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Thu 04 September

Rotterdam Late Night

Every first Thursday of the month WORM presents the Rotterdam Late Night Show. Your host, Ernest van der Kwast invites all types of ‘Rotterdammerts’ who will tell their story.



Escape010 brings you an exciting, challenging and unpredictable game. With a group of 2 to 6 people, you go into a room and the door will be closed.

Sun 31 August

workshop Reuse This Exhibition!  | construct your own furniture

The finissage of the exhibition Designing Scarcity in Het Nieuwe Instituut will comprise two workshops on 31 August at which participants will disassemble the exhibition structure and use it to build new designs they can take away with them.

Thu 04 September

Rotterdam Late Night #16

Joep van Lieshout, artist and founder of Atelier Van Lieshout, announces a new industrial revolution. On Thursday September 4 he will talk about his New Tribal Labyrinth during the Rotterdam Late Night. Where is he upto in the next few months? And why should it all be so primitive? There is also live music from the Rotterdam based band Offshore, a mini-lecture and an ode to a special Rotterdam person.

Sat 30 August

Crazy cocktail night @ Burgertrut

Saturday august 30th, we’ll be shaking up the place with some insanely delicious cocktails!

Hosted by Paulie D.

Don’t forget your cocktail dresses, cocktailworstjes and cocktailprikkers!

Burgertrut @ Hang 5, next to the new Markthal

Tue 26 August


CAPSLOCsPEAK open podium, 5 minutes per participant. Aspiring writers, poets, songwriters, spoken word lovers, readers and listeners are all welcome.

Sat 09 August

Workshop, make your own bag!

Develop your fashion talent in this little workshop. Make a clutch, totenbag or even an envelope-bag.

Mon 25 August

Dance Masterclass Matt Luck (USA)

On Monday, August 25th ROOTS & ROUTES organizes a dance masterclass (modern dance) with choreographer Matt Luck (from USA).

Sun 20 July

Fashion workshop, make your own summer shorts

The weather is great, it’s summer. Will this be the first selfmade item of your summer outfit?

In this workshop you will learn how to make shorts. In just a day you will learn how to make one of these cute summer-pants.

Sun 20 July

Haka workshop @ Roodkapje

This sunday from 15.00 to 18.00, a free haka workshop at Roodkapje Rotterdam. Learn how to haka from rugbycoach Zane Gardiner.

Fri 11 July

Filmwerkplaats presents Oxberry Benefit

The filmwerkplaats has the opportunity to get a free Oxberry Optical Printer from a company based in London! With a crowd-funding action, The Filmwerkplaats raises money to pay for the transport.

Thu 10 July

The Design of Scarcity

Three leading international urban thinkers and designers from different generations - Jeremy Till, John Habraken and Axel Timm - share their insights in the ways in which scarcity is constructed. They will shed light on the role of scarcity in the design of the built environment and will present their own design approaches that creatively transform the notion of scarcity.

Sat 28 June

NK Skateboarden Junioren

This weekend Skateland Rotterdam will be the arena of some real skateboarding action. It’s the first official NK skateboarding ever held for juniors. Kids from all over the nation will come to Rotterdam to compete for this prestigious title. Come and check out the future of Dutch skateboarding!

Sat 12 July

double book presentation

2 books: one Dutch, one English.


International Exposition 1001 Inventions

This August, the international award-winning exposition 1001 Inventions will premier in the Netherlands.

Fri 27 June

OCH TOCH: Fersteinn, Marc Matter, Jörg Piringer

OCH TOCH is an event during which acoustic quartet Fersteinn, turntablist Marc Matter and visual poet Jörg Piringer will focus on the voice as medium and object. Their performances intersect where acoustics and digital means complement eachother, to create fascinating artistry & good practice for the ears.

Sun 29 June

Workshop Love-ism (free)

Every weekend in June a special dance-program takes place at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam. With Sunday 29th of June at 15:00 hrs. a (free) Love-ism Workshop by choreographer Mor Shani. No experience necessary! For everybody interested in meeting eachother in a different way.

Fri 27 June

Uptown Gossip

Every last Friday of the month Uptown Gossip takes place on the Raampoort terrace (in front of BIRD, Lokaal and Nonna & Nene’s). Giles and Rudy serve a warm mix of boogie, jazz, funk and disco, we take care of the coldest beer. Kickstart your weekend: eat, drink and gossip!

Thu 12 June

Discussion: Yourtopia, with Bjarne Mastenbroek, Iwan Baan and Sami Rintala

What is the minimum needed to achieve a maximum quality of life? Architect Bjarne Mastenbroek went back to this fundamental question in his design for The New Pavilion 2014 - Yourtopia by SeARCH. During this special evening, Mastenbroek will unfold his vision for the pavilion. On invitation by Mastenbroek photographer Iwan Baan and Finnish architect and artist Sami Rintala will reflect on his position from their own perspective.

Sun 14 September

The BIRD Boat

On 14 September shipping company De Tender and BIRD get together again for a brand new round cruise with great food and even tastier music. Come aboard to enjoy all the good that De Tenders and BIRD have to offer.