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We are currently looking for new cultural specialists to add to our team of volunteers. Together we keep We Own Rotterdam up-to-date and relevant for Rotterdam inhabitants, expats and visitors from abroad seeking a memorable time in Rotterdam.

We are a small and informal team of cultural fetishists coordinated by our Chef de Mission and Editor-in-Chief, backed by our board members. We go deep for Rotterdam culture, mainly the smaller, upcoming grassroot events initiated for & visited by the young at heart. Our website visitors consider us their guide for the next thing not to miss. Tonight. Or this weekend.


Editorial Staff Members

To provide our visitors a complete event overview to have great time in our city, we are seeking for Cultural Specialists. What? Well… the go-to guys and gals whenever you need to know what’s happening in Rotterdam in a specific cultural field or Rotterdam area. Our Editorial Staff members tirelessly scroll the internet, flyers, Facebook, etc to publish cool small events to our calendar. Candidates with specific interest in our categories Film, Food, People and Shop will receive pie when added to the team. Candidates adding cool events in the south of Rotterdam get cream on their pie.

This job requires a few hours per week of your time. We meet once a month to discuss progress and new plans for our platform. Do you have additional ideas for our platform? Bring it on and together we’ll make it happen!

Feel like having a chat about joining our crew? Send us a short pitch to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com.


Chef de Mission

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic CEO who can take our platform and our team to the next level. This tireless hustler ensures that no underground event is missing in our cultural web. You keep our organization cooking, handle daily business and together with the board you formulate and implement dots on the horizon. Taking the lead is your second nature, you speak and write both NL and ENG. You maintain contact with Rotterdam’s cultural producers, you recruit & coordinate our staff and find artists to make new artwork. Making plans and keeping stakeholders engaged is also part of the job.

And all this on a voluntary basis, like the rest of our organization. The job requires about a day of your week. If all of this doesn’t turn you off, then please send us a short pitch to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com with the subject ‘Chef de Mission’ and tell us why we really should have a beer with you!


Coordinator International PR

Since the moment our founding family started We Own Rotterdam, international blogs and platforms know to find us whenever tourists and expats are looking for ways to have an unforgettable time in Rotterdam. About 20% of our monthly visitors are from abroad to check our platform to see what’s happening in Rotterdam during time of their visit.

Tho we are in our nopjes with this, we aim a more active approach in pluggin We Own Rotterdam internationally as the place to be whenever foreign guests are planning a Rotterdam visit. Therefor we’re looking for an experienced team member that can help us setting up and execute a public relations plan to improve our international visibility, and built & maintain our international team of ambassadors. This voluntary position requirers a start with one day per week. Ow, and proof reading english, french, german and/or spanish is a big plus.

Send us your english written motivation to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com


International Ambassadors

As being said, young tourists love visiting our city. And Rotterdam has a lot to offer. To help them plan their visit to have a great time, we are looking for foreign marketeers to help us plug our platform internationally. Keeping contact with travel websites, bloggers and influencers in your country to promote our platform is your core business. Preferably you live/love in Rotterdam, have a strong connection with your home country and feel the urge to spread the Rotterdam word. Are you interested in extending your international marketing/pr experience?

Yes, yes… let us know by sending an email to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com


Graphic Designer

We’re looking for a voluntary graphic designer who loves to support our cause by directing & executing our visual output. On a weekly base you’ll design and schedule our Instagram announcements (concerts, art, events, parties, etc) and regularly design our other visual output. This all starts by developing a standard, but dynamic visual format for us to be reconizable, without being visually boring.

Are you up for this & feel like joining our team? Send us a mail to heyholetsgo@weownrotterdam.com


Questions? You can call Arno Hartensveld at 06 246 44 335.

We love to hear from you!
The We Own Rotterdam Team