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Sun 22 May

International Biodiversity Day

On the International Biodiversity Day // Dag v/d Biodiversiteit // Fete de la Nature we’ll celebrate urban nature in Museumpark. Come and explore the park! A mini festival with guided walks and workshops for kids and adults.

Thu 26 May

Operadagen: American Disasters

American Disasters is a two-part piece about two young people facing death. The stories of
 a girl trying to survive Hurricane Katrina and that of a doomed officer in the American Civil War are combined with John Adams’ The Wound-Dresser.

Fri 03 June

Festival Werelds Delfshaven 2016

Festival Wereld Delfshaven takes place on 3,4,5 June. Enjoy street theatre, food from world kitchens and musical highlights from all over the world.

Where: Coolhavenkade, behind the Machinist, Delfshaven When: friday 3rd (17:00-23:00), saturday 4th (12:00-23:00) and sunday 5th (12:00-20:00) of June Entrance: Free!

Sun 29 May

Operadagen: House of Forbidden Music

With the famous Belgian composer and musician Dick van der Harst, flamenco artists, celtic and folk music among other genres by Ialma and the wonderful Dutch soprano Nora Fischer, this closing event The House of Forbidden Music of Operadagen Rotterdam 2016 is already a success!

Sat 28 May

Operadagen: Orfeo’s Night Song

Orfeo’s Night Song is a new music theatre piece that combines Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo with his Vespers. Operadagen Rotterdam’s ‘Nieuwe Stemmen’ bring this unforgettable score to life together with baroque orchestra ‘t Kabinet. Music theatre that touches and mystifies the soul in a century-old vault.

Sat 28 May

Operadagen: Amore Siciliano

Celebrated musical director Leonardo García Alarcón evokes the passion of Sicily with big gestures and larger-than-life feelings. Together with the youthful singers and instrumentalists of his Cappella Mediterranea he has sought out sonorous folk songs next to known baroque madrigals. The result is a wondrous performance, brimming with humor and compassion.

Sat 28 May

Operadagen: La Voix Humaine

A desperate woman calls her ex-lover. Their conversation is constantly interrupted. Her words speak of fear, loneliness, desires, and obsession but so much is left unsaid. The piece pays homage to Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau’s masterly opera La Voix Humaine.

Fri 27 May

Operadagen: In a Landscape

Another surprising production by Sjaron Minailo who has staged a stirring symphonic concert whereby the musicians themselves create a visual and dramatic landscape.

Thu 26 May

Operadagen: Il Ballo delle Ingrate

One of Italy’s finest music theatre makers Letizia Renzini conceived, directed, and remixed this multimedia creation, which derives inspiration from the opera Claudio Monteverdi wrote over 400 years ago. The story is still topical; it juxtaposes a woman’s individuality with the bonds of marriage.

Wed 25 May

Operadagen: Salome

A remake of Salomé, staged as in a Berlin nightclub. It tells the sensual and passionate story in a flashback. Expect a hint of David Lynch at cultural centre WORM.

Wed 25 May

Operadagen: Akasha

The Akashic records are said to encompass the information contained in every single elementary particle. Rosa Ensemble presents new music that aspires to capture the essence of this universal theme.

Sun 22 May

Wonderful Deluxe

Composer Brice Pauset’s Wonderful Deluxe takes as its unbearable muse a celebrity who is at constant risk of destruction by the very media that created her. With the celebrated countertenor Dominique Visse.

Sun 22 May

Operadagen: Le Docteur Miracle

Volksopera specialises in forgotten comic opera from the 1850-1950 period. With theatre company Zuidpool it presents an updated version of Le Docteur Miracle by Charles Lecocq. Spoken language: French; Subtitles: Dutch

Sat 21 May

Operadagen: NYX

After Secrets the Saturday night continues with NYX: a surprising performance about this Greek goddess, the ultimate keeper of secrets.

Sat 18 June

Modular Festival 2016

After successful indoor editions at different locations such as Factory 010 but also in Toffler, Perron and Bird, Modular will take its next step in the electronic music scene of Rotterdam. This time Modular offers a broader program, without losing depth. The festival will take place at Park Maasboulevard on June 18th.

Fri 27 May

Rode Tulp Film Festival

From May 27th to May 30th, the fourth edition of the Red Tulip Film Festival (Rode Tulp Film Festival) will take place in LantarenVenster. The festival presents a strong selection of recent films by Turkish filmmakers, from inspiring cinema to groundbreaking documentaries.

Wed 04 May

Lokaal x Analoog = Bevrijdingsnacht

5th of May is Liberation and Ascension Day so you’re all free! Join us with local talent at Hoboken Rotterdam.

Music — Food — Art

Wed 17 August

Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam

From August 17 to 21 LantarenVenster is all about Latin America!

Fri 03 June


During the Playground Sessions of FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL you can experience how art and technology come together!

Sun 12 June



(The Matmos en High Wolf show is part of Futurosity: UBIK, a four day Intergalactic Scifi Bizarro Festival supported by the manifestation Rotterdam Viert de Stad! and The Art of Impact.)