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Fri 19 February

EXPO: La piel de la ciudad

The 19th of February we will open the exhibition “La Piel de la Ciudad” of Mexican photographer Alejandro Echeverría (Oaxaca, 1958) - In this exhibition, the photographer manages to convey images of a mutated metropolis through its buildings and facades. Deserted cities, full of graffiti, censored, repainted and re-plastered..

Fri 26 February

“Seit wann kann man hier tanzen”

“Seit wann kann man hier tanzen” presents a series of drawings and short stories that reflect the surreal musings and quiet epiphanies Sabrina experienced while staying in Rotterdam, working at a Museum and on her own exhibitions in tandem.

Wed 24 February

Working with waste

It’s time to visit The Yellow Building; In co-makership with her tenants and entrepreneurs in ZOHO Rotterdam, The Yellow Building starts with a series of public Wednesday evenings 40,48. Wednesday evening at 8 pm 40,48% of the week is done. Time to exchange some knowledge and ideas and have some drinks at ZOHO!

Fri 19 February

Nudity In Art & Photography

Gallery Art Attack Rotterdam and Julia Filament will organise an open discussion about “Nudity in Art & Photography”. The event will feature a discussion about the role of nudity in art and photography. Professional photographers (Keith Brighouse and Look J. Boden) and Yuddith, a model who loves to work on inspiring and out-of-the-box shoots, will give a lecture about this subject and join this discussion.

Wed 10 February


From 10 to 14 February the NO WALLS Expo is part of the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair. The expo will feature striking, big, sculptures presented by artists like Mark Swysen, Kevin Bauer, Robin Kolleman and Mathias Grothus. The expo can be visited without admission for all visitors.

Wed 10 February

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

From 10 to 14 February the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair will take place with 65 galleries presenting their best artworks. Part of the fair is an extensive side program, featuring video art, the NO WALLS Expo, photography, performances and music by Spinvis, Ntjam Rosie, Bluntspeakers, Job Smit & Marc Nolte.

Thu 04 February

Art & TEchnology: Recreating Nature

Enter Spaceship Earth and discover how from the world of design new horizons are explored. This session is part of a series, which will show the relation between art/design and technology/ start-ups, based on the current exhibition “Spaceship Earth” at the Design Column of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Let’s create our own Davos and join the conversation on Recreating Nature.

Sat 30 January

Opening: Shih shih wu ai

Artist duo Nicola Kirkaldy and Roosmarijn Mascini share a similar interest in the field of cultural and social structures. In their work they try to revise these, often established patterns and shapes into subjects that evolve instinctively, spontaneously and naturally during their working process.


Een vriendelijk gezicht, af en toe (A friendly face, now and then)

The title of an exhibition, but also a question by the artist and writer that died last year, Pam Emmerik. A question from her heart. VRIENDELIJKHEID (Friendliness)

Wed 10 February

Secret Art Cinema

Secret Art Cinema is a new, Rotterdam-based initiative that aims at bringing Video Art back into the spotlight. This initiative was set out in Bob Smit Gallery with a preview and now extends to become a side event of Rotterdam Contemporary that shows film and video works by Rotterdam-based video artists.

Mon 25 January

‘Growing Icon’ by Diet Wiegman

A new sculpture by shadow art pioneer Diet Wiegman at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Thu 04 February

Seeds #10: Poidespaces

The 10th edition of Seeds will deal with physical movement and sound movement connected to each other. The human body as the foundation of a performance by dancer Thomas Körtvelyessy and pianist Benjamin Strauch. Reacting on weight and creating it, either dancing or playing the piano. The lively show will be the outcome of a research. Come and enjoy!

Wed 10 February

Secret Art Cinema

Secret Art Cinema is a new, Rotterdam-based initiative that aims at bringing Video Art back into the spotlight. This initiative was set out in Bob Smit Gallery with a preview and now extends to become a side event of Rotterdam Contemporary that shows film and video works by Rotterdam-based video artists.

Sat 06 February

Witte de With presents: The Particiturbation Room at BAR

A conceptual nightclub at BAR
Prepare to leave your stable self and ways of creating meaning at the door in order to gain access to an exclusive lounge at BAR, where performers will force clubbers to contort their identities, behaviour, and use of language.

Thu 04 February

Film Night: Relational Stalinism and Q&A with artist Michael Portnoy

During International Film Festival Rotterdam, Witte de With organizes a night of short films followed by a Q&A with artist Michael Portnoy, to expand upon the conceptual approach of his new work, Relational Stalinism – The Musical. The films are selected by Portnoy to draw out the comedic, absurdist and lexically playful streak in artists’ moving image.

Thu 28 January

Opening: GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt by Charlemagne Palestine

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to present GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt, a solo exhibition with artist Charlemagne Palestine, who also spent several years living and working in Rotterdam.

Thu 28 January

Opening: Foreword by Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

In Foreword, Berlin-based duo Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff focus on shared fictions and the abstraction of community within entrepreneurial startups and models of creative labor. An excerpt from a novel-in-progress by New York-based writer Emily Segal (co-founder of the trend forecasting group and art collective K-HOLE and former creative director at Genius) will be released and installed in three parts over the course of the exhibition, framed by a configuration of colored benches and tables pulled from spaces run by Henkel and Pitegoff over the past five years in Berlin.

Thu 28 January

Michael Portnoy: Relational Stalinism – The Musical

Relational Stalinism – The Musical is the latest branch of Portnoy’s Improvement League, initiated in the Taipei Biennial 2010, which seeks to “improve” existing breeds of art-making by pruning, grafting and hybridizing certain lines of thought in a kind of conceptual horticulture.

Sat 05 March


Do you want to discover art and culture in Rotterdam in one night? During the Museunnight010 you! The event takes place on Saturday the 5th of March. More than 30 musea and cultural organisations will open their doors from 8 p.m. till 1 p.m. Ancient art till stories of tuff sailors….all in one night!

Do you want to join as a volunteer? You can! Just send a message to

Thu 11 February

Thursday Night: Theosophy and Modernism with Santiago Borja and Marco Pasi

Marco Pasi specialises in the history of hermetic philosophy and related currents. He will deliver a lecture on the connection between theosophy and modernism in relation to the intervention by Mexican architect and artist Santiago Borja in Sonneveld House. This will be followed by a talk by Borja about his work entitled Thought Forms – Blavatsky Observatory.