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Klaver 5 Festival new in Rotterdam

Twelve days of sport, food & culture during 5 Klaver Festival in the old Shell Complex Vijfsluizen in Vlaardingen. From july 30 to august 10.

Fri 12 September

De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier

No place in Rotterdam with so much diversity, vibrancy, talent and creativity in a block. The art festival De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier is a celebration of the whole Witte de Withkwartier in all its facets.

Sun 31 August

Festival de Frikandel 2014

Festival de Frikandel offers an insight of what happens in the basement of Oefenruimte De Frikandel.
Some famous Rotterdam bands and some fresh new acts present their latest sounds at Landgoed van Cool tot Terhave (the lovely beach behind De Machinist).

Thu 17 July

Eendracht Festival

The Eendracht Festival is the biannual free festival that looks to add something new to Rotterdam’s cultural scene by pooling resources and hosting a day full of live music, creative showcases, entrepreneurial endeavors and more! The next edition will be on Thursday July the 17th.

Fri 26 September

New Horizons Festival

New Horizons Festival is the new, exciting, cross over festival between science, art and music. Are you curious about the ground-braking ideas of the frontiers on these subjects? Then become part of this evening!

Fri 11 July

Vrooom Fest

Initially Vrooom #17 was intended to be just a fun, self-indulgent, navel gazing little event by us, for ourselves and our immediate circle of friends, but it gradually snowballed into a mini festival for all. A Vrooom season closing party, if you will. A good alternative for those who are still around town early July, undesiring stressful trips abroad or having to choose between 200 acts a day at festival XYZ.

Sat 05 July

Holland VS. Costa Rica + THE KIK (live) | The Perfect Match

The Quarter finals are here! Next opponent the boys from Costa Rica, who qualified for the quarter finals after a thrilling collision with Greece. Will the Louis Lions once again overcome a South American opponent to advance to the semi-finals?

Sun 06 July

Metropolis Festival 2014

On Sunday 6th of July the 26th edition of the infamous Metropolis Festival will take place in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam. The festival offers ‘the best you’ve never heard of’ with bands and acts from all over the world. In the past bands like The Black Keys, The Strokes, Interpol, The XX, Triggerfinger and The Killers played the festival just before their breakthrough.

Sat 26 July

LOST & SOUND Festival

LOST & SOUND Festival is a small electronic music festival with a strong focus on theater and art.

Sun 20 July

Phoenix City Retaliators @ Rotterdam Unlimited

You can not stop a running tree - the old Jamaican saying is transformed into the motto of the band Phoenix City Retaliators, they even wrote a song about it. The ska scene is quite familiar with the motley Rotterdam Retaliators. They make authentic Jamaican ska, calypso, rocksteady, early reggae and also put a little dub and soul in their musical mix.

Sat 06 September

De Nacht van de Kaap

De Nacht van de Kaap (Night of the Cape) is a music festival that honours the glorious history of the neighbourhood Katendrecht as home of pirates, sailors and a red light district. With music, theatre and stories about life of the sea people feel (and dress up!) like they are back in time. With acts as CQMD (FR), Brushy One String (JAM), Soul Jazz Soundsystem (UK), Birth of Joy (NL) en Haagse Hazus (NL) this night promises to be a legendary party! Check the website for info and tickets.

Sat 12 July

Bazar Bizar 2014

The Bazar Bizar Art Festival is back in Rotterdam, offering a chance to browse the work of independent artists, listen to local music and enjoy some tasty food!

Sat 21 June

4Heaven’s Sake

Get ready for Made in 4Havens Festival #4! A festival of local and national artists, designers and entrepreneurs in the Merwe-Vierhavensgebied in Rotterdam. An inspiring program filled with ‘Fair Design’, local crafts, organic snacks and drinks and swinging music.

Fri 08 August

Duizel in het Park

The Vroesenpark in Rotterdam will be transformed to an intimate festival area from Augst 8th until August 10th. This weekend, the 6th edition of Duizel in het Park will take place.

Sat 21 June

Muziek op de Rotte 2014

Muziek op de Rotte presents three days of music and dance from a floating stage on the Rotte.

Thu 19 June

Muziek op de Rotte 2014

Muziek op de Rotte presents three days of music and dance from a floating stage on the Rotte.

Sun 08 June

ZigZagTip: Recreation in Oude Haven, Grotekerkplein and Pompenburg Park during ZigZagCity

A day of leisure? During ZigZagCity you are welcome on the water of the Oude Haven, you’ll be tempted with Tango on the Grotekerkplein and you can enjoy a barbecue in Pompenburg Park. That’s how you experience architecture festival ZigZagCity!

Sat 07 June

ZigZagTip: Vroege Vogels in het Blaakse Paradijs

How do you experience ZigZagCity? Here are some tips for early birds! Think of a safari breakfast followed by a unique performance of Elisabetta Consonni. During ZigZagCity is Blaakse Bos a green oasis. Landlab, studio voor landschapsarchitectuur, turns the Blaakse Bos into a real forest: the Blaakse Paradise. A unique landscape in the modern Rotterdam; from the urban houseplant to the tropical forest, with cheerful birdsong.

Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

Thu 05 June


Experience the city and film like never before. From level -1 to +2 around the Grotekerkplein. During ZigZagCity the Architectuur Film Festival and Roffa Mon Amour will screen films on all levels around the Grotekerkplein. The Grotekerkplein will be buzzing every Thursday and Friday night and two films will be screened every evening: an inside and an outside screening, a high and a low. This enables you to experience the square from unknown angles.

Sun 29 June

Pijnacker Plein Bluegrass Festival

Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival is a full two-day American ‘roots’ with 40s-50s: bluegrass, swamp-blues, hillbilly, oldtime, country, folk, rockabilly and more.