the city’s best-kept secrets. From 20th of Septembe, the free Rotterdam Routes app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The routes are in Dutch and English and the app also comes with a wealth of images, past and present.

Fri 31 October

Rotte(rdam) Zombiewalk

On Friday October 31 (the one and only proper date to celebrate Halloween) Club Vibes, Rotown, WORM and Vessel 11 join hands and usher the zombie apocalypse.

Thu 02 October

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month it’s time for Rotterdam Late Night. A talk show in Worm where art, politics and dreams of the real Rotterdammer will be the topic. On October the 2nd our host Ernest van der Kwast invites the mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb and many other guest to sit down at his table.

Sat 27 September

Rotterdam Killer Bees versus Suck City Rock ‘n Roller Dolls

On 27 September the Rotterdam Killer Bees will be playing their first bout! Ever since their first public scrimmage against Suck City Rock ‘n Roller Dolls they have been plotting their revenge…

Thu 16 October

Feels Blind

This event will examine Bjarne Mastenbroek’s New Pavilion as, anmong other things, an expression of rage. The Pavilion will host live music, and novelist and critic Matthew Stadler will present his three-month consideration of the Pavilion’s residency on the side-lawn of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Sat 04 October

Gluren bij de Buren (Peeking at the neighbours)

Gluren bij de Buren is a great event to discover the most stunning houses and hotspots in Rotterdam. Guides will lead you through Rotterdam by bike and show you the most inspiring houses and areas in town. From skycraperpenthouse to self built houses, great cappuccino bars and veggie gardens. Look around and get inspired. This is how we live in Rotterdam!

Sat 27 September

Maya Talent School - Open House

Open House in Rotterdams newest school! A program filled with theatre, music, language, games and art. Cultural activities, but most of all: joy and involvement.
The school offers language- and music education for children and adults.

Fri 26 September

Swan Walk 2014: enjoy 3 days of food, fashion, design, lifestyle & interior

Do the Swan Walk on september 26, 27 and 28 from 12.00 - 17.00h in Zwaanshals area, Oude Noorden.

Fri 03 October

Superglue Launch Event: Reshaping the Web

The past few months we worked on an awesome tool - that’s why it’s called Superglue! - A tool that makes it possible to build your own website from your own house. You don’t even need the knowledge for all those difficult codes and you will stay the owner of your own data - not Mark Suckerberg.

Sat 27 September

Workshop ‘Get a Moustache!’ by Louis(e) de Ville!

This workshop will challenge you to discover your inner drag king by making a mustache!

For more information and tickets, go to the website.

Sat 27 September

Workshop ‘Get a Moustache!’ door Louis(e) de Ville!

Discover your inner drag king and make a moustache!

Sat 13 September

Alerta Pop-Up: Restyle Yourself

Don’t change, just restyle! Start your cultural new season by restyling yourself. Alerta Pop-Up invites you to recycle and restyle your old clothes. An early evening event to start the new cultural season in a new style. Restyle yourself with music, drinks, drawings and swop till you drop!

Wed 10 September

Movement Class with Roser López Espinosa

Join us for a Movement Class with choreographer Roser López Espinosa. Roser is currently working with two of the tallented dancers of Conny Janssen Danst for a new piece she will be presenting during DANSLOKAAL 2.

Mon 29 September

Tweedride Rotterdam

Again, the 28th of september the Tweedride Rotterdam.A bicycle event (not a race) in style. Dapper Chaps and brave lasses dressed in their best Tweed outfits cycle across Rotterdam. With some refreshing and entertaining stops.

Thu 04 September

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night Show. Your host, Ernest van der Kwast invites all types of ‘Rotterdammerts’ who will tell their story.