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We Own Rotterdam is looking for NEW BOARD MEMBERS to support our daily operations! Are you willing to share your organisational expertise with us to make Rotterdam great again? Read on, baby!

Since a few months we are proud to have a brand new team for our daily operations. Our new ambitious director and editor-in-chief are up and running to get our calendar more complete every day. We strive We Own Rotterdam to be the one-stop-shopping mall for all our Rotterdam cultural adventures. While serving Rotterdam inhabitants, our expats and visitors from abroad, we also aim to make sure our event organizers get the sweetest experience in publishing on our platform.

To support our team we are looking for new board members to help us achieve short term goals outside our comfort zone, as well as getting the long term stuff done. For our board we are looking for the senior go-to-cultural-guy/gal who supports our cause and is willing to help us out on a regular basis. As a board member you’ll meet six times a year (formally, right 😉 ) and help the team within your field of expertise. And yes… you’re keepin’ an eye out on adding events to our calendar.

Expertise we’re hungry for:

International Public Relations
Since the moment our founding family started We Own Rotterdam, international blogs and platforms know to find us whenever tourists and expats are looking for ways to have an unforgettable time in Rotterdam. About 20% of our monthly visitors are from abroad to check our platform to see what’s happening in Rotterdam during time of their visit.
Tho we are in our nopjes with this, we aim a more active approach in pluggin We Own Rotterdam internationally as the place to be whenever foreign guests are planning a Rotterdam visit. Therefor we’re looking for an experienced board member that can help us setting up and execute a public relations plan to improve our international visibility.

General Board Members
We welcome new members to our board! Do you want to help out building We Own Rotterdam to a more solid platform and organisation? And you’d like to share your expertise to get this done together? Organisational / HR / Cultural Network / Usability & Micro copy experts / Creative skill sets are much needed! And the good ol’ love handen-uit-de-mouwen culture is much appreciated as well.

Sounds like a you & us?
Are you interested in helping us with some of the above? Have we missed something out of what you think we definitely need? Let us know by sending an email to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.nl

Questions? You can call Arno Hartensveld at 06 246 44 335.

We love to hear from you!
The We Own Rotterdam Team