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Fri 05 December


The continuation of the unique event series for original pop culture made on German soil. In previous years cult acts like PALAIS SCHAUMBURG, BODENSTÄNDIG 2000, DER PLAN and ECHO KRANK all found their way to ‘Ein Abend In WORM’! With kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande.

Sat 13 December

DJ Night at ROOM

DJ Vertigo invited DJ Yollu for you! He is Finish but living in Amsterdam and together they will start your weekend in the cosiest living room of Rotterdam!

Fri 28 November

AKOM Ensemble presents MADE IN ROTTERDAM

Akom Ensemble, a Rotterdam-based classical contemporary group of musicians, has been chosen to perform along with Artvark Saxophone Quintet and the Re:Freshed orchestra for this special series of concerts at the De Doelen Venue in Rotterdam. During the “Made in Rotterdam” program, the audience will be immersed in ‘atmosphere intimacy of a club with the quality of a concert hall’.    

Sat 13 December

Spasmodique & Black Horse Society

Route du Nord presents a special, one off show by Rotterdam’s underground kings of the 80’s Spasmodique, supported by Black Horse Society.

Fri 28 November

PopUp 010 #7 (1 year Anniversary) at Aloha Bar

PopUp 010 is Rotterdams first and only pop-up pop venue. (Semi) acoustic gigs in unexpected locations such as churches, warehouses and galleries.

Fri 21 November

Order of the Emperor + I Saw the Deep (metal)

Premium hard rock and heavy sci-fi rock from Dutch bands.

Sun 07 December

Music Matters Award 2014

On December 7th the Music Matters Award of 2014 will be held at Theater Zuidplein. The line up varies from soul to hiphop to Indian and sing-songwriter music. Ten finalistswill battle for the title of musical ambassador of Rotterdam and a price to the value of 10.000 euro.

Sun 14 December

Nishe Presents… Shirma Rouse

Rotterdam’s soulstress Nishe performed at BIRD with the release of her first solo-album: ‘The New Me’. She was so pleased with the performance, that she’ll host her own The Breakfast Club, bi-monthly. Every time she’ll introduce a new guest. This Sunday afternoon, Soul Singer: Shirma Rouse will be attending.

Sun 30 November

Mieke van Veen (The Breakfast Club)

Get the ultimate Sunday afternoon feeling with The Breakfast Club at BIRD. A ‘living room’ for anyone who wants to celebrate the end of the week, in relaxing manner. You’ll start with a brunch buffet and afterwards you can get carried away with the warm sounds of Mieke van Veen.

Sun 14 December

Night at the museum with TheYesPlease

Rotterdam bases band TheYesPlease presents their debut album at a special location: the Natural History Museum. You’ll be making your ears happy while sitting down amongst the tigers and polar bears. Order your tickets for this unique event at:

Wed 19 November

MiMa # 33 Bear Bones, Lay Low + Weird Dust

Psychedelic Synthesizers / Dubby Freak Outs

Thu 20 November

Salsa Meets Jazz Sessions

Every third Thursday of the month BIRD presents some nice South-American warmth with a new round of Salsa Meets Jazz Sessions, under supervision of drummer Mark de Jong.

Every edition a new house band get’s introduced. All musicians are of course invited to take part and join us on stage.

Thu 13 November

Music Matters presents Savoy Room (Home Grown)

At Home Grown you’ll discover in a unconstrained atmosphere (with a nice beer!) the jazzmusic of tomorrow. The best young, musical talents from Rotterdam (and beyond) will be performing at BIRD with their own fresh sound.

Fri 28 November

Open Mic at ROOM

Every last Friday ROOM organizes her monthly Open Mic Nights together with host and singer/songwriter Dolf Beijers. This month is extra special because it will be the last Open Mic of 2014!
This musical highlight of the month, is one you shouldn’t miss out on!

Mon 10 November

Tuesday Groove Session o.l.v Efe Erdem

If you don’t know what to do on tuesday evenings? Here is a great opportunity spend your time with incredibly talented musicians! Every tuesday crate something new and invite a surprise guest artist!

Fri 28 November

Noord Ongehoord

Noord Ongehoord brings you every last friday of the month Rock/Punk/Ska/World music from Rotterdam.

Fri 14 November

Noche de Cumbia

Colombian party music from Los paja Brava and Yacumba with circus!

In Klooster 7, hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam Noord


Roots & Cultures #8 Hip Hop edition

Roots & Cultures is a musical evening organized by Roots & Routes in collaboration with the Musicians / Producer education of Albeda College Rotterdam and artcafe RAAF.

Fri 19 December

Roots & Cultures

The music and producer-students from the Albeda College present themselves during two showcases every month. RAAF gives them the oppertunity to perform a personal show with covers and self-written songs.

Thu 18 December

010 Sessies: CC Grand & Michel Ebben

Every month RAAF and the PopUnie organise the 010Sessions. It’s the place where Rotterdam bases musicians can take the stage.