Alternative Guide to Rotterdam

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Sat 13 February

Yokocola - Cellarsounds (LP presentatie)

Rotterdam legends YOKOCOLA’S first album launch. It’s obstructive, hysterical and honest! Some fine psychedelic cellar sounds in addition.

Fri 01 April

Micah P Hinson

Micah P Hinson is back, playing his forthcoming LP.

Sat 26 March

King Shiloh Soundsystem

Original Dub Radix invites King Shiloh ‘The Healing of the Nations’ Sound System.

Fri 25 March

Junkyard Festival

Rotterdam’s Garage / Rock n Roll / Punk / Psych festival

Sun 20 March

Colin Self (US)

Expanding the vernacular of avant-garde electronic music.

Sun 13 March

Baaba (PL) + Big Hare (NL)

Polish fusion and Dutch Dada

Thu 10 March

Sniffing Ether / Ether Snuiven

A programme in which the air is considered as a canvas … Everything is considered: from microwaves, radio plays and esotericism, to extreme low frequencies, radio-activity and radio telescopes. Programme: Doron Sadja, Cilia Erens, and more!

Fri 04 March

MiMa - Max Eilbacher, Die Reihe & Falafel Biels

WORM presents 3 hypermodern electronic acts to see for free!

Sun 14 February


The Mourning Glories are an up-and-coming trio based in The Netherlands, with members from The U.S., Canada and France. This international group sing intricate, sultry harmonies and yodel fearlessly. They switch up instruments, play murder ballads and old time blues.

Sun 14 February

Puntkomma Muziek: Stadsgeluiden

During the latest edition of Puntkomma Muziek, we go looking for the sound of the city. With amazing stories, unique compositions and new collaborations, it is going to be an interesting afternoon. Don’t miss it!

For all the details about the program, see the poster.

Fri 26 February

Open Mic Night!

Get out of the basement and on to the stage! It’s time for another Open Mic Night in your favourite living room at Hostel Room Rotterdam!

Sun 21 February

trio ZVOV

ZVOV will perform in the magneficant building of City Art Rotterdam. ZVOV will use the inside of the whole building in their performance. They play in the different spaces of city Art Rotterdam. Each space has it’s specific acoustic. The artworks of Chris Ripken will be their decor.

Thu 04 February

Silent movie, Live music

Live music accompanying short silent films on a boat!!!

IFFR is taking over rotterdam once again. Join us on V11 with sort films and soundscapes. Followed by further live music: Violet Fall!

Thu 11 February

Dutch Music Community

Dutch Music Community presents a new way of making music, without rehearsals, sheet music, a fixed repertoire or lyrics. Composing is done on the spot by an ever-changing group of the best musicians. This makes every session unique! Tonight’s edition will feature DJ Franky Sticks as a special guest.

Fri 29 January

I Wonder as I Wander

An evening offering you a unique inside in the development of music throughout the last century. AKOM Ensemble presents five exciting works inspired by a world where both Luciano Berio and George Crumb lived.

Wed 27 January

AKOM Presents Codarts Composition Department

AKOM has invited 6 young composers to present the latest ideas in music making


Fri 12 February


Discover great new talent on our Gistpodium (Yeast Stage).

Sat 27 February

Cross-linx 2016

feat. Neil Finn & Glenn Kotche’s Unlimited Orchestra, Andrew Bird, The Notwist, Son Lux, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Lunatree and more

Sat 26 March

Iris Penning

Iris Penning is a rising star: Her melodies and lyrics are gripping and she has the voice of an angel.

Sat 16 April


A slam poet from Belgium and a singer-songwriter from Utrecht join forces to play the smallest venue in Rotterdam