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Mon 12 May

Cody ChestnuTT

The American soul troubadour Cody ChestnuTT is back with thé live show his fans were waiting for. Twelve years ago he produced his critically acclaimed debut album The Headphone Masterpiece. A fantastic record full of blues-, soul-, funk-, hip hop- and rock influences. The song ‘The Seed’ became a classic all around the world due to The Roots’ 2.0 version. But because of his religious beliefs he rarely sang those songs live. The sudden success this album gained him became too much for ChestnuTT and he decided to turn his back to the music scene. Which eventually led to an even bigger cult status.

Sun 25 May


Experience the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A living room on location for people who want to cap off and / or start the week in relaxing manner. You’ll start the afternoon with a brunch buffet filled with all kinds of delicious food and subsequently you can feats your ears on the latin tunes provided by Dosmingo.

Sun 04 May

BIRD presents: Sherry Sunday Inspired by Sia (The Breakfast Club)

Experience the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A living room on location for people who want to cap off and / or start the week in relaxing manner. You’ll start the afternoon with a brunch buffet filled with all kinds of delicious food. After that you can let yourself get carried away by the warm sounds of Sherry Dyanne

Sun 20 April

The Little Kicks @ Le vagabond

Coming Easter as in Sundayevening April 20th The Little Kicks are back in town!!!

After a mindblowing concert last fall this Aberdeen based 4 piece band decided to rock the Binnenweg once more! Having performed at all the major Scottish music festivals this band is definitely a must see for every indie-pop enthusiast…

Thu 17 April

BIRD presents: Maria Fernandez

Every third Thursday of the month BIRD will present the Salsa Meets Jazz Sessions with Drummer Mark de Jong as a host. Mark has played with some of the biggest names in the national and international latin and jazz scene. Every edition a new band is selected to play along and of course all musicians are more then welcome to step on stage. Tonight singer Maria Fernandez will be out special guess.

Fri 18 April

Baritone saxophonist Henk van Twillert and Yoga teacher Jacintha Meilink perform the J.S. Bach cello

This weekend, 18 & 19 April, Henk invited the yoga teacher Jacintha Meilink to perform on the different suites with her “Yoga Art”.

To order tickets in Rotterdam email to: or call to 010 45 27 860.

Fri 13 June

The Ex ~Fendika ~Circus Debre Birhan

The adventurous, innovative Dutch band The Ex just celebrated its 33⅓ year anniversary with a series of festivals. Not merely retrospective but primarily forward-looking and adventurous. Among the many guests invited were young as well as seasoned experimental, improvising and other exciting musicians from Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Ethiopia, Scandinavia and Great Britain.

Fri 30 May

Amsterdam Klezmer band XL

Amsterdam Klezmer Band is both streetwise and classically trained; the band stands for tradition and innovation; they bowl party tents over as easily as draws tears in the theatre. The band plays Klezmer and Balkan, Ska and Jazz, Gypsy and Hiphop. Their music is many things to many people, but first and foremost: it’s a party.

Fri 18 April

Dubioza Kolektiv

Dubioza Kolektiv are a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 2003. by Adis Zvekić and Almir Hasanbegović (former members of Gluho doba against Def Age from Zenica) and Brano Jakubović and Vedran Mujagić (former members of Ornamenti from Sarajevo). The band was later joined by guitarist Armin Bušatlić, drummer Senad Šuta, sound engineer Dragan Jakubović, and in 2011 by saksophonist Mario Ševarac as well.

Sat 12 April

Mehmet Polat Trio

A spiritual yet adventurous meeting of three masters of their magical instruments: Ney, Kora and Ud. With their roots in the ancient Ottoman, Anatolian, Balkan and West African music traditions, the trio welcomes you with its musical authenticity and hospitality. The original compositions are colored by daring improvisations and played in the character of chamber music. The Mehmet Polat Trio invites you on a sincere musical journey from the past to the future.

Fri 18 July

Koenig Leopold

Kings from Vienna!

Sun 18 May

Xiu Xiu

Shameless and scandalous: Xiu Xiu is back!

Sun 22 June

Psalm Zero

Hottest Heavy Metal-band of the moment!

Fri 30 May

Les Colettes

Fairytale-folk from enchanting French trio

Sun 11 May

Richard Dawson + Scraps a.k.a Laura Hill

Intense, raw fingerpicking-folk from the North of England

Sat 03 May

Phili ‘n Dotz (UK) + Brandwerk (NL) + TEV

HipHop phenomenon and King of the Rap Battle face off in WORM!


Dance, meet and enjoy at Stadspodium Rotterdam

A summer full of music and dance in the heart of Rotterdam. Join us on the Laurenskerk square in Rotterdam for music and dance in all styles and shapes.

Sun 20 April

Vrooom @ Worm: LASSE PASSAGE (no) + COSTA ERNSTING (nl) + BARHÛS (nl)

While Vrooom is temporarily exiled from its usual location during April, its orphan home on the 20th will be Worm. Vrooom focusses on experiments in left field music, improvisation, electro acoustic, electronica and performance art, always good for a good surprise. The program this evening: the cream of the crop of the Rotterdam and ex- Rotterdam underground, with experimental pop, evocative ambient and moody improv/jazz.

Tue 15 April

FullMoon Babylon - Spring Blossoms

Spring edition of FMB - welcome the spring wind, fresh light and delightful acts.

Thu 17 April

Bandaid @ Roodkapje