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We Own Rotterdam is looking for a new CEO.

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic culture fetishist who can take our platform and our team to the next level. This tireless hustler ensures that no underground events are missing in our cultural web. International, national and local culture lovers need to look no further than WOR when they want to take a deep dive into the hidden corners of Rotterdam. Thanks to you and the team!

You keep our organization cooking, handle daily business and together with the board you formulate and implement dots on the horizon. Taking the lead is your second nature, you speak and write both NL and ENG. You maintain contact with Rotterdam’s cultural producers, you recruit volunteers and find artists to make new artwork. Making plans and keeping stakeholders engaged is also  part of the job.

And all this on a voluntary basis, like the rest of our organization. The job requires about 8 hours of your week, excluding the time culture-hopping in the city with free tickets.

If all of this doesn’t turn you off, then please send us a short pitch to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com with the subject ‘Director’ and tell us why we really should have a beer with you!



We Own Rotterdam is looking for an Editor-in-chief.

Our new pen controller will be the go-to guy or gal for all of the cultural organisations in Rotterdam when it comes to questions about our platform. This cultural language-virtuoso (NL + ENG) supports the editors in the editing and writing of event texts (ENG). With an easy pen and at any time, you fire cultural must-sees at our followers.

Despite your spelling and grammar obsession, we’re not looking for a language teacher. Our new chief is a novelist-to-be and with striking words gets all the culture aficionado’s to visit Rotterdam’s cultural events. You turn whiny visitors of our platform into ambassadors in no-time.  Together with the Director you recruit new volunteers and hatch future plans for the platform.

Did we mention ENG + NL yet? Hereby. The job will take up about 6 to 8 hours a week, you work together with a great team and with a large network of Rotterdam’s cultural creators.

Renumeration won’t be part of the package, just like the rest of our society of volunteers. You will be paid for in soul, eternal karma and some free tickets every now and then.

If you’re interested, then please send your motivation to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com, with the subject ‘Editor-in-chief’. Originality and writings skills (ENG) will be greatly appreciated!