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Fri 24 October

Imagined Past (Verbeeld Verleden) – C’ERAVAMO TANTO AMATI

Join us in the coziest cinema of Rotterdam for a cinematographic trip through Europe in the 20th century. In close collaboration with Cinema West we will be screening five European Classics, depicting life in Europe in the ’10’s, ’30’s, ‘40’s, ‘50’s and ‘70’s.

Sat 22 November

Fruitbios @ Rotterdamse Munt: The Good Herb

The kick-off of the film series by Fruitbios at Rotterdamse munt is during the Little Rotterdamse Munt Fallfestival.

In the documentary, Michael Pollan takes the viewer to his research on the human relationship with world of plants. But this time from the perspective of the plants. The film shows how four familiar species - the apple, the tulip, cannabis and the potato - evolved to satisfy our yearnings for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control.

Thu 23 October

Русский ковчег (Russian Ark), TYPICAL MOVIES series

We’re excited to invite you to the second of the

Русский ковчег (Russian Ark) by Alexander Sokurov (2002).

Doors open at 20:30h, the session begins at 21:00h.


The TYPICAL MOVIES will continue every Thursday for the following month…

Thu 23 October


Off Screen presents three short films. The documentary ‘Verboden vlucht’ made by Hester Overmars. Vaderland made by Jack Westerlaken and a video made by Rosh ABDELFATAH. You need to see this one!

Wed 15 October

De Poel @ CineNoord

In a good tradition of showing quality horror movies we will now show the latest ‘nederhorror’ called DE POEL.

The director and producer are present to answer your questions!

Wed 22 October

The magical voice of a rebel

The incredible story of Marta Kubišová, the voice of the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution.

Wed 29 October

Layers: # 4 Oh & Ouch - Representation of pain, sighs and cries of joy in

The fourth edition of the series Layers in WORM; representation of pain, gasps, cries and cheers in films made by artists and experimental filmmakers.

Sat 18 October

A Stones Throw Documentary: ‘Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton’

Together with the Birdfest Weekender All Eyes brings Peanut Butter wolf to Rotterdam on the 18th of October. But before the party starts we will show the Stones Throw Documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton”.

Wed 08 October

KinoKino ♥ TABU ♥ Miguel Gomes ♥ Portugal 2012 • 120 min • HD • uk subs

Finally, the long, long, long awaited Rotterdam premiere of Miguel Gomes’ wondrous, award winning, head scratchingly beautiful Tabu!

Tue 07 October

Kino Klub Goethe: Barbara

Kino Klub Goethe, a high quality film series of German cinema at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, starts into October with a screening of the intriguing German film ‘Barbara’. With an introduction by film expert Peter Bosma and a glass of German wine.

Thu 16 October

Manifest: Animation Show & Tell

Manifest is a regular animation show & tell evening in Rotterdam. Just like the show & tell exercise you may have done at school, participants bring an animation clip that they love (that they didn’t create themselves) and they share with the audience what it is and why they chose it. Come to manifest to see what people are passionate about and why. Drink a beer and chat with the presenters about animation.

Wed 01 October

HER @ CineNoord

A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Tue 14 October

Rotterdams Open Doek

The 14th of October another edition of Rotterdams Open Doek will take place at LantarenVenster. A platform where film makers and film lovers can meet, where new films can be shared with the audience and a lesson can be learned from an expert, the ultimate place for talent development. The special guest for this edition will be pronounced later.

Rotterdams Open Doek Favourite will win €750 for a new film project. Beside the jury the public vote for their favourite film.

Sun 28 September

Film Preview Screening & Workshop

We’ll give you a rare look inside our film, LIVE FROM MOGADISHU and ask for your feedback to shape the final version of the film. The workshop and film screening are separate, so come to one, the other, or both. Film director Daniel J Gerstle will be on hand to answer questions. We may also have guests who starred in the film.

Fri 26 September

Imagined Past (Verbeeld Verleden) – La Dolce Vita

Join us in the coziest cinema of Rotterdam for a cinematographic trip through Europe in the 20th century. In close collaboration with Cinema West we will be screening five European Classics, depicting life in Europe in the ’10’s, ’30’s, ‘40’s, ‘50’s and ‘70’s.

Fri 19 September

European Film Festival: Westen

As part of the European film festival the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam organizes a screening of “Westen”, a film by Christian Schwochow (2013). Presented with a glass of German wine to accompany the film!

Wed 15 October

Cultmovie: The Asylum

The Asylum night with main feature: ‘Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies’ (2012) Richard Schenkman

Wed 17 September

Cultfilm: Na srebrnym globie / On the Silver Globe (1988) Andrzej Zulawski

On the Silver Globe’ is Zuwalski’s surreal philosophical sci-fi masterpiece; shutdown by the Polish communists, lost for years and finally finished ten years later. The epic story is based on ‘The Lunar Trilogy’, written by Jerzy Zulawski. The movie shows a group of cosmonauts, their descendants and the birth of a new society on the moon. This movie is the bastard child of Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Frank Herbert’s Dune; it’s ambitious, exhausting, it takes you to incredible landscapes and is full of iconic images that will stay with you forever.

Wed 24 September

Layers deel 3: The String

The string as phenomena with all its connotations: from Sci-fi longish monsters to commercial lines, from programming language to lingerie and post porno. The necessity of the line for a coherent thought, a pure idea and the hidden connectivity of things. A very special non-linear structured evening in which the viewer loses her/himself on several tracks.

Thu 18 September

Inspiring Cities Films: Detroit Special

An evening dedicated to Detroit, with an introduction by urban geographer Brian Doucet and the screening of two films: After the Factory (Philip Lauri, 2012) and Detroit Lives (Thalia Mavros, 2010; with Johnny Knoxville).