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Sat 20 August


Especially for the Day of Romantic Music we have a wonderful breakfast concert planned by the lovely singer Davine.

Sat 01 October

Vinitsky album release

On 1 October 2016 at the most creative center of Rotterdam Kate Orange presents her new album. Plan C which is near the Cubic houses on the Blaak, will open its doors to all pop-rock and electro-rock music lovers.

Tue 23 August

The Falling Doves

Falling Doves were born from Hollywood’s jaded streets and all of them share a passion for reviving classic rock with a modern twist on today’s pop music.

Sun 14 August


Every second Sunday of the month Hostel ROOM and Vocalsz collaborate to bring you the best live music to chill in our cosy foyer in a Sunday evening.

Tue 06 September

Dancelessons: Balkan Fusion Dance 6 sept!

Balkan Fusion Dance - Sept 6 Free trial class!

Let’s start dancing! Start with dance lessons in the Balkan style! Balkan Fusion Dance is characterized by a mix of dancestyles and music from the Balkans Regions .

Mon 15 August


Delaney Davidson (noir protagonist & singer-songwriter par excellence) is back in town; again with chanteuse Izobel Nicole Garcia (e.g. Reverend Beatman). Be sure to catch this awesome duo if you haven’t seen/heard them last year November

Fri 12 August

RoosWiesBlauw & Hart Koor

RoosWiesBlauw (Roosmarijn Mascini & Wies Arts) wrote the narrative play: The Figure of which it seemed impossible to take the human scale.

Mon 08 August


Rotterdam a dead zone on this August Monday? We think not! Rock out with The Drip Dry Man this evening at De Ouwehoer! The sound: Bluesrock, and by that we mean the raw, Jon Spencer’ed kind of bluesrock.

Fri 16 September

Balkan Fusion Dance

Let’s start dancing! Start with dance lessons in the Balkan style! Balkan Fusion Dance is characterized by a mix of dancestyles and music from the Balkans Regions .

Tue 02 August

VROOOM #41: GOAT (jp) + ALBATRE (int) + YPY (jp)

Vrooom is rounding off the first half of its programming season with this A-class line up! Don’t sleep on the rhythmic assault of Goat; a mesmerizing syncopated pulse of synchronized muted harmonic picking, saxophone and drums. Rotterdam’s noise rock pride Albatre are no slouches either, and with YPY (Goat’s guitarist and Boredoms touring member Koshiro Hino) we’re able to sample the current cutting edge of Osaka’s experimental electronica scene.

Thu 25 August

MiMa 53: Pierre Berthet {be} & Rie {jp} + Janneke van der Putten {rot}

Back at Koffie & Ambacht with two wonderful acts !

Dead Plants & Living Objects by Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima

Thu 21 July

JOIA LIVE at Ani&Haakien

On Thursday, 21 July JOIA is playing in our house! Cosy living room concert where you will find yourself rubbing elbows with some backpackers… So jump on our couch and enjoy the tunes of Maurice.

Fri 15 July

Nick Waterhouse

Vintage sounds in BIRD! The American Nick Waterhouse is described as a “young man who makes old R&B”. This star is rising exponentially with his typical fifties pre-rock & roll sound with a modern twist: think Leon Bridges with a hint of Mayer Hawthorne.

Thu 14 July


Crazy Pantropical double bill! Niger’s MDOU MOCTAR (Sahel Sounds) will ensure that WORM shakes to a burning set of Tuareg desert rock, whilst ChupameElDedo (a side project from Meridian Brothers / Los Pirañas’ Eblis Alvarez and Pedro Ojada) will throw a dash of brutal Zappaesque, Latin American psychedelia into the mix. DJ Christian Baas will warm up and round off things with a fitting selection.

Sat 09 July

Amateur Record Club #3

Amateur Record Club is MONO’s once-in-a-while mini record fair

Tue 06 September

Dancelessons: Balkan Fusion Dance

Let’s start dancing ! Opaaaaa ! Start with dance lessons in the Balkan style! Balkan Fusion Dance is characterized by a mix of dancestyles and music from the Balkans Regions .

Sun 10 July

North Sea ‘Round Town: Amy Fitz Doley

Jazz Singer from London.

Thu 07 July

North Sea ‘Round Town: Vangelis Sopamena

Vangelis Sopamena is a Dutch singer-songwriter and performer. Based in Rotterdam, he co-writes his songs with his guitar player Laurens Dengkeng, with whom he also performs them, along with Faruk Dengkeng (drums) and Robin Lopulalan (bass).

Sat 09 July

North Sea ‘Round Town at ROOM: The Spix!

Jazz band from Germany. .

Thu 07 July


Vrooom hits 40; round numbers are cool. This edition will have a pop edge, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be just fluff. The percentages will be circa 40% electro pop and guitar driven material, 35% electronica, and 25% visual input. We’ll have the Chinese XY Records showcase, gritty electro pop infused with (classical) Arab singing from YZ, and local troubadour Spoelstra. Come and discover!