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Fri 18 July


Trippers is the new summer theatre performance by Firma MES. Location: the old white water course of the abandoned subtropical swimming paradise Tropicana! Date: 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26 July at 8pm and 10pm. Trippers is inspired by the movie Spring Breakers and written by Elfie Tromp. Expect bikini’s, guns and a lot of neon.

Fri 27 June


On the 27th of June it is time for the RAAF Comedy Night!

Sun 01 June


Rapper and writer Marco Martens presents his new play ‘HARM’. He is accompanied by multi-musicians Michiel van Iersel and Joris Sedee. Direction is handled by Jessica Borst. The mix of song, rap and spoken word will première at the Walhalla Theater in Rotterdam on Sunday the first of June. An additional variety show featuring song and poetry is played by Vrienden van Harm. Tickets cost 12,50 and are available at here

Thu 12 June

In Dialogue #2

In Dialogue is a new project of the Ro Theater, aiming to boost amateurs and professionals. It has challenged four Rotterdam amateur groups to create their own version of a famous Ro Theater-piece. On Thursday June 12th TheaterOVER will play OVERdata, inspired by the method of Marjolijn van Heemstra.

Wed 11 June

In Dialogue #1

In Dialogue is a new project of the Ro Theater, aiming to boost amateurs and professionals. It has challenged four Rotterdam amateur groups to create their own version of a famous Ro Theater-piece. On wednesday June 11th Wonderlandtheater will play ‘Vrijheid in een kopje’, inspired by ‘Kust’.

Fri 30 May

Schwalbe zoekt massa

‘Suddenly, people are everywhere, with more joining all the time, as if the streets only lead in one direction. Most don’t know what has happened, but they hurry anyway to the place where most of the others are.’ - from ‘Crowds and Power’ by Elias Canetti

Thu 08 May

Dances beneath the Oak

A choreographic project by Annika Pannitto with the music by Béla Bartók. Dances beneath the Oak is a series based upon several physical practices that evolve into choreographic works. Consequential movement is the second dance of the series.

Thu 15 May

Waan speelt Offer

A play influenced by culture, life and philosophy made by people who love theatre.

Thu 08 May

Medvedev & Arkady Kots

Russian activist will read poems and perform songs.

Thu 17 April

MS DOS / Prometheus geketend

MSDOS/Prometheus geketend represents part one of a binary fireball ‘de Internet Trilogie’ in which Urland uses its explosive and bizarre approach to find contrasts between and connections with the Prometheia of Aeschylus and the Internet. Each part of the trilogy will be given an obstruction. Physical, non-physical and political.

Wed 12 March

Vuile Was

Performance by Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt. Finalist of the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival. A hilarious and confronting performance of a lady of the lost generation.

Fri 28 March

Bahnhof Berlin Premiere Walhalla

Contemporary musical theatre with Lydia van Veen and Jordy Walker, starting with Berlin’s golden twenties and following forward its cultural footprint: from Brecht to Bowie.

Sun 09 March

TWEEDE VERDIEPING, theater in urban space


A theatre performance on location with live music and live drawn projections of Eva van Welzenis (st. LOE) and Willemijn Schellekens (

Fri 14 March

Dansateliers Studiopresentations: 3 solo’s

In the period April-March the three makers Katja Heitmann, Katerina Dietzová and Liat Waysbort, each work on a new researchproject in Dansateliers. On 14, 15 and 16th of March they present the outcomes of their research in the form of 3 solo’s.

Sat 15 February

Double bill: Boy oh Boy & Certain doubts

Friday February 14th and Saturday Feb 15th Dansateliers presents a double bill in de Krijn Boon Studio in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. The program consists of two new duets choreographers Connor Schumacher and Jessica van Rüsschen developed during Research and Development trajectory in Dansateliers.

Sun 23 February


crimmp_16 features four contributions

Fri 28 February


RAAF Caberet Cafe: an addition to the successful RAAF Comedy Nights! Just like during the stand-up evenings you can enjoy a drink or two and lots of laughter in a nice atmosphere.

Fri 21 February


crimmp_16 features four contributions, presentations by barbara witteveen, harriët van reek and geerten ten bosch, jozef van rossum / peter swanborn / anne vegter & jos van der meulen.

Thu 30 January

Follies Fille

Sometimes gargantuan, and sometimes more akin to a little girl, she draws great mansions and stuffs her audience into tiny boxes, or serves tea in cups of monstrous proportions. Hers is a world in which there is no talk of archetypal constructions or hierarchies of gender and rank, but in which one joins in the play: by means of video projections, live drawing, reconstructions of nature, and theatrical inventions. Boas blows objects and people out of proportion, only to reduce them to tiny specks the next moment using projection techniques. She plays with varying scales, turning the actors into extensions of her imagination. Her work is a blend of object theatre and French pop music.

Thu 23 January

Macabre Night #5 Blauw

The blue hour