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Sun 03 July

IABR—2016: Closing Debate

On 23 April 2016, the 7th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY, about the relationship between spatial design and the economy of the future, opened its doors. After eleven weeks of debate, the program WHAT’S NEXT? closes on 3 July by striking a final chord: NOW, WHAT’S NEXT? What have we learned?

Thu 07 July

Thursday Night: Reflecting on Venice

Can design contribute to improving the living standards of populations in conflict zones? A conversation with the curators of the Austrian, German and Dutch pavilions at the Venice Architecture Biennale and Luke Korhaar of UNHCR.

Thu 30 June

Pecha Kucha Rotterdam

This edition: Terts Brinkhoff (founder of De Parade); disposable cardboard tents for festivals; guided tours with a bizar overload of data; AND MORE!

Tue 14 June

Dancelessons: Balkan Fusion Dance/June 14th Rotterdam

Let’s start dancing ! Opaaaaa ! Try a dancelesson on June 14th in the Balkan style!

Sat 18 June

Origami Workshop in Rotterdam

Origami a traditional Japanese paper play for young and adults. Literair Café Huis Der Zotheid (Haringvliet 401, Rotterdam) organise every saturday in june from 11.00 till 12.00 an Origami Workshop for 7,50 a person. During those workshops you learn the basic paper works which will stimulate your brains and it will definitely make you love this kind of play.

Sat 25 June

Workshop: make your own bag!

Develop your fashion talent during this short workshop. Make a clutch, tote bag or even an envelope-bag.

Fri 17 June


Oliver Wainwright discusses the causes and consequences of the real estate market driven developments in London (and other cities he recently visited). Which future will the city end up with? Will it be a future of public-spirited, generously sized housing, with value retained in public hands in perpetuity, or one of meanly scaled hutches, squeezed down by the market and sold off to the highest bidder? And what opportunities does Oliver distinguish for urban designers and others to counterbalance the power of money?

Fri 10 June


In this Next Talk, Harriet Bulkeley will ask, what are experiments doing in our cities – how and why has experimentation come to be the way in which the transition to an economy we want, seems to be born? And she will examine what are experiments doing in our cities – what are their intentions, impacts and politics? Investigating how and for whom cities are being made experimental, this talk will help us think about the transition to an economy we want, how it might be made and where it might come undone.

Tue 07 June

Makers Club Rotterdam

Makers Club is for people who enjoy making things. Designers, photographers, illustrators, typographers, filmmakers, programmers, every maker is welcome. There is no agenda, it’s not for recruiting, the point is just to meet, talk and drink with other people.

Fri 10 June

KIOSK all u niek

We are excited to invite you to the Grand Opening of KIOSK all u niek, a unique pop-up store at Tarwewijk, Rotterdam, on Friday, June 10. KIOSK all u niek is devised by Julie Müller, Bérénice Staiger and Susana Pedrosa and is part of the program of Charlois Speciaal.

Opening, Drinks & Live Dj

Thu 26 May

Opening exhibition In Quarantaine - contemporary Hermitages

An exhibition on the grounds of the former Quarantaine facilities near Heijplaat Rotterdam.

Artists, designers and architects design contemporary hermitages, thus giving secluded spaces in modern times.

25 hermitages will be build on the terrain.

Thu 02 June

New Directions for Architecture with Floris Alkemade

‘The big challenge for the twenty-first century is the promotion of freedom of thought. The destructive mechanism of the crisis has ensured that exuberance, radicalism and even the longing for utopia have been demolished among architects. I believe these are precisely the qualities we now need in order to innovate.’ Interview with Floris Alkemade, the Chief Government Architect, ArchiNed, 29 March 2016.

Thu 02 June

UrbannerLAB #4

UrbannerLAB is an intimate gathering where people can discuss new ideas and initiatives for buildings and places, with focus on DIY en Self Build houses. In the old Tropicana building, various speakers talk about their fresh new project, concept or initiative. For anyone who dreams of a not-so-common home.

Fri 27 May

Dansateliers studio presentations

On Friday, 27 May, Dansateliers presents works-in-progress by Jija Sohn and Abundance. There will also be shows on Saturday, 28 and Sunday, 29 May.

Thu 05 May

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night. The talkshow about arts, culture and politics in Rotterdam, hosted by writer Ernest van der Kwast. This month’s special guest is ‘Batterijen Paultje’, who can be found on the Rotterdam market for decades.

Mon 02 May

drink&draw: session 14

drink&draw is a figure-drawing session that allows one to express artistic urges (ie drawing), meet cool people, listen to good music, and drink!

Thu 09 June

Thursday Night: Professor William (Bill) Gaver on Cultural Probes

With his trailblazing book Design: Cultural Probes (1999) Professor Bill Gaver introduced a new research method aimed at stimulating dialogue between designers and the people for whom their designs are ultimately intended. Seventeen years later, Gaver looks back on some of his projects conducted according to this and other related methods, and talks about the current interaction between designers and their public.

Thu 30 June

Thursday Night: Designing for Diversity

Fashion is a means of expressing our identity. It has a strong tradition of male and female stereotypes and is often heavily loaded with social and cultural signifiers. In this talk show Sylvana Simons will chat with fashion designers about designing for a gender-fluid and culturally diverse reality.

Tue 26 April

IABR—2016: NEXT STEPS #3 /w Dirk Sijmons

THE ENERGY TRANSITION A CALL FOR NEW DESIGN PRACTICES The transition towards an energy-neutral society is one of the major challenges of the coming decades. And a goal that the international community has committed itself to after signing the Climate Change Agreement in Paris. The transition towards renewable energy will have an enormous spatial impact. How do we develop shared perspectives on the desired outcomes? What is the role of national governments and cities? And can designers take the lead in researching, testing and imagining the paths to possible solutions?

Fri 06 May

InterNations Rotterdam Welcome Spring

Are you as ready for the spring to finaly really start as we are? Then please join us at the terrace of BistroBar Binnenrotte for a fun evening with your fellow expats and globally minded people! As a bonus you`ll be able to enjoy the amazing view of our lovely Rotterdam.