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About WOR

We Own Rotterdam!
We Own Rotterdam (WOR) collects creative events, inspiring exhibitions, intimate hang outs, fresh music and underground parties. WOR loves Rotterdam and wants to provide a platform for spreading the love. You, fellow fan of Rotterdam, can utilize our site to promote your under-the-radar initiatives. Share your events with our community of good-looking party-goers and art-folk. Discover the creative and fun side of our city with We Own Rotterdam!


Who? What? WOR?
WOR exists to show to a bigger public what we already knew: there’s a lot going on in this city. A ton of grassroots initiatives, tiny art galleries, pop-up stores and parties organized by highly motivated people.


Our goal is to give these people the bigger audience they deserve and also give them the opportunity to see that they are not operating in a vacuum, but are part of a bigger thing.


We Own Rotterdam Team


The site is currently run by Sarah, Sjors, Marjolein, Arno, Sanne, Tabitha, and Gari. Questions? Contact us at info@weownrotterdam.nl, Facebook or Instagram.





Team We Own Rotterdam


“The metropolitan feeling in such a small country. That’s the best of Rotterdam!”

~ Tabitha


Aside from saving the world as a marketing advisor at a consultancy for environmental sustainability ánd racing her motorbike, Tabitha is one of the board members of WOR. In the past years she’s been editing and initiating meetups for event organizers.


“I’ve been living here for nine years and still discover nice spots and events.”

~ Sjors


If he’s not restoring vintage Apple laptops or scavenging for vinyl, Sjors is on the lookout for all movie-related treats in the city. Lucky for him his favorite place in town is Cinerama as it looks exactly like a cinema should: red velour carpets, a beautiful entrance and above all, it’s never crowded.


“As an international and newcomer to Rotterdam, WOR helped me to figure out everything this city has to offer, and has brought me to some really unique, and independent venues and events.”

~ Sarah


Having moved to Rotterdam from her homeland Ireland, Sarah now works as a content curator at a startup and editorial staff member at WOR. When she’s pausing on her continuous food tour through the city she loves to do some second-hand shopping or drink pints and dance in the Meent area.


“Rdam underground culture was highly formative for me. I’d love to give back through this centralized platform for ‘all goods new’.”

~ Arno


Even though Arno is WOR’s big boss as head of the board, he still finds time for his job as consultant in digital transformation. As a dad of multiple girls, he spends the rest of time playing with My Little Ponies and visiting actual ponies in the petting zoo.


Sanne Jacobs


“Rotterdam doesn’t give a shit about the kind of shoes you wear when you go out.”

~ Sanne

In function as one of WOR’s board members, Sanne likes to be referred to as miss Moneypenny. Aside from working at Stichting Roodkapje and Stager, she can regularly be found playing pinball in the Pinball Museum or having a good time in communal places like Time Window and the Schieblock area.


“Rotterdam has that special mix of people throughout all areas in the city.”

~ Marjolein

Marjolein Roozen


Marjolein fills her days communicating cultural programs, writing and at WOR as the board-secretary and member of the editorial team. Among her favorite places in Rotterdam are Dakakker, Leeszaal West and Bluecity. Her ultimate night off consists of watching a cringy Dutch comedy while making a jigsaw puzzle.



Gari Koolen


“Not everyone enjoys The Markthal (which our City Council really loves stuffing down visitors’ throats) so it’s vital that WOR continues to operate and provide an alternative to the mainstream”

~ Gari


When he’s not wandering within ‘The Holy Trinity’ (WORM, Roodkapje and MAMA), stuffing his face with the perfect hangover food in Restaurant Meram or cheering on Sparta in Het Kasteel, Gari tends to show up to the occasional WOR-meeting inspiring the team with his thoughts. He works as a freelance marketing person and Editor-in-Chief at MAMA and secretly listens to Romanian techno music.






Some cool figures…


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