Alternative Guide to Rotterdam

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Fri 29 May

Risograph Printing & Bookbinding at PrintRoom

Print and bind your own publication at PrintRoom during this two day workshop! Learn how to use our risograph stencil printers while you print a small zine or book and then bind it by hand.

Sat 30 May

Opening of International exhibition FACES

The Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam will introduce an exhibition of work by 32 photographers and visual artists who have helped determine the developments in the European portrait photography in the past few decades.

Mon 08 June

Buitengast no. 1: Chiara Camponeschi and ‘Creative Community Resilience’

Buitenplaats Brienenoord will recieve it’s first foreign guest: Chiara Camponeschi. Through her platform Enabling City this independent researcher wants to offer people inspiration and enhance our collective imagination: “We strive to creatively respond to today’s most pressing issues by harnessing community imagination as a tool of social transformation. Our work sparks new ways of thinking about participation, encouraging experts and enthusiasts alike to generate engaging insights that lead to positive change.” This fits well with our ambitions at Buitenplaats Brienenoord, a new space in Rotterdam where we want to create an enviroment in which people can think about and shape an imagined future for Rotterdam. This makes us very pleased and honoured to be able to welcome her as our first Buitengast.

Fri 19 June

YA Book Club #9

In July we’re reading Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton a new series about a girl being trained to become an assassin.

Wed 17 June

Book Club Night #20

June is another short story collection and the book club decided on reading Things You Should Know by A.M. Homes!

Fri 05 June

The Mothernists

A three-day-long transatlantic conference, bringing together the work and thought of practicing international artists, art historians, educators, curators and writers on the topic of caring labour and cultural re-production. The Mothernists attempts to open up philosophical, political, aesthetic and social questions made visible through the co-existing practices of mothering and cultural re-production, bringing these into the diverse discourses that the participants professionally as artists, writers, philosophers, curators, historians and educators are part of.

Sat 30 May

Gluren bij de Buren (Peeking at the neighbours)

Gluren bij de Buren is a great event to discover the most stunning houses and hotspots in Rotterdam. Guides will lead you through the South of Rotterdam by bike and show you the most inspiring houses in the area. From skycraperpenthouse to self built houses and schools-transformed-into-houses, great cappuccino bars and veggie gardens. Look around and get inspired. This is how we live in Rotterdam!

Sun 17 May

Self-learning Software Salon

During this event, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Filip Visnjic take the audience on an exploration of the contemporary culture of algorithms, and show how so-called ‘learning algorithms’ play a growing role in our life.

Sat 23 May

Haags Comedy Festival at Hostel ROOM

The Hague Comedy Festival is touring through the Netherlands! After a very succesfull night at Hostel ROOM, they decided to come back!

Thu 21 May

Workshop DIY Textile Printing

JOIN US FOR A FUN EVENING learning about printing, and creating your own stamps and stencils to experiment with patterns and shapes on textiles. Learn how to make a bag, or a beautifully wrapped gift, just with a few Furoshiki knots.

Sat 30 May

The Night Shift #2

Attention all procrastinators and night owls (you know who you are)! Work overtime on your own short story or novel in a literary stimulating environment (with drinks!), share your hard toil with fellow writers and receive tips and feedback from a professional writing teacher.

Fri 05 June

WORKSHOP - Artists’ books and bookbinding

More Than a Book - workshop on artists’ books and bookbinding by misprint-it and the Blank Book Chamber

Mon 11 May

Quiz Night at ROOM!

Every Monday Rob organizes a pub quiz in the cosiest living ROOM in town. He created the quiz from his own backpacking experience. He connects the locals with the international backpacker to create a great atmosphere. He mixes up the teams for a social atmosphere and of course to make you more competitive. Answer the challenging questions with your team members and win the weekly price!


Entrepreneurship Training for creative entrepreneurs

Are you a creative entrepreneur or want to get started as an entrepreneur? Would you like to learn more about the business side of the creative profession? And you want to follow an entrepreneurial training that connects to everyday practice? The project Routes To Employment (R2E) is really something for you!

Fri 03 July


The brandnew pop-up event Rotte PICNIC ISLAND brings you a unique way to experience the river. We bring you a place in the middle of the river where you can sip your drink and relax with live-music.

Fri 01 May

Cafe de Kooning official openingparty

Cafe the Kooning, the new centre for art, culture and beer opens up the doors. Bring your own meat, buy our FAXE beer and enjoy the exhibition ‘Flat City’, including artists such as Rowan van As, Bas Kortmann, Daan den Houter, Juul Barnard, and so on.

Sun 03 May

Poetry Workshop at the Airport

Come to our poetry-workshop, where busdriver and poet-of-the-absurd O’ten tic Tim will teach you everything about writing absurd poetry. Brasserie Waalhaven will provide the inspiring scenery. The Brasserie is located at the airport, so you can see the plains fly by.

Sun 31 May

Poetry Workshop @ De Pelgrim by Arie Vuijk

Come to our poetry-workshop, where comedian and light-verse poet Arie Vuijk will teach you everything about writing an ollekebolleke. Brewery the Pelgrim will provide the inspiring scenery. The workshop is in Dutch and costs 12,50 per person. Registration beforehand is needed (and possible at our website).

Sun 24 May

Shimmy Shake Talent Show

The Shimmy Shake Talent Show will be a fun afternoon full of amazing, never before seen fusion belly dance acts performed by wonderful dancers who are showing their femininity, women power, creativity and most important the joy that they have in dancing their very up close and personal own dance!

Sun 26 July

Open Set 2015

The Dutch Graphic Design Summer School Open Set is a two-week intensive series of workshops, lectures and studio visits emphasizing on the interaction between noted Dutch and International graphic designers and artists. Deadline for applications 1st of June. Apply before 1st of May and get early birds discount!