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Mon 18 May


‘How does the city see its future and what would that future be?’ On Monday 18 May 2015, Rotterdam will host the second international Urban Transformation Conference (UTC 2015), its central theme ‘The Next Economy / The Next City’. It is not the goal of the conference to come up with ready-made solutions that may prove outdated tomorrow or perhaps next year, but rather to discuss the process of urban transformation, the ongoing design, development and governance of cities that are to be resilient and agile, no matter what happens. But how do we reach that goal and what challenges do we have to be prepared to face?

Thu 26 March

DIY Textile Printing Workshop at LileSADi

JOIN US FOR A FUN EVENING learning about printing, and creating your own stamps and stencils to experiment with patterns and shapes on textiles.

Sun 08 February

Het Tussenuur ft. Stadsgeheimen presents: ‘In Rotterdam spreken we Rotterdams’

What is this thing about language in Rotterdam? Why is it typical? These are the questions Dutch writer Sanneke van Hassel tried to tackle in Stadsgeheimen #2 ‘Duizend Tongen’. Together with photographer Carel van Hees she tried to map this phenomenon, gathering words and images from five citizens with different backgrounds, from Iran to Suriname, Turkey and England.

Fri 06 February

YA book club #5 The Miseducation of Cameron Post

And our fifth book clus also has a really long title! In Februari we’ll read The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth.

Wed 11 February

Bored to Death book club meeting #16 10:04 by Ben Lerner

Our second book in the new year will be 10:04 by Ben Lerner.

Mon 12 January

This Happened Rotterdam #5

Let’s kick off the new year together with This happened Rotterdam #5 at WORM! On Monday January 12th 2015 we are proud to present you an evening of fascinating projects to enjoy and discuss.

Thu 27 November

Denken over links: Gentrification

The city of Rotterdam tries to attract the middle class. What are the consequences for the city and the current inhabitants? This seems to make the city more resilient, but at the same time this can lead to displacement. Bart van Bouchaute, Joke van der Zwaard and Reinout Kleinhans will give their opinion and kick off the debate.

Mon 01 December

World Aids Day in Rotterdam

Every year World AIDS Day events take place across the world to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV.

Wed 12 November

Bored to Death book club meeting #13

Come and join us for a fun night of book conversation. You can order the book through our website and we hope to see all of you there!

Sat 22 November

City Singles, We Mix You Mingle

Single? But due to your job, social life and hectic city life too little time to meet other singles? Do not worry ! During City Singles you might meeting up other singles while enjoying the best musical performances and maybe you’ll find your ideal dream match !

Sun 02 November

Love-ism | Mechanisms of Intimacy

In the framework of Moving Futures Festival, on Sunday November 2nd Mor Shani, Paul Sixta and Bram Vreeswijk present the special program Love-ism | Mechanisms of Intimacy. Love-ism | Mechanisms of Intimacy is an extension of the Love-ism project in which choreographer Mor Shani and video-artist Paul Sixta researched the human experience of intimacy. The program exists of a workshop followed by a lecture/performance.

Wed 12 November

VONK evening 12 November: A Pocket Full of Mindfulness.

On the 12th of November the second VONK session will be held at the Schouwburg Rotterdam. The theme of the evening is new combinations of technology and mindfulness and the upcoming life-hacking trend. Entrepreneur Marieke Post from Mojo Creations will kick-off the brainstorm session. The evening is inspired by ‘Another Great Year for Fishing’, a theatre piece by Tom Struyf. This show will premiere on the 6th of November in the Schouwburg.

Fri 31 October

NerdNight: Exceptional stories of everyday heroes

NerdNight is for everyone, that is interested in everything.

While having a slice of pizza and a few beers, you can listen to amazing stories from people with real passions. These passions go from having an insanely big model train collection, to following NASA’s Curiosity for 10 hours a day and everything in between.

Thu 23 October


On 9th of October RAAF hosts the Rotterdam Burners Café (Burners Café) for all the people that are interested in being part of the Burning Man Festival Community.

Tue 23 September

Eurosport: Fit for just 1 euro!

Every week artist Jeroen Kuster presents a bootcamp and workouts in and around Worm. Squats, push-ups, burpees and legrolls: after this workout you will feel fit and all just for 1 euro! Every Tuesday at WORM.

See you there.

Thu 25 September

Nazomeravond at Urbannerdam

Creating new opportunities for do it yourself dwellings in Rotterdam

Tue 16 September

The 7 Weeks, walk 3

Do Something Refreshing for 7 weeks (1-2hrs a week) in a row Join once, or sometimes or EVERY TIME!

Fri 12 September

V. Vale - RE/Search Publications

“I look at books not as books, but as conversations.”

Editor, interviewer-writer, graphic designer, historian, photographer and pianist V. Vale (US) will treat us to an evening of stories and converstions on his pubishing activities since 1977.

Fri 03 October

YA book club #1 The Bunker Diary

We look forward to discussing the book with all the YA lovers showing up. We’ll start at 19:00 in Donner (Coolsingel 119) and the night will have to end when the store closes at 21:00. Joining the book club is completely free and everyone is welcome.

Wed 10 September

The 7 Weeks

7 weeks (1-2 hrs a week) in a row. Join once, or sometimes or EVERY TIME!