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Fri 28 August

Once Upon A Time In The West

Creative hub ‘De Keilewerf’ in Rotterdam will be the scene of festival Once Upon A Time In The West from August 28th until August 30th 2015. A special three day music festival build upon the early rock ‘n roll, folk blues & roots feeling, with more than twenty performing bands. A great cocktail for an unforgettable music festival, closing of with an all star jam.

Sat 22 August

Zomerkost Festival

Rotterdams first silent music festival!
Great line-up, ginormous dance floor, summertime, cocktails, amazing views, ice cream, fingerfood, palm trees, festival market, you name it we got it.

Sat 05 September

De Nacht van de Kaap

De Nacht van de Kaap (Night of the Cape) is a music festival that honours the glorious history of the neighbourhood Katendrecht as home of pirates, sailors and a red light district.

Fri 31 July

DÂK Pop Up Rooftoppark

Diez Días DÂK, 10 Days of DÂK on the roof of the parking Westblaak with live music, festivals and Social BBQ.

Thu 23 July

Eendracht Festival 6.0

The Eendracht Festival is a Rotterdams showcase festival that 2 times per year shows how much awesoness Rotterdam has to offer.

Fri 11 September

Nacht van de Dictatuur met Maarten van Rossem

Maarten van Rossem will open the Nacht van de Dictatuur with his unique vision on dictators and dictatorships. Middle East journalist Judit Neurink gives a lecture about IS, what is so attractive about these group aggressive bearded men? Radio Romantiek makes sadistic radio. Look through the eyes of a dictator and encircle in a Dutch newspaper what you dislike. When is an article too critical? Further: how became a Czech bus driver a rebellious hero? And what is it like to live in a dictatorship. Ferdows Kazemi fled twenty years ago from the Islamic dictatorship of Iran. What can you do if you are in conflict with the government? Check for updates en tickets.

Sat 25 July

Summer carnival with Marga Weimans

Fashion designer Marga Weimans takes part in Rotterdam’s Summer Carnival Street Parade! She designs a float and procession with 45 young dancers and models, who represent a transformational process that begins with clean, architectural forms and moves towards the exuberance of the Caribbean Carnival. After the Street Parade has taken place, the artistic float and procession will be transformed into a monumental installation at TENT.

Sun 19 July

De Verhalenbazaar

Beautiful princesses, brave knights, frightening dragons and many more mythical creatures will be coming to live for the second time this summer in Rotterdam on the Verhalenbazaar (Story bazaar). Kids are the boss!

Sun 05 July

Terrasse de France – partner tres non officiel du Tour de France

We are feeling a petit peu French lately. Maybe it’s because of le Tour de France passing the Erasmusbridge on July 5th. They’ll be so close you could throw your undies at your favourite bicycletteur. Don’t miss out! - Ne la manque pas! Nhow terrace becomes Terrasse de France on Juillet 5.

Fri 19 June


Coming friday 19 & saturday 20 th of june we are presenting a lot of good performances on classical and jazz music. This all for free at the waterfront of ‘De Rotte’ at Noordplein. On friday night the Sinfonia Rotterdam Orchestra with solist the well known trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and on saturday i.a. soul jazz legend Giovanca, Balkan sensation Amariszi and the swing of BRUUT!

Fri 07 August

Duizel in het Park

From August 7 till 9 the Rotterdam Vroesenpark is the summer festival of the year. Literature, art, music and performances in the grass for both young and old. The program is amazingly diverse: romantic songs and tough blues, slang and literature prizes.

Sat 29 August

Vrije Volk Festival

On Saturday August 29th the very first dance festival ever will take place in the beautiful Vroesenpark. The second edition of het Vrije Volk Festival is a collaboration between 3 innovative and creative organizations: Now & Wow, Niko and Revolt.

Fri 12 June


For the true idler, the gardens and edens are the kind of places we all should be hanging around, in fantasy and real life, rather than toiling for an imagined better future. With this in mind we invite you to check in at DE PLAYER and its garden. Savor the good things, hear and see captivating performative actions, good food & drinks.

Thu 11 June


If the Schouwburgplein had a roof, it would be on fire from June 11 – 13. WIRED is the beating heart for youth, art, culture and education. Try the newest innovative technologies or make the craziest creations together with professional designers and artist. Or just enjoy our awesome performances and sneak peeks.

Sat 20 June

Dag van de Architectuur (Day of the Architecture)

Dozens of interesting Rotterdam sites and buildings are open to the public, during the Day of the Architecture. They are located around five important Rotterdam icons: De Luchtsingel (which celebrates its official opening with an Urban Picnic), Centraal Station, De Rotterdam, De Markthal, the Erasmus Pavilion, and the Van Nelle Fabriek.

Sat 20 June

Urban Picnic (official opening Luchtsingel)

On the Dag van de Architectuur, the completion of the Luchtsingel in Rotterdam will be celebrated in Rotterdam. You are invited for a celebratory Urban Picnic! A strip card allows you to sample delights from local culinary entrepreneurs. Sit back and relax on a rug on the Luchtsingel to enjoy your picnic box!

Sat 27 June

Expedition Festival

On the hills, in the middle of the ‘Bergse Bos’, we set up camp again. To reunite over music and linger under the sun.

Sat 25 July

On the other side of reality

The Summer Carnival has evolved to become part of the fabric of Rotterdam and has a complex global history associated with the rise of capitalism, colonisation, and diaspora. It is one of the largest cultural events in the Netherlands and remains outside of the museum context. On the Other Side of Reality will provide a float and procession to the carnival’s street parade, which will then be transformed into a vast installation at TENT, culminating in an outdoor youth performance, and concluding with a symposium. With this event, TENT is searching for the point where the worlds of contemporary art and the carnival, ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, and art and society overlap.

Sun 14 June

Save 1000 kilo of veggies - DamnFoodWaste

In The Netherlands we throw away almost a third of our food. Mostly it’s food that farmers can’t sell because it doesn’t meet consumers’ requirements, food that passed the Best Before date and is thrown away in supermarkets and you might also want to take a look in your own bin? It’s probably not that hard to find some wasted food in there! JOIN US!

Sat 06 June

Modular Day + Night / Genius of Time, Tama Sumo, Hunee, Legowelt

After a succesvoll first edition in BIRD Modular Day + Night goes outside for a special summer edition in the backyard of BIRD. You​’re invited to​ two stages with the best house, disco and electronical music. At 23.00 hour we move inside to the official afterparty where Job Jobse with ​various​ friends are standing behind the turning tables.