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Mon 21 April

Fusion Belly Dance - Shimmy Shake Show

An exciting final with twelve fusion belly dance contestants and guest performances of well-known belly dance choreographers/dancers Nargis and Khalida and upcoming talent Vleer.

Tue 15 April

OPEN Rotterdam Live

The monthly show about life, living and working in Rotterdam. Want to know what’s happening in your town or tell people what they should not miss the coming period? Then you can’t miss this!

Sat 05 April

Shoe swap event at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

Every woman has a pair: beautiful heels, flats or boots, which you never wear. Almost vintage, but still brand new. Would you like to give these nice shoes a new life? Join the ‘Shoe wants a Wife’ swap event and swap your shoes for a nicer pair, which you like to wear.

Sun 30 March

Auction ‘Truien van Loes’ at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

The famous ‘Truien van Loes’ (Sweaters of Loes) are auctioned in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. For those who always wanted a real ‘Loes’, this is your chance.

Sat 05 April

Het portret van een vreemdeling #2 - The portrait of a stranger #2

The portrait of a stranger is an photography workshop in which a meeting with a stranger is central.

Wed 26 March

Rotterdam, I Love You - March 2014 Borrel

Yes! Yes! It has come around again! The monthly Rotterdam, I Love You borrel. This month the borrel is going to be at Le Vagabond, a legendary bar in Rotterdam.
So come by, have a drink, talk to the “Rotterdam, I Love You” crew, meet the creatives of Rotterdam and last but not least, enjoy yourself!

Sat 19 April

ThisIsSouth: Afrikaanderwijk

RAAF is not only about art, good food and culture, we also take you exploring through the South part of our city! Starting in April every third Saturday of the month the information center of RAAF (called ‘ThisIsSouth’ ) organizes a tour. On the 19th of April the first tour starts!

Fri 21 March

Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write is a writing session and is powered by Bored to Death book club.

Mon 10 March

This Happened Rotterdam #3

After a special This happened IXD edition it’s back to WORM for the This happened Rotterdam #3. On Monday March the 10th we are proud to present the following killer projects for you to enjoy and discuss:

Wed 05 March

Tosti Treffer @ Tonys Garage Sale

It’s tosti time!

We bring the basics you bring the extra ingredients! Sharing is caring!

Our host this time is Tonys Garage Sale, vintage pop-up shop and art gallery.

Enjoy your tosti with a beer, dj’s, art, handmades, clothing and vintage furniture. We have a 20% discount!

Wed 26 February

International Karaoke

Bar International Presents: International Karaoke!

Wed 05 March

Tosti Treffer @ Tonys Garage Sale

We’re back with New Meat and even more tes-tosti-ron!

On March 5th we’ll be at Tonys Garage Sale: vintage pop-up shop & exhibition space. Join us for Awesome Antiques and Tasty Tosti’s!

Wed 09 April

King of the Beat Battle

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Wed 12 March



Sat 15 February

Rainbow City: Open-minded debate & drinks

We invite you to join the debate about diversity organized by the boys and girls of the open-minded organization Rainbow City.

Sat 22 February

Roller Derby open training!

Looking for a new exciting way to work out? Making new friends? Get though? Try out Roller Derby! This is an all-female full contact sport on roller skates. Fun? YES! February 22nd is our try-out day!

Wed 05 February

Coolhaveneilend Open Day!

Are you looking for a temporary space for work, exhibitions, performance, retail? A new pop-up idea you’d like to try? Possibilities are endless on Coolhaveneiland. Come check out 15 locations, a tour of De Machinist, and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs. See you there!

Fri 17 January

MAGNETRONBAR Friday afternoon drink: Friday Freedom!

Every third Friday of the month, bar-restaurant De Magnetronbar will host a Friday afternoon drink. After a busy working week you can start your weekend enjoying a bite and drink while you relieve your stress in a creative atmosphere.

Thu 02 January

Rotterdam Late Night New Year Show

Writer Ernest van der Kwast marks the new year with an extra festive edition of Rotterdam Late Night. With the champagne on the table, he takes a look into 2014 with promising guests out of the political and cultural field, like Melle Smets and Joost Eerdmans. There is live music and a mini lecture. After the show there are ‘oliebollen’ for everyone, together we raise a glass on 2014.

Fri 20 December

Magnetronbar Friday afternoon drink