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Sun 27 April

‘El Santo’, Community Feature Film - Public Presentation

You are very welcome to join us for the public presentation of our ongoing feature film project – ‘El Santo’(working title).

A collaborative film-project that combines the work of four different filmmakers using black & white 16mm film, set to explore Rotterdam’s community and landscape in search for figures and traces of heroic spirits. An electronic musician, a horse that solves math problems, a former football player, along with a spectrum of immigrant life experiences, will be some of the images emerging on the screen.

Thu 08 May

Love-ism | Things That Matter (free screening)

During the Dansweek in de Rotterdamse Schouwburg you are invited for the special filmscreening of Love-ism | Things That Matter by choreographer Mor Shani and video-artist Paul Sixta.

Wed 09 April

KinoKino • RADIO ON • Chris Petit • UK 1979, 104 min

Tune in this Wednesday to the gauzone melody of Chris Petit’s remarkable 1979 debut film ‘Radio On’. Mythic landscapes and a stalled, broken down UK rendered starkly and beautifully unlovely in an existential road movie that was said at the time to be a film without a (national) cinema to belong to.

Tue 08 April

Rotterdams Open Doek

The 8th of April, the thirteenth edition of Rotterdams Open Doek takes place in LantarenVenster. A platform where film makers and film lovers can meet, where new films can be shared with the audience and a lesson can be learned from an expert, the ultimate place for talent development. The special guest for this edition will be pronounced later.

Wed 16 April

Grand Lo-Fi + From the heart of Odessa

Musical film double bill!

Sun 13 April

CinemAsia Rotterdam

CinemAsia is the gateway to Asian cinema in The Netherlands with films from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and more.

Tue 01 April

Kino Klub Goethe - Effi Briest

The new adaptation of Theodor Fontane’s novel surprises by giving the story an alternative end.

Wed 30 April

Filmzeit presents: Graphic Sexual Horror

This night’s theme is all about bondage. Bondage is the practice of tying people up for pleasure. It can be done for fun, sexual pleasure or even as an artform. We can all agree how important it is to always keep it fun, and never cross boundaries of the people involved. But what happens when greed takes over and suddenly it is not so safe anymore?

Wed 07 May

Habermann - In war, innocence dies first

Based on true story the film shows a specific period during World War II, known due to the excessive expulsion of Sudeten Germans in the border between Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Wed 19 March

The Man with a Movie Camera

The Man with a Movie Camera is an experimental 1929 silent documentary film, with no story and no actors, by Russian director Dziga Vertov, edited by his wife Elizaveta Svilova.

Wed 19 March

The Secret World of Arrietty @ CineNoord

Japanese anime from Studio Ghibli (2010)

The Clock family are four-inch-tall people who live anonymously in another family’s residence, borrowing simple items to make their home. Life changes for the Clocks when their daughter, Arrietty, is discovered.

Tue 25 March

Exclusive screening: Puppet Master

Special screening of Charles Band’s 80’s Horror classic ‘Puppet Master’. + the presentation of Mike Redman’s ‘Full Moon Deformed’ project.

Sat 19 April

Cinema Culinair: Lost in Translation film + drinks

Watch the award winning movie Lost in Translation and taste the same drinks as the main characters in the film. With four drinks, from a whisky and a sake to … (surprise). And a snack. Perfectly timed, so you taste what you see.

Wed 12 March

KinoKino • The Arbor • Clio Barnard • UK 2010, 92 min • HD

With Clio Barnard’s critically lauded Selfish Giant currently on general release, we revisit her remarkable border-blurring docu-drama debut, The Arbor which in the Netherlands at least has (almost criminally!) not seen a screen since its premiere at IDFA in 2010.

Check the trailer…

Thu 13 March

Off Screen #2

Screening program with films by and interviews with Rotterdam based filmmakers.

Tue 15 April

Film club: Hledá se prezident (President Wanted)

The Czech Centre in Rotterdam invites you to the screening of the documentary movie ‘Hledá se prezident’ filmed by czech director Tomáš Kudrna in 2013.

Wed 12 March

Film club: Postřižiny (Cutting it short)

The Czech Centre in Rotterdam invites you to the screening of the movie ‘Postřižiny’ filmed by a director Jiří Menzel from 1981.

Thu 06 March

Cineville and Jameson preview of The Grand Budapest Hotel

This Thursday 6 March there is a preview of the latest Wes Anderson movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Specially for this occasion Cinerama is for one night turned into the obscure Republic Zubrowka, the decor of this movie. You can be Tilda Swinton or Owen Wilson for one night, play a murder game and sip a cocktail watching the movie. With your Cineville pas entrance for this special night is free, but be quick with making a reservation at Cinerama. The event is also available for other people, but they also have to make a reservation and pay for their filmticket.. see you there!

Tue 04 March

Kino Klub Goethe - Berlin Is In Germany

Former East-Germany in 2001: Martin, who was imprisoned during the time of the DDR, is unleashed into the unified Germany.

Wed 05 March

Kick-off Eurofuturism: Space is the place

1974 Afrofuturist cult science fiction film by and with Sun Ra, pioneer avant-garde jazz musician, poet and philosopher and top candidate for the Voice of WORM choice of our most favorite artists of all times!