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Thu 17 March

Thursday Night: Invisible Design with Lucas Verweij

Design is the darling of the creative industries. Everyone loves it and has high expectations of it. However, the enormous broadening of the term design is hampering an articulated discourse. Is design problem solving, applied innovation or a creative process?

Tue 16 February

Make your own furniture at Buurman

Do you want to make your own table, closet, chair or cupboard? Subscribe now for four evenings of DIY at Buurman and work on your own project under supervision of a carpenter!

Wed 17 February

Relational Pathways in Urban Planning

It’s time to visit The Yellow Building; In co-makership with her tenants and entrepreneurs in ZOHO Rotterdam, The Yellow Building starts with a series of public Wednesday evenings 40,48. Wednesday evening at 8 pm 40,48% of the week is done. Time to exchange some knowledge and ideas and have some drinks at ZOHO!

Wed 10 February

Life on the stoop

It’s time to visit The Yellow Building. In co-makership with her tenants and entrepreneurs in ZOHO Rotterdam, The Yellow Building starts with a series of public Wednesday evenings 40,48. Wednesday evening at 8 pm 40,48% of the week is done. Time to exchange some knowledge and ideas and have some drinks at ZOHO!

Sun 14 February

Alfabet Soep 2

We are offering a stage for the talented and creative spoken word artists. While you enjoy a delicious home made soup, you will hear the most tasteful words and sounds.

Sun 31 January

DIY Textile Printing Workshop

Join us for a fun afternoon learning about printing, and creating your own stamps and stencils to experiment with patterns and shapes on textiles.

All materials included. Go home with your own hand printed cushion, tea towel or tote bag.

Price: 45,-

Tue 26 January

The Maker Movement

On 26 January we will dive into the possibilities of the maker movement. Inspiring speakers line-up, Build-A-Smart-Thing-Yourself session, and more, calls up for an evening not to be missed!


Design your own fashion, sewing and pattern making course

Modelessen is a sewing course wich main purpose is to teach a combination of sewing techniques and pattern making. Creating your own designs is a very important aspect of the class.

Thu 04 February

Thursday Night: The Remarkable Economics of the Liquidity Trap with Bas Jacobs

The aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008 can still be felt in the Netherlands. The architecture and the construction industries have still not fully recovered from the crisis. Economist Bas Jacobs will talk about the roots of this extraordinary state of affairs: like most Western economies, the Dutch economy has been caught in a liquidity trap for some years.

Thu 21 January

Thursday Night: BNO IMG LAB Repeat

This won’t be just one thing after another on an endless loop. We will dive into the wonderful world of endless patterns and explore the hypnotic, addictive effects and beauty of fractals, patterns, formulas and algorithms. Say that again!

Thu 04 February

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night. The talkshow about arts, culture and politics in Rotterdam, hosted by writer Ernest van der Kwast.

Sun 10 January

Opening New Tango&Danceplace Cuartito Azul

Sunday January 10 the well known Argentinian tango school Cuartito Azul will open the doors of their brand new tangospot in the ZoHo district near the old traintrack Hofbogen. With a free tango class, workshop, dance, live music and more.

Sat 09 January

Workshop sewing bags

Workshop: make your own unique bag

Develop your fashion talent in this little workshop. Make a clutch, totenbag or even an envelope-bag. In just half a day you will learn how to sew one of these nice ‘leather’ bags.

Sat 16 January

‘Covers, Hardcovers and Hidden Pockets’ workshop

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to a collection of artists’ books and materials and will learn how to make a hardcover, amongst other. It will be possible to experiment with different types of covers, using either the more classical bookbinding linens or other materials.

Sun 10 January

New Year Pole Jam & Workshops

Happy 2016!!! Ready to embrace the new you? Let’s have some fun, work out together and start the wonderful pole life style! Come to the New Year Pole Jam and/or workshops from Pole Inspiration Dance Studio, the most modern and professional pole studio in Rotterdam! We offer various workshops including Spinning Pole, Pole Choreography, Pole Beginner and Sexy Pole.

Sat 26 December

Delirious Rotterdam - OMA Mythical City Walk

Discover OMA’s (un)finished Rotterdam and The Hague together with a guide. This is not just a tour but a voyage of discovery through the work of OMA in Rotterdam and The Hague.


Ableton live 9 Workshop

Do you want to learn how to produce tracks with Ableton Live? Or do you already know how but you want to get more advanced with it? Then the Triphouse Rotterdam Academy is something for you!

Tue 12 January

Living Together - workshop

In this workshop the various ‘wishes’ you have for living are identified. We bring together people from different phases of life that wish to live collectively without losing their private space.

Sat 19 December


Cozy record fair! Hello vinyl freaks! This day a free record fair. Sell your records and/or come to buy cool music. Free!

Saturday 19 December 2015 / 10:00 - 20:00

Thu 17 December

Made a Difference in 2015

6 presentations, 6 minutes, 6 stories of a service design project that made a difference for someone in 2015.