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Fri 05 September

Rotterdam Riot

The Bat Bites Release Party + The Copyrights (USA) & Not Scientists (FR)

Fri 31 October

BIRD presents Becca Stevens & Taylor McFerrin

On Friday October 31st, we welcome two amazing artists. The evening will be opened by singer-songwriter Becca Stevens with her quirky sound full of jazz, classic guitar and folk. Next up is Brooklyn-based producer, composer and musician Taylor McFerrin with his warm and futuristic mix of hiphop en dubstep.

Sun 14 September

BIRD presents Mirel Wagner The Breakfast Club

Get the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A ‘living room’ for anyone who wants to celebrate the end of the workweek, in a relaxing way.

Mon 22 September

The Bootleg Beatles

The world’s first and finest tribute band, The Bootleg Beatles, continue to thrill audiences with their performing their acclaimed homage to the Fab Four.

Tue 16 September

A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music according to MISSISSIPPI Records

De Player is proud to present a once in a blue moon showcase that features a brand new live film/talk/slide show presentation by Eric Isaacson (Mississippi Records label boss and store owner) plus three live acts, all of whom have released records on the Mississippi Record label.

Eric Isaacson will be our guide through the highs and lows of music history with a keen eye on the marvellous outsider types. His live presentation is a combination of film, slide show, lecture and soundscape. It instinctively and idiosyncratically illustrates an entire history of recorded music, from the birth of the first star in the universe all the way to the dark ages of the 1980’s.

Sat 30 August

Frank Rensen in Café ‘De Komedie’

Frank Rensen brings with his voice, guitar and his mouth-organ music back to basic. Hits from the sixties, seventies but also popular music from now. Intime music but also you can dance on his music!

Wed 03 September

BIRD presents Jesse Boykins III

On Wednesday, September 3rd, non other than Jesse Boykins III will bring “World Soul” to the BIRD stage. New York’s own will bring five albums worth of experience along.

Sun 31 August

Presented by Roffaswing - Blue Flamingo

It’s time to swing! During Roffaswing, dj and record collector DJ Blue Flamingo, takes BIRD back to New York of the early thirties. The time when Jazz music developed with big bands like Duke Ellington and Lindy Hop dance style. Enjoy diverse dishes from BIRDs Breakfast Club, while Blue Flamingo talks about jazz and the roaring twenties and thirties. After lunch Blue Flamingo lures you on to the dance floor with the finest pearls in his 78 rpm collection.

Tue 09 September

FullMoon Babylon - season 14/15 take-off

Launching in to the new season, filled with world music and performance talent. Join the first blast of a vivid night with hypnotizing performances.

Fri 29 August

Open Mic at ROOM

Every last Friday ROOM organizes her monthly Open Mic Nights together with host and singer/songwriter Dolf Beijers. This musical highlight of the month, is one you shouldn’t miss out on!

Fri 15 August

MiMa #28: Floris Vanhoof (BE) + Jooklo Duo (IT) + 209 (DK)

MiMa #28: Idiosyncratic electronics / High-energy free form jazz / ‘happy accidents’

Thu 04 September

Beats&Bites: a band, a jamsession & food!

Beats (live band+jamsession) & Bites (RAAF = cooking for you) That’s the simple and greatness of Beats&Bites. An evening based on good music and good food inspired by our city. This edition a live performance of the band: Fat Easy Grey! After the band you play on stage yourself during the jamsession. Meet some locals and listen to new talents on stage!

Thu 28 August

‘Spraakuhloos’ Language the artistic way’

Thursday, 28th August, 19:00 hrs., Cafe open: 17:30 hrs. ‘Spraakuhloos’ Language the artistic way’

‘Spraakuhloos’ (Speachless) is a Rotterdams ‘language-platform’ that invites youngsters to speak up theire minds by using art, poetry and music. During the first two editions they performed a full stage program with a lot of positive reactions that followed.

The third edition of Spraakuhloos in RAAF will include live music, poetry and sign language.

Fri 01 August

PopUp 010 #5: Port of Call & We Sell Guns

PopUp 010 is Rotterdams first and only pop-up pop venue. (Semi) acoustic gigs in unexpected locations such as churches, warehouses and galleries.

Fri 08 August

Deceased Squirrel On The Phone & Lo-Fi Terrorist

Deceased Squirrel On The Phone, from the Czech Republic and the Lo-Fi Terrorist from Utrecht in Koffie5euro.

Wed 23 July

The Dictators NYC + Accelerators @ Rotown

The Dictators will come for the first time to the Netherlands.
One of the first Punk bands. Heck, it wasn’t even called Punk at the time. Raw Rock’N’Roll with a middle finger! The Ramones, Blondie & Bruce Springsteen(The Boss sings on their album Blood Brothers) are fans!

Wed 23 July

Flash Prince

This Wednesday Flash Prince a dream-space pop astronaut with Nikki and Hinde. We are Free and open from 20:00 Hrs.

Fri 25 July

Open Mic at ROOM

Every last Friday ROOM organizes her monthly Open Mic Nights together with host and singer/songwriter Dolf Beijers. This musical highlight of the month, is one you shouldn’t miss out on!

Thu 10 July


Twentytwo musicians, all from different musical disciplines, give one big outdoor concert. Expect the unexpected, at a surprising location.

BBQ BROWN x BBQ BIERGARTEN Roger Brown & Marnix Benschop rocking the grill

BBQ&BAR open at 17.00 hrs.

CONCERT at 20.00 hrs.

Thu 24 July

MiMa #27: Tav Exotic (BE) + Das Ding Modular (R’dam) + JSCA (R’dam)

MiMa #27: Electrokraut / Modular synth / Machine music