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Thu 04 September


Do you like to share your experiences with other creative entrepreneurs? Are you looking for business tips? Follow the intervision course Boost!. During five meetings 6-8 people and a coach discuss work-related questions. Examples of themes are: selling your work, increase your income and copyright. Boost! helps the participants to find answers and best practices. Every meeting takes two hours. If you want to join send an email to

Mon 25 August

This Happened Rotterdam #4

After your wonderful holiday we invite you back to WORM for This happened Rotterdam #4. On Monday August the 25th we are proud to present you an evening of fascinating projects to enjoy and discuss.

Wed 17 September

YPR kickoff: commencement speech by Mayor Aboutaleb

“Rotterdam is a young, innovative city that thrives on the inspiration of young professionals. One thing is clear: to attract and retain their talent and creativity, networking is vital. YPR is a distinctive network where young Rotterdam professionals can meet and get inspired to work in this vibrant international city.” - Mr A. Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam

Fri 29 August

Oblique international meeting: Other forms of Exchange

Meeting with several speakers about ‘Other forms of exchange’. Do you always need money or are there others ways we can think off to make out lives work? Different speakers tell us about there projects with alternative ways to exchange.

Thu 10 July

PZI screening

The Fertile Nexus is a presentation of video works selected by Graham Kelly in dialogue with his installation in the exhibition Kairos Time at Tent, Rotterdam.

Sat 19 July

This is South/DITISZUID: Tours through the South of Rotterdam

RAAF is not only about art, good food and culture, we also take you exploring through the South part of our city.

Wed 04 June

My City, My Heart

More often Rotterdam appears in top 10 must-see cities of the world. Ofcourse we are very proud of that. But what determines our perception of the city and how can this be influenced? Creative Factory presents the 4th of June: My City, My Heart.

Thu 22 May

Thursday Special + Kitchentable Dinner

Are you searching your heart out for a suitable vacancy? Does every job interview end up in a disaster?

Sun 11 May

THEE SALON goes.. Greek!

In Greece long long looong time ago, Agora (market) was a gathering place where athletic, artistic, spiritual and political ideas could be freely expressed.

On the 11th of May we will freely talk and express our ideas with a tasty cup of soup or tea at Koffie5Euro.

Sat 03 May

Shut up & Write @ KingKong Hostel

It’s time to write! And you know that nothing gets you writing better than peer pressure and a complete hour of silence.

Sat 07 June

The portrait of a stranger #4

The portrait of a stranger is an photography workshop in which a meeting with a stranger is central.

Thu 05 June

Literaire zussen: Duo-debuteren met Eva en Renee Kelder

Bored to Death book club presents: Literary sisters Eva and Renee Kelder.

Thu 15 May


From April till August every third Thursday of the month RAAF hosts the Rotterdam Burners Café for all the people that are part (or are interested in being part) of the Burning Man Festival Community.

Sat 03 May

Dye workshop, local plants and waste

Join us for a nice dye workshop. We will introduce you to the world of natural dyes, local plants and waste. You will learn more about the background of dye plants, vegetable dyes, and how to make a lasting dye. You will make some nice samples in a diverse palette of shades. Instruction pdf and material included!

Thu 15 May

Workshop: painting with plant indigo

Always wanted to know about how to dye with Natural Indigo? This workshop provides an Introduction on Indigo Dye and indigo dye culture. You will learn how to make an organic indigo dye vat and we will make some nice dye samples in Shibori technique. Material and a instruction pdf included!

Mon 21 April

Fusion Belly Dance - Shimmy Shake Show

An exciting final with twelve fusion belly dance contestants and guest performances of well-known belly dance choreographers/dancers Nargis and Khalida and upcoming talent Vleer.

Tue 15 April

OPEN Rotterdam Live

The monthly show about life, living and working in Rotterdam. Want to know what’s happening in your town or tell people what they should not miss the coming period? Then you can’t miss this!

Sat 05 April

Shoe swap event at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

Every woman has a pair: beautiful heels, flats or boots, which you never wear. Almost vintage, but still brand new. Would you like to give these nice shoes a new life? Join the ‘Shoe wants a Wife’ swap event and swap your shoes for a nicer pair, which you like to wear.

Sun 30 March

Auction ‘Truien van Loes’ at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

The famous ‘Truien van Loes’ (Sweaters of Loes) are auctioned in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. For those who always wanted a real ‘Loes’, this is your chance.

Sat 05 April

Het portret van een vreemdeling #2 - The portrait of a stranger #2

The portrait of a stranger is an photography workshop in which a meeting with a stranger is central.