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Sat 27 February

Como Agua Para Chocolate film+diner (by: Cinema Culinair)

What you see is what you eat… Enjoy a luxurious 5 course dinner while watching a great movie. Good film, good food, great timing. Perfect timing makes you enjoy the food and the film with an intensity you have never experienced before.

Sat 05 March

Happy Earth Kitchen POP UP: 100% RAW VEGAN 5-course dining

A 5-course gourmet dining experience designed to nourish your body on a cellular level with high quality, living foods.

Wed 27 January

Filmfestival week King Kong Hostel

IT’S FILMFESTIVAL WEEK AT KING KONG HOSTEL! We serve our special IFFR Breakfast and Lunch this week!!
And on top of it all, friday there is an IFFR party in our Lobby with our resident DJ crew Unknown Rotterdam.

Thu 01 January

Café de Ouwehoer presents NieuwejaarsBBB (Barbecue, Beer & Blues)

Café De Ouwehoer will kick off the new year with a true B-B-B: barbeque, combined with the right dosage of booze and blues.

Sat 16 January

The Night of the Neapolitan Pizza

After a successful first edition, BIRD is bringing back The Night of the Neapolitan Pizza. Emerge yourself in Italian culture and cuisine with music, antipasti and pizza on Saturday, 16 January.

Sun 24 January

Julie & Julia film+diner (by: Cinema Culinair)

Enjoying a great dinner while watching an art house film: eating exactly the same dishes as in the film, perfectly timed for an ultimate food & film experience. That is Cinema Culinair. On Saturday 23 Januari and Sunday 24 Januari you can experience “Julie & Julia” as a ‘film+dinner’ event at Zaal Staal.

Fri 18 December

The Living Room - Jingle Bowls Edition

Come and take a breather before Christmas during a relaxing and nourishing event on Friday, 18 December. Experience the harmonious power of singing bowls and tap into the peaceful calmness of the winter months. Key words: light, sound, taste and community.

Sat 28 November

All Day Brunch Weekender

You don’t want to miss this special edition of All Day Brunch Weekender on the lovely rooftop of the Schieblok! Delicious fresh made food and chill music to top the atmosphere.

No pin, only cash!
Reservations can be made at

Thu 19 November

Fenix Food Market

On the 19th of november at 19:19 the pop up shop ‘Fenix Food Market’ will open it’s doors.

Sun 13 December

Opening of new terrace by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam at Wunderbar, Witte de Withstraat

Wunderbar opens a new terrace designed by Arno Coenen en Iris Roskam, with exclusive new beer, and a warm winter welcome

Thu 12 November

Persian noodle soup

Aperitif + Persian movie + Persian noodle soup by Pop up Persia & Highstreet Hotdogs.

Thu 19 November

Roti Workshop

Do you want to learn to make the perfect roti? Come and join our roti workshop.

Sat 31 October


We go totally loco on your taste buds mano!
Especially for Dia de los Muertos: All Mex Tex specials €5.- only! Next to that, there’s of course the usual Streetfood goodness!

Wed 04 November


Whoever thinks ‘beauty & brains’ do not go together, has not yet had the pleasure of meeting Chicks With Wine. Two pretty ladies with serious knowhow about wines on a mission to bring sexy back in the world of wine tastings. Wine bar l’Ouest can identify with this bold approach and gladly offers Chicks With Wine a platform for a series of provoking wine tastings.

Mon 05 October

Amazing Food Tasting + website launch

What About Leo is proud to connect with the foodies community in Rotterdam and launch our new website! We are a group of food lovers who decided to transform our passion for great products into a business. We connect small food producers all around Europe with groups of consumers all around Europe. Producers ship delicacies, food, wine, cheese, hams to the groups of consumers and they share the shipping cost. Simple, uh?

Wed 02 September

Kısır and Ayran

At our last Special Wednesday we are going to make Kısır for you.

Sat 03 October


To the delight of foodies everywhere: the third edition of culinary festival Rauwkost will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October in the Groothandelsgebouw.

Sat 10 October

The Meal of Ignorance // Eat This Roadtrip!

How can we ensure to feed the world healthily? Come to our experimental dinner where you will learn about hunger, obesity and inequality. What can we do together to make a difference?

Sat 12 September

De Nacht van de Napolitaanse Pizza

Pizza, pizza and only pizza. But we’re talking about the Neapolitan kind! The harbor city of Naples has a pretty good reputation when its comes to this Italian tradition. A tradition that BIRD extensively will celebrate during ‘De nacht van de Napolitaanse pizza’.

Fri 21 August

Kanen bij de Hofbogen

After a short break ‘Kanen Bij’ returns in BIRD’s backyard. Just as before food trucks​ are parked, ready to serve every Friday on the Raampoort terrace. Join and enjoy the skyline, the weather (fingers crossed…), a good conversation, each other and especially the good food!