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Wed 23 March

Book Club Night #28

We’re meeting a little later in March to discuss Alexandra Kleeman’s You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine. We’re reading one of the books we didn’t get to in 2015, so we’ll be sort of on the ball.

Thu 25 February

Shut up & Write February

Nothing is more productive than a quiet room and the sound of minds working hard on creative projects. So come write with us again on the 25th of February for a solid hour of hard work! After 11:30 you are free to do as you wish. Keep writing at Adem Inn or have a chat with your fellow writers about all the work you just did.

Fri 05 February

InterNations Rotterdam Networking Drinks

InterNations Rotterdam is a welcoming community of open-minded individuals. During the February event you can meet fellow expats and locals, people who share your interests and hobbies. You’re welcome to network, mingle and make new friends!

Wed 17 February

Dansateliers’ Movement Class

Kick-off of a new series of Movement Classes in Dansateliers. Choreographer Lana Čoporda will teach the class departing from the subject of the solo ZOOM, she is currently creating for herself. Next to a class in improvisation, body-awareness and dance Lana gives a little sneak preview of the material she created so far.

Wed 17 February

Book Club Night #27

We’re having Short Story February with Diane Cook’s Man vs. Nature!

Thu 28 January

Shut up & Write January

Our shut up & write is back for 2016! Come write with us for just one hour and get ALL the things done.

Sun 07 February

Untitled presents: John Buijsman & Cok van Vuuren

Every first Sunday of the month… Music, guest speakers and exhibitions in Gallery Untitled!

On Sunday February 7th, John Buijsman & Cok van Vuuren will be present in Gallery Untitled. In a monologue John Buijsman will assume the role of a man bringing a humorous and loving ode to his wife’s decay. Cok van Vuuren and his guitar will accompany him.

Be invited and enjoy a beautiful & lazy Sunday afternoon! :)

Fri 15 January

ARRIVEE! - Every friday evening - January 2016 -

Every Friday night we go an “tandje avec” (Rotterdammish for an extra mile) in the avant garden behind Witte de With at the place called Hoboken.

Dinner is served from 17:00 till nothing is left.

Wed 27 January

Meet-up with a thousand lambs: Lammetjeswoensdag on jan. 27th / feb. 3rd

In early spring more than a thousand lambs are born on a sheep farm just above Rotterdam Airport in Polder Schieveen. You’re invited for a afternoon on the farm to play with the baby sheep and enjoy the entertainment.

Sat 12 December

We Own Rotterdam Crowdfunding Benefit Party

We proudly invite you to our Crowdfunding Benefit Party in the freshly opened gallery and meeting hub Avenue!

Thu 17 December

Thursday Night: Reading Room Migration

In this edition of Reading Room Michelle Provoost and Wouter examine the spatial implications of the immigration crisis. The fuss around the unexpected increase in refugees shows that Dutch cities are not adapted to a sudden influx of people as a structural fact of life. How can cities be better equipped to deal with significant demographic fluctuations?

Wed 06 January

Pitch-e Pizza Night

How to write a great elevator pitch and meeting new people!

Sun 06 December

Untitled presents: Pierre van Duijl, Ernest van der Kwast & Raoul Deleo

Music from Pierre van Duijl, words spoken by Ernest van der Kwast & drawings from Raoul Deleo. Be invited and enjoy a beautiful & lazy Sunday afternoon! :)

Fri 27 November


We’re back! This time we team up with our friends of the brand new pop-up bar/gallery Avenue. We are very happy to announce that, for the coming 2 months, we’ll host every Friday at this unique and temporary location in the centre of Rotterdam!

Sun 22 November

CreativeMornings Rotterdam: WORK!

Friday November 27th, you are more than welcome to join us for a free breakfast, an inspiring lecture and a chance to meet great like-minded people. Doors will be open from 8:30AM at Mangrove in Rotterdam, where a delicious breakfast will be prepared. Take your seat at 9:00AM, as Dennis Vanderbroeck starts his talk on this month’s theme: WORK.

Wed 02 December

Pitch-e Pizza Night

How to write a great elevator pitch and meeting new people!

Thu 19 November

Afterwork by Heineken

Is it 5PM yet? The best beer. The best places in town. The best colleagues. See you at the next Afterwork.

Mon 16 November

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Our story. We Own Rotterdam was born out of love for the creative and innovative power of this city. A power that comes from its raw, friendly, ‘no-nonsense’ mentality. This is the ‘real’ Rotterdam. A city that gives room for ideas and innovation. A place where thinking, daring and doing come together.

We want to keep on supporting Rotterdam in the future. In order to do so we need to update our existing platform. The result of the update would be an even better overview of Rotterdam’s finest events, more in-depth articles and personal accounts for event-organizers. Do you support this cause? Join us by sharing this message or supporting our crowd funding campaign. For your contribution you will receive one of our special WOR-rewards.



Sat 12 December


About Rotterdam, doping, refugees, fame, power feminism, the funniest scientific research, absurd theater and a Keith Haring street-art battle. With Ahmed Aboutaleb, Filemon Wesselink, Wouke van Scherrenburg, Arend-Jan Boekestijn Kees Moeliker, Jet Sol & Jaffe Vink and many more.

Thu 03 December

UrbannerLAB #3

On Thursday, 3 December we organize the third UrbannerLAB, this time in Het Gele Gebouw (the Yellow Building).