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Thu 07 July

Graduation event WdKA Finals 2016

From July 7-10 2016, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences proudly presents its 385 graduates. You are welcome to visit WdKA’s Finals event in our state-of-the-art buildings at the Blaak and Wijnhaven. You can find us right at the heart of creative and metropolitan Rotterdam.

Fri 09 September

Rotterdam International Art Fair

Rotterdam is playing host to talent from all around the world when it stages the second Rotterdam International Art Fair from 9th to 10th September 2016. Proudly part of the famous Rotterdam 24 hour Culture Festival, which is widely promoted throughout the city.

Mon 04 July

drink&draw: session 16

You are invited to session 16 of drink&draw hosted by the Wolfart Projectspace. Drink&draw is a figure-drawing session that allows one to express artistic urges (ie drawing), meet cool people, listen to good music, and drink!

Fri 01 July

It is not there - MIARD Graduation pop-up exhibition

We would like to cordially invite you to join us for the opening and celebration of the MIARD graduation show.

Mon 22 August

Summer School on Art in Public Space

Art in Public Space is a unique and exciting week-long artistic journey on which you experience what art can look, sound and feel like when the world is your stage. Under guidance of three international artists that work in dance, theatre and music, you get research, practical experience and training into multidisciplinary, participative forms of art in public space.

Thu 23 June

Thursday Night: Musicaaa

Design in image and sound with Jaap Drupsteen, Elza Jo, PietJan Blauw and the Plastic Fantastic Timemachine.

Thu 30 June

Exhibition Reading on Were It As If by Lex Ter Braak

What is hidden, forgotten, cast away, or overlooked in the day-to-day operations of a cultural institution such as Witte de With? For the duration of the exhibition WERE IT AS IF, ‘guest readers’ are invited to interpret/critique/analyse/translate/disrupt the very choices and methodologies artists Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol deployed.

Sat 18 June


As part of the art manifestation Charlois Speciaal five performances will take place during one day in the public area of Zuidplein. The artists are asked to choose from one of the five proposed themes–dogs, tattoos, textiles, food or gardening–as the starting point of their performance.

Sun 19 June

Talk with Frank Taal

Talk with gallery owner Frank Taal during Route du Nord in collaboration with Assembled by Root.

Fri 17 June

A suitcase full of absolutely nothing

An absurdist piece of physical performance in eight different tongues. “Boundless theatre of physical philosophy, sort of”, in the words of the English/Dutch director Cezanne Tegelberg.

Fri 17 June

FUZZY LOGIC:  the 2016 Graduation Show Piet Zwart Institute Master Media Design

Department Piet Zwart Institute celebrate their graduation by creating an event: an exhibition, lectures, publications and performances to represent as fully as possible the diverse range of practices encompassed by the practice-based research undertaken in the department.

This year’s show is entitled Fuzzy Logic: it features work by Lucas Battich [AR], Manetta Berends [NL], Julie Boschat Thorez [FR], Cihad Caner [TR], Joana Chicau [PT], Cristina Cochior [RO], Solange Frankort [NL], Arantxa Gonlag [NL], Anne Lamb [US], Benjamin Li [NL], Yuzhen Tang [CN], Ruben van de Ven [NL] and Thomas Walskaar [NO]

The exhibition is divided across two locations, within a 5 minute walk from each other: - V2_ Institute For The Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL, Rotterdam - Piet Zwart Institute, Mauritsstraat 36, 3012 CJ, Rotterdam

Wed 15 June

Exercises in Weightlessness

Sara Pape Garcia presents the outcome of her two week residency at galerie Gallery. The 6m2 designated art space is the only empty room in the 70m2 apartment.

Sara tries to uncover immaterial structures that shape society today. Would these structures become visible if her body became invisible?

Fri 10 June

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is a streaming platform for Audio Arts, Sound Art, Debate, Discussion, Music, Performance and more related to the audible broadcast medium. 10-19 June, 15:00-18:00 every day during Charlois Speciaal Art/Food/Music Festival. 30 hours/30 artists.

Sat 18 June

3D Zine

Foundation B.a.d presents 3D Zine: a one-day live magazine event that invites you to collate your own magazine as you browse through the building looking at the interests, research, and ideas of B.a.d’s members and guests.

Sat 11 June

PAE: La connection des performances artistiques Françaises

Voix, mot, son, image, action et objet. A late afternoon with performances inspired by poetry and the French language.

Performances: Valentine Verhaeghe (FR) | Jean-Michel Espitallier (FR) | Marguerite Bobey (FR) en Wen Chin Fu (NL/TW) | Bob Lens (NL) | Selfindulgent Asshole (NL) | Messieurs Delmotte (BE) | Nina Boas (NL/FR) | Heinrich Obst (BE)

Sat 18 June

Route du Nord 2016

Second weekend of arts, music and much more in the Noordsingel Gevangenis

Sun 19 June

Route du Nord 2016

Two weeks of art, music and much more in the Noordsingel Gevangenis

Thu 02 June


Every Thursday night between 5 May and 7 July Het Nieuwe Instituut opens its doors for an exclusive launch of a laser artwork. In collaboration with Rotterdam viert de stad! 10 Rotterdam-based artists present their work after sunset in the event series “Head Light / Talent Nights”.

Sun 12 June

Workshop exhibition ‘Do It With Us’, day 2

11:00 - 15:00hrs, ‘artist’s books’ by misprint-it
15:00 - 18:00hrs, ‘Circuit Bending with Greeting Cards’ by Aloardi

For reservation & info email to
Price 15€ (incl. lunch & materials).
Participants of all ages are welcome.

Sat 11 June

Workshop exhibition ‘Do It With Us’ (day 1)

‘Graffiti Text - film’, by Filmwerkplaats
This workshop aims to reveal the basic structure of analogue black and white film, using chemical processes to expose film materials and create direct pattern and text animation on 16 mm film.