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Wed 09 September

Music Talks #1 + Hiphop Ladies Night

Artistic symposium about gender inequality in (pop)music, including a performance, talkshow and hiphop ladies night

Wed 02 September


Young spoken word artists, poets and survivors jointly create a presentation called ” Spiegels” (ENG: Mirrors). They will take you in their own stories and return to face with himself.

Thu 20 August

Boardgames @ STROOP

Boardgames at Stroop Rotterdam, come join us for some serious, strategic, challenging but most of all fun games. We have a nice cup of coffee or tea at the ready for you, these go particularly well with a Dutch delicacy, the Stroopwafel.

Thu 17 September

Richard Vijgen on data visualisation

How do you tell stories with data? In times of abundant flows of Open and Big Data, processing, interpreting and visualising it has become hip and happening. For designers and artists, data forms an interesting, dynamic material with which they can visualise social, cultural, political and economic patterns.

Thu 27 August

Janno Lanjouw on the best of 5 years Food Filmfestival

The first Lecture Night of the new cultural season is entirely devoted to food. Janno Lanjouw, programme director of the Food Filmfestival, will serve up the tastiest, scariest and funniest fragments from the past five years in an interactive presentation.

Lanjouw sketches a comprehensive picture of the many aspects of food: pleasure, hunger, modern agriculture with all its virtues and vices, the effect of food hypes on the environment, what happens to the human brain when we eat, and the world of haute cuisine. Food producers from Rotterdam garnish the evening’s proceedings with plenty of flavour.

Arrive in plenty of time, because at 6:30 pm you can enjoy a Thursday Night Dinner specially composed for the evening by Gilbert Kolff. Reservations are taken by Eventbrite

Fri 31 July

Florian trips

Hello! It´s time to go and explore Rotterdam with the Florian Trips. With our nice van, we´ll drive you around and show you what Rotterdam has to offer.

Sat 18 July

Rotterdam underground guided bike tour with The Student Hotel

Summer is in full swing and so is the Tour de France! As part of Koers Kafe hosted in the restaurant bar of The Student Hotel, we organize two guided bike tours on 18th & 19th of July! A very nice way to discover or re-discover the city of Rotterdam stopping by beer-gardens and other hidden hotspots…

Sat 18 July


Having organized Urban Challenges in several European cities before, Brompton is running its first Challenge in Rotterdam! Meet fellow Bromptoneers and discover all the highlights and icons of Rotterdam.

Thu 18 June

Exhibition: Otto Wichterle, The Story Of The Contact Lens

Czech Centre in Rotterdam is using presenting an exhibition to commemorate the extraordinary life of Professor Otto Wichterle, Czech scientist and inventor of the modern soft contact lens. Visit the exhibition at Westersingel 9 between June 18 and July 16.

Thu 02 July

Koers Kafé

The Student Hotel & Rotje Rond present Koers Kafé: A pop-up sports café to enjoy all stages of the Tour de France on a big screen, accompagnied by a cultural programme for all cycling enthusiasts.

Sun 21 June

Open Day Stichting ‘n Bries

Do you love nature and would you like to participate in an adventurous workshop? Summer starts and on the 21st of June Nature Project ‘n Bries organizes an Open Day for everyone.

Mon 22 June

Charity Event: Introduction Workshop to Mindfulness and Meditation

Do you want to learn about the concept of mindfulness and meditation? Do you want to help Nepalese earthquake victims at the same time?

Then you are welcome to join the RSM sponsored charity event “Introduction Workshop to Mindfulness and Meditation”.

Thu 18 June

Service Design in the Public Sector

At Engage Rotterdam we believe that design has the potential to shed new light on how to tackle government’s most urgent challenges. Opting for a people centred approach will enable governments to design services around citizens needs and expectations, by fostering a mindset of openness and experimentation.

Sat 20 June

Parfumde BoemBoem

Discover the past, presence and future of Rotterdam by bike during the guided tours of Parfum de BoemBoem on June 20th (national Day of the Architecture).

Fri 26 June

CreativeMornings Breakfast Lecture

CreativeMornings: A Breakfast Lecture Series for the Creative Community.

Sat 27 June

Tour d’auberge: Hostel ROOM

ROOM is located in a beautiful, monumental building. Have you always been a bit curious? Come to the Tour d’auberge and learn more about the history of Hostel ROOM.

Tue 16 June

This happened Rotterdam #6

This Happened Rotterdam is an evening about the creative process – the journey from idea to final result, with a focus on the adventures that took place in between. Four carefully selected makers of interactive projects (artists, designers, architects, hackers, developers or other creators) will tell their story and discus their process with you, the audience.

Wed 17 June

Dansateliers Movement Class

On Wednesday June 17th, choreographer Lana Čoporda teaches the Movement Class. The class is inpired by her research Hestia and Sheela na gig in which she approaches the representation that womanhood finds nowadays in the media, with her own body.

Wed 10 June

Dansateliers Movement Class

On June 10th choreographer Cristina Planas Leitao teaches the movement class. The class is inspired by her research FM - featuring mortuus and the residency in Dansateliers.

Wed 03 June

Dansateliers Movement Class

On June 3rd and 10th choreographer Cristina Planas Leitao teaches the movement class. The class is inspired by her research FM - featuring mortuus and the residency in Dansateliers.