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Fri 15 July

TENT Academy Awards 2016

On Friday 15 July 2016 at 20.00 hrs, the TENT Academy Awards (TAA) will take place in Cinerama. The TAA is thé competition that showcases the best graduate audio-visual talents from home and abroad. This year, it’s the turn of young Swiss video artists to join the most talented artists graduating from Dutch art academies. An international jury, headed by Roos Gortzak, director of the Vleeshal in Middelburg, will choose the best video artist, who wins a residency abroad.

Sun 29 May

Opening exhibition ‘Do It With Us’

‘Do It With Us’
25 May - 25 June 2016

Fri 10 June

Community Meat Up

On Friday June 10 V2_ will host the ‘Community Meat Up’. A special edition of our ‘Community Meet Up’. During this event we will present work from Isaac Monté, Emilie van Spronsen, Mandy den Elzen, Marloes Haarmans and The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. The evening is curated by guest curator Daisy Thijssen.

Fri 03 June

3x3: The Three of Dries Depoorter Part III

Artist Dries Depoorter (BE) will present three experiments in a period of three months. On June 3 he will show his third experiment in a live environment.

Fri 27 May

Opening: WDW25+

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to present WDW25+, organized with the particular question “What happens to art after an artist and an institution come into contact?”. WDW25+ sets a growing, living collection in motion starting in Summer 2016; tracing contemporary artistic practice through never before gathered in-house materials and their extended networks at and around Witte de With.

Sat 18 June

Alternated Places

In the exhibition Alternated Places foundation Mesh connects Rotterdam artist Noortje Stortelder and Bosnian artist Emir Šehanović. Both artists make surreal collages and by doing that, create a new world.

Fri 20 May

Opening + Afterparty: Greenlight Exhibition “RE”

Green Light show of the MFA Photography, AKV | St. Joost. Six up and coming artists show a wide range of works. The show will be on display from 20 to 22 May.

Mon 06 June

drink&draw: session #15

drink&draw is a figure-drawing session that allows one to express artistic urges such as drawing, meet nice people, listen to good music, and drink!

Wed 25 May

Speak about what you know; Draw what you cannot speak about just yet

Piet Zwart Institute, Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design [MIARD] cordially invites you to our public talk: “Speak about what you know; Draw what you cannot speak about just yet”.

Sat 18 June

Curator talk with Hans van der Ham

Curator and artist Hans van der Ham curated the exhibition Ritual And The Sacred for Route du Nord 2016. Route du Nord is an art-festival which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. During this 11th edition of Route du Nord you’ll discover lots of great artworks of established and emerging artists, lots of performances and other events. Route du Nord 2016 will take place from June 10th until 12th and June 17th until 19th in de Noordsingel Prison in Rotterdam. Assembled by Root is happy to collaborate with Route du Nord for the second time. This year Root wil organise two talks about the world of arts for everyone with an interest toward it. The first one will take place on June 18th from 15:00 until 16:30, at the chapel of the old prison, guest curator Hans van der Ham will be the main speaker of the curator talk about his exhibition Ritual And The Sacred.

Thu 26 May

Marwa Arosanios: What Representions?

Artist Marwa Arsanios will be extending her consideration of the Contemporary Arab Representations Beirut / Lebanon program that took place at Witte de With in 2001 through her What representations? roundtable discussion.

Sat 07 May

Opening: Frame-making workshop expo. ‘Essener Leiste’ by New Bretagne / Belle Air

with Friederico Balla, Lisanna Hogigliani, Allesandro Schiafo, Nicola Talebene, (Puntino Phanculo*) *not present & workshop participants.

Sat 07 May

Exhibition opening: meubels, Charlois? by Micha Zweifel

Rib presents meubels, Charlois? a showroom for furniture by Micha Zweifel. For your comfort you will find benches, tables, shelves, and decor. The designs mimic and evaluate Charlois marginalia: the social façades, repetition and ornamentation of boredom.

Sat 07 May

Opening: CoBK16

Opening in WOLFART Projectspace with artists: Angharad Williams, Mat Do, Mitchell Kehe, Raluca Croitoru, Tracy Hanna, Dan Fogarty, Madison Bycroft.

Sat 14 May

‘15 -photo exhibition

The director of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Mr. Ruud Visschedijk, will open the photography exhibition ’15 by photographer George Nieberidze on Saturday, 14 May. The expo showcases the Berlin party kids with trash being the aesthetical choice; trash as the chosen lifestyle.

Sun 08 May

BETWEEN BLACK & RED - opening exhibition

Indulge in live painting and illustrations opening expo by Italian architect and freelance illustrator Viola Gesmundo on Sunday, 8 May in Stroop.

Sat 14 May

Doorvertellen no. 10: Turkije

Through the stories of Nasrettin Hoca and Turkish sit-coms, Turkish migrant hold on to their land of origin. But Turkey, and the migration to the Netherlands, knows many stories which exists next to each other, but also oppose each other. We will dive into this mozaique of stories by listening to and looking at short lectures, personal memories, poetry, images and music. And of course there will also be great food.

Sat 07 May

Roodkapje presents: Reality✓Check at V2

Roodkapje presents: Reality✓Check Lecturama: AUTARC by Nikki Ootjers & Hinde Chaâtouf Performance: INTERVENING SPACE: My Self, the fetus by Lisette Ros

Thu 19 May

Launch ‘Machines Will Make Better Choices Than Humans’

V2_ celebrates the official launch of a new collection of essays by Douglas Coupland that reflect on some of the topics addressed in V2_’s recent exhibition Data in the 21st Century, named ‘Machines Will Make Better Choices Than Humans’. The printed version of the book will be for sale during the event.

Thu 19 May

Looking back at D21C & H.I.T. by Max Dovey and Manetta Bern’s

V2_’s recent manifestation Data in the 21st Century explored the friction between the unpredictable reality that we live in and the desire to capture it in data. During this event we will briefly look back on the manifestation and will show one of its results: a performance titled H.I.T. by Max Dovey and Manetta Berends.