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Tue 23 September

BNO Romeo Delta & IMG LAB present: Hofleveranciers

On this fourth Tuesday of September a very different prinsjesdag, BNO RD & IMG LAB present: Hofleveranciers. The start of the new season is at the same time the start of a new collaboration and a new location: Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. This Tuesday evening three designers whom are close to several royal houses; Julian Zimmerman, Erik Varekamp and Hans van Bentem.

Fri 26 September

5 ½ Proposals to Live and Work in the Current Millennium

Proposal #5 - The Architect and The Housewife

In this proposal we want to understand the difference between private and public labour, domestic and ‘em- ployed’ labour. We will reflect on the the value of ‘caring labour’ and how this form of labour is often invisible.

Together with local neighbourhood associations and cultural institutions this two day event will consist of a shared meal, film screening, music and a collaborative community event, taking place in the neighbourhoods of Oude Noord and Agniesebuurt.

Take part and contribute in various Oblique ways!

Sat 20 September

MAMA’s Art Store,‘Young Art’

Invest in the future. MAMA’s Art Store is the showcase for this year’s young talent graduating from the Dutch art academies.


ROOT expositions

ROOT is a new pop-up exposition concept for emerging talent, all educated at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. We strive to, not only find the right way of exhibiting works but also to accompany students or starting, recently graduated artists in finding their way in business and communication skills. Through collaborations, events and composing a diverse group of motivated creatives we try to capture the vivid atmosphere of the academy outside of it.

Sat 13 September


During the festival Wereld van het Witte de With Kwartier, TRICKSTER will open her first temporary exhibition space with works by and in collaboration with:

BEN (NL) | Joseph Hughes (UK) | Bagel Bakery (NL) | Better Future Factory (NL) | Filippo Minelli (IT)

Sat 13 September

The Accidental Perfection of Nature

The Accidental Perfection of Nature by Sanne van Gent

In search of the blurred line between results of natural processes and human activities, Sanne van Gent shows an often absurd hybrid world; half culture, half nature. The base of her work consists of sceneries in which architectonical elements such as stairs, edges, walls and pillars collide with more natural elements such as stones, clouds and vegetation. Her work emphasises the interaction between these different elements, both in terms of functionality and appearance. As a result they reinforce each other, even to such an extent that they exchange meaning.

Opening SATURDAY 13.09.14 from 17h00 till 24h00 hour featuring Bubbelebim.

At 22.00 there will be a performance of Bubbelebim, the Rotterdam based (anti‑) literary and absurdistic theatre performance video, consisting of Sim Sala Bubbelebim and Professius T. Taal.

Sun 04 October

The Big Draw at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

On 4 and 5 October, the biggest drawing festival - The Big Draw - is coming to Rotterdam. Join one of the many drawing activities at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Sat 13 September

Finissage: Manumission & We Overcome by Shehera Grot

Aloekoe Art House presented its first exhibition in Alerta’s Pop-Up gallery.

Fri 05 September

Connected 020@010

Connected 020@010 is an exchange exhibition between artists from Amsterdam’ based gallery Roger Katwijk and Rotterdam’ based gallery Frank Taal.

Thu 07 August

MAMA’s Boys

Salon Des Recyclés: First Generation of Showroom MAMA artists.

Deluxe Rotterdam shows a selection of works by artists who started their carreer at Showroom Mama and are now World Famous.

It’s to show that subsidy can be effective and that they all were great to begin with.

Luuk Bode, Florentijn Hofman, 75B, Boris van Berkum, DJ Chantelle, Sander F. Deluxe, Geert Mul, Niets Smits van Burgst

Fri 05 September

Wouter Venema - A Book with One Page

For the season opening at Galerie Rianne Groen we present a solo exhibition with recent work by current Rijksakademie resident Wouter Venema.

Sun 07 September

Blue notes & mental flowers

Very awesome exhibition of Karin Suter.

Fri 05 September

Galerie Gallery presents Marijke Appelman

Galerie Gallery presents an exhibition by Marijke Appelman.

Fri 05 September

TUDOR BRATU - The Dissidents’ Travel Guide

JOEY RAMONE is pleased to present the 1st solo exhibition in the gallery of Romanian/Dutch artist Tudor Bratu. The private view is on Friday, September 5th, 5-8pm. The show will run till Saturday, October 11th.

Wed 03 September

Lecture: The Great Departure - Contemporary Art in China in the 1980’s and early 1990’s

Artist and curator Andreas Schmid will talk about the making of the seminal exhibition China Avant-Garde, which he curated together with Hans van Dijk and Jochen Noth in 1993, and which travelled from Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt to the Rotterdam Kunsthal and other venues in Europe.

Sun 07 September


GROOS. and OPPERCLAES. present OPPERGROOS. for the second time. In a series of windowpaintings next to the entrance of GROOS. they present a new Rotterdam talent every month. Next artist is Jacco Bunt!

Thu 28 August


OPPERCLAES. Extra Large is a series of huge murals on the wall where the old Station Hofplein used to be. The next artist in line is Bruce Tsai.

Mon 25 August

Artist-in-residence: Juliane Schmidt

Dresden-based artist Juliane Schmidt will come to Rotterdam this fall to participate in the artist-in-residence program of the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam.

Fri 19 September

Lecture of Paul Noble

Because of his successful exhibition NOBSON in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, artist Paul Noble is coming to Rotterdam to give a lecture about his work.

Thu 04 September

The Value of Nothing

In five new projects, a group exhibition, Fieldwork Residencies, and an in-depth public program, Rotterdam and international artists reflect on our current economies and value systems.