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Tue 01 December

Leela James in BIRD

It’s not hard at all to fall for Soul lady Leela James. Sultry, Funky, raw, powerful but most of all, absolutely Leela James. Curious? A lucky few will be able to hear this in a sold-out BIRD on Tuesday December 1st.

Thu 26 November


VROOOM is thoroughly excited about our little initiation rite at the brand new Post Office headquarters. This will be an evening dedicated to mindblowing performances with the unique self-built instruments of Eli Gras and Frédéric Le Junter, topped off with SK Kakraba’s first live appearance in Rotterdam. Added ftw bonus: this new location is the former Masonic lodge of Rotterdam.

Sat 28 November

The Old Bridge: Miso & Sandi (Mostar Sevdah Reunion) LIVE

Gitaarduo The Old Bridge consists of two members of the famous Mostar Sevdah Reunion: Miso Petrovic and Sandi Durakovic. These musicians have a very refined guitar technique many musicians would be jealous of.

Come and enjoy this very special live show!!

Sun 29 November

How I Hate Modern Music #2: ENTARTETE MUSIC

The second edition of How I Hate Modern Music examines “Entartete” music. With guests, Jeroen S. Rozendaal, Danny De Vos (DDV), en Allochtoontje Lager.

Thu 10 December

Autumn Child in BIRD

The songs of Autumn Child showcase the intimacy of Sufjan Stevens and the dynamics of Grizzly Bear. Join the next edition of Homegrown on 10 December for a full-on experience of poetic and mysterious compositions by a promising local singer-songwriter.

Thu 03 December

Haymah & World Latin Jazz Quintet in BIRD

Two outstanding artists in one evening! Join Homegrown on 3 December with Haymah and the World Latin Jazz Quintet to experience their exceptional love for flamenco.

Thu 03 December

Poogie Bell Band @ LantarenVenster

The drummer Poogie Bell is the beatmachine behind artists like Marcus Miller, Erykah Badu and Chaka Khan. As a ten year month kid, he started playing the drums…

Sun 15 November

Under the Radar #5: Barker Trio (USA) + Monk/FXdaSilva/Ernsting (Traumatic Octopus Experience)

For our fifth edition of Under the Radar we are proud to present some very special guests, the Barker Trio from New York City. They will be supported by an opening act of three local musicians presenting of their new project Traumatic Octopus Experience.

Thu 03 December

Roodkapje presents MiMa #46: TARZANA (fin/us/be) + RED BRUT (nl) + CIRCULAR RUINS (nl/de)

Roodkapje presents MiMa #46

TARZANA (fin/us/be) + RED BRUT (nl) + CIRCULAR RUINS (nl/de)

Entrance: 5,-

Tue 24 November

Mima 45: Avarus, Nuslux, Arttu Partinen (fin)

Finnish freak folks triple bill!!!

Avarus: crude free form music collective

Nuslux: lalalal l’analogue synths , tapes, loops

Arttu Partinen: looney tunes: slapstick noise dynamics

Sun 06 December

PuntKomma Muziek: Het Geluk van de Sprinkhaan

A literary concert for young and adults

PuntKomma Muziek is a series in which we try to make special and interesting combinations between language and music. No music with a talk added to it, no talk with some background music. No literary filler in between, or a musical show stopper.

Tue 24 November

V2_Community invites Noodlebar

After a successful edition in August we are happy to be invited back again at V2_ for our Noodlebar event on the 24th of November!

Mon 16 November


Café De Ouwehoer is proud to present a rare and amazing live show by the New Zealand singer-songwriter and Noir Protagonist Delany Davidson. He will be accompanied by the skilful vocals of Nicole Izobel Garcia (e.g. Reverend Beatman), and sticksman Joe McCallum.

Tue 24 November

Revolution in B-Minor presents Charl Delemarre

Revolution in B-Minor challenges musicians to strip down their work to its core, its soul. Expect an intimate setting: a revolution in only one chord. Charl Delemarre will kick off this first edition on November 24th with Josephine Zwaan support act.

Sat 07 November


From The Rotterdam Underground an Escort rose.

Sun 08 November

Sunday afternoon improv in De Nieuwe Ruimte

Two international trios of acoustic improvised music. With Ziv Taubenfeld, Raoul van der Weide, George Hadow, Jorrit Dijkstra, Gonçalo Almeida, Friso van Wijck.

Fri 13 November


An EP release by the JC Thomaz & The Missing Slippers supported by ET Explore Me and Dr Duval. Cocktailbar Mecchanana and the finest up till poorest, down to superbaddest ass DJ’s known to Rock & Roll, Garage and Punk. DJ’s R: Gary Phonics and Jony Trash, Roccalberti, Wyan Von Ganghoven, Señor Alberto and Royal Leyowl.

Sun 20 December

Ntjam Rosie’s Acoustic Sunday in BIRD

A special edition in a series of acoustic concerts starring Ntjam Rosie takes place on Sunday December 20th: Ntjam Rosie’s Acoustic Sunday. She’ll bring along Congolese singer-songwriter Lwela Kasulwe on this special occasion. Pure Soul and Gospel accompanied by nothing more than a bar stool, a microphone and a guitar. So, switch of your phones and turn on your inner peace.

Fri 13 November

Klub 470 in Rotterdam: Drangsal

On the 13th of November the German band Drangsal will be playing at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam. The third edition of Klub 470 in Rotterdam – don’t miss it!

Sat 28 November

Open Mic Night at ROOM!

Get out of the basement and on to the stage! It’s time for another Open Mic Night in your favorite Living ROOM!